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The world of cosplay is vast and My Hero Academia is only a small part of that world. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own Boku no Hero Academia inspired outfit. In fact, with a little imagination and hard work, you may very well be able to create the best My Hero Academia cosplay outfit you have ever seen!

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Cosplay is growing in popularity and in recent years has really taken off with anime, manga, sci-fi and fantasy game fans all wanting to dress up as their favorite characters. More and more people are trying their hand at making cosplay outfits. In this guide, we’re going to talk about the items you would need to make your own costume.

Choose your character:

Choosing your character and gathering as many images as possible of their outfit, preferably from different angles, is the starting point for any cosplay costume. You can avoid anything that requires too much detail based on your skill.

Determine what you need:

Look at your clothing and determine what you will need for each item. Remember to check your dresser for belts, clips, boots, etc. that might already match the outfit you’ve chosen, such as necklaces, headbands or shoes. The easiest way to figure out what you’ll need is to make a list of each item, then figure out how many materials you’ll need to make it.

Download sewing patterns:

The majority of costumes require some form of sewing to be done to get to the finish, and if you’re making your outfit from scratch, a sewing pattern will help you greatly. If your character is wearing a corset, try to find a corset pattern that matches your outfit. The fact that you are using a sewing pattern also tells you the exact amount of fabric you need and gives information on the procedures for creating a correct size.

Take measurements:

Be sure to take your own waist, chest and hip measurements, as well as arm and leg lengths. If you are making a corset or skirt, it is also important to know your average waist size. You can then compare this to the pattern to see if you need to adjust the pattern or not.

Choose your materials:

You will definitely need a range of fabrics to make the style you want for the suit you choose. One of the most popular fabrics for cosplayers is buckram, which can be used to make masks, hats, and help give costumes more rigidity. Color swatches are your friend when looking for materials, as they allow you to determine the shade and material that will be appropriate for your outfit.

Find the right tools:

Nitrile gloves, goggles, epoxy glue, heat gun, hand knives, craft knives, and glue guns are just a few of the tools you might need to make your favorite cosplay outfit. To shape the buckram, all you need is a steam iron. Multiple layers can also be applied together to create a stiffer substance that can be used to build self-supporting shapes. Not only is it not necessary to use a machine to sew costumes, but using one might even slow you down. Not only can you sew your costumes by hand, but you also have the option of sewing them by hand.

It’s all about fun:

Don’t forget that cosplay is all about fun. Building your own costume is part of the process and can be an entertaining activity of working out how to make a certain portion of the costume. You can really go in circles to design a nice custom costume that gives you wings and armor!