Mirio Togata (Lemillion) : My Hero Academia

Mirio Togata (Lemillion) : My Hero Academia

Mirio Togata (通形ミリオ, Tōgata Mirio) is a senior B (3-B) student at Yuei High School who goes by the name Lemillion. He is one of the top three students in the school, along with Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado.

He was the potential heir of One For All before Izuku Midoriya received him. He is the number two, counting the pro heroes, and is considered the closest to the number one achievement. However, during a bloody battle with Overhaul for Eri’s protection, he lost his Alter when he was hit by a particular bullet that made the Alters disappear. He later finds it again, but we don’t know more at the moment. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

The appearance of Mirio Togata


Mirio is a tall young man with muscular arms and visible scars around his wrists. Mirio has oval blue eyes, a rounder nose than most people, and blond hair that is worn in a crest on top and swept back on the bottom.

Mirio dresses like the other boys in his school uniform, without the blazer. In the shape of ferocious teeth, Mirio wears a large rectangular gold buckle on his belt.

Mirio had long hair which he kept in a ponytail when he was a member of the Big 3. It is assumed that he cut it off so that the support team could make him a hero costume to go with his alter.

His costume is a tight white shirt with the number “1,000,000” stamped in yellow on his chest, matching trim on his torso and shoulder pads, and two green lines as a belt around his waist. The centre dips sharply, forming two Vs, while underneath he wears dark blue trousers and white boots. He adds a yellow visor as a mask on top of his head and finishes his look with a red cape that reaches down to the ground.

The personality of Mirio Togata


Mirio generally comes across as an extremely strange and incredibly active person, with some odd habits. Many people wonder how Mirio, one of Yuei’s best students, can be considered one of the best. He has a very optimistic outlook on life and is almost always smiling. Sir Nighteye thinks that he could be the man to take over the Peace Symbol after All Might because of his personality.

Mirio is an optimistic and quiet child who does not try to impress others. He has proven to be a hard worker, turning an almost inconceivable skill into one of the most powerful alters in the world. Mirio is constantly looking for new ways to improve his abilities and tries to achieve his goals by gaining as much life experience as possible.

Mirio, like many other young men and women, was inspired by All Might to become a hero. Mirio chose the hero name “Lemillion” because he wants to be a hero who can save more than a million people, knowing that he cannot save everyone. Despite Mirio’s optimistic nature, he can fail like the rest of us. He has a firm grasp of superhero protocols and keeps his emotions in check so he can see the bigger picture.

When Deku and Lemillion decided to let Eri go with Overhaul, they did so for the greater good. However, their inability to save her tormented them when they discovered the truth. Mirio’s normally cheerful personality took a hit, and he became extremely repentant. His guilt caused him to vow never to let Eri put herself in danger again, even if it meant her death.

Mirio is also a brave man and, contrary to his laid-back attitude, he has already confronted volatile people. He was able to converse with Overhaul in a normal and pleasant tone despite the fact that he is a violent Yakuza gangster. He also overcame the combined strength of the heroes in the police raid against the Eight Precepts of Death and fought Overhaul, Chronostasis, Deidoro Sakaki and Shin Nemoto alone.

Mirio was brave, confident and sure of his abilities. He knew he could defeat the entire Second A to teach them a lesson, and he even had the audacity to take on four of the Eight Precepts of Death alone. Mirio is extremely confident in his power and always exclaims “POWERRR!!!” after winning a battle.

Lemillion repeatedly demonstrates the traits of a true hero. He put his life on the line and even gave up his double to protect Eri. Despite knowing what would happen to his work, Mirio let his alter be destroyed in order to encourage Eri and keep his promise not to inflict pain on her again. It was Mirio’s valor that allowed Eri to awaken and the heroes to defeat the yakuza. Even after losing his double, Lemillion fought and protected Eri from Overhaul. Shin Nemoto wondered if he was even human because of his extraordinary tenacity.

Mirio continues to strive for glory as a hero after losing his alter ego and mentor during the mission. His good mood has not diminished, and Sir Nighteye’s last words reinforce it. He even turned down Izuku’s offer to get One For All back with Tamaki Amajiki, stating that he was in no hurry to regain his abilities.

Skills and competences of Mirio Togata


Overall Capabilities: Mirio Togata is one of the most formidable characters in the series. Mirio’s dedication has earned him the title of Yuei’s most powerful apprentice, and he is even considered the best potential number one among all the professional heroes. He dominates his almost unbearable alter so much that the Second A considers him unstoppable. Mirio has great control over when and where his permeation ability should be used, allowing him to make quick movements while being very precise about where and when it should be activated in his body.

Mirio’s superhuman strength, speed and durability are all advantages in a fight. Because of these factors, Mirio’s assaults in battle cannot be avoided. Mirio has been able to perfect instant teleportation through the repulsive quality of his alter, being able to change the direction and placement of his falling body to control the trajectory of his ejection. He has also been able to use experience-based prediction to resurface next to his targets, allowing him to hit them from any angle.

Mirio appears to disappear and reappear at will, an effect that gives the impression that he teleports due to his apparent disappearance and reappearance in many places.

Mirio has incredible strength and deductive skills. He was able to defeat 18 of the 20 children in the Second A, including some of his best students (except for Shoto Todoroki, who didn’t have his provisional hero’s license at the time, and Katsuki Bakugo, who was still under house arrest), all of whom fought real villains with a single punch to the gut within seconds. Mirio’s exceptional deductive skills, which have been honed by Sir Nightteye’s tutelage, allow him to predict his opponent’s actions with complete accuracy. Mirio is unchallenged in battle thanks to his extraordinary predictive ability and physical tools, as well as his incredible alter.

Mirio was able to fight Overhaul and Chronostasis, two very dangerous criminals, with ease. Despite Deidoro Sakaki’s mental problems, Mirio was able to single-handedly defeat him and Shin Nemoto within seconds. Despite being under the influence of alcohol and protecting Eri at the same time, Lemillion managed to overpower Overhaul and Chronostasis in a two-on-one fight.

Overhaul was so outmatched that he had no choice but to use one of his rare destructive altering bullets on Mirio to even the odds. Even then, Mirio was able to defend himself using his quick reflexes and enormous physical strength.

  • Accelerated Strength: Mirio is extremely strong, so much so that he seems to be supernatural. A single punch to the stomach was enough to knock the Second A students on their backs. Mirio’s attacks were powerful enough to break Overhaul’s arm and leave him so injured that he had to sacrifice one of his allies to heal himself. While exceptional fighters like Deku and Sir Nighteye could not affect Overhaul, Lemillion had far outmatched him in power.
  • Accelerated Speed: Mirio’s speed is also incredible. He was able to defeat about half of the Second A in about six seconds. This is mainly due to Mirio’s alter impregnating power, but Mirio showed incredible speed when he caught Overhaul and Chronostasis within minutes of entering their hideout.
  • Increased Resistance: Mirio has incredible strength and endurance. With only minor injuries, he survived Overhaul’s assaults.


Permeation (透過 Tōka): His alter allowed him to become imperceptible, allowing him to pass through solid walls and the ground while fending off opponents’ attacks. He used to fall behind when he was young, but after working with Sir Nighteye, he improved considerably. He has improved his combat skills and has been able to take down a number of enemies by ignoring their attacks. When he becomes immaterial, however, his clothes slip through him, revealing him naked. He can slide across the floor after activating his alter, then move and deactivate to be pulled from the floor to a new location upon re-entry

Mirio’s alter, meanwhile, is both tangible and intangible. It can no longer see, hear or breathe as it no longer has mass; thus, it only feels a sensation of falling as it still has mass. He can also remain immaterial while his body is physically allowed to fight back. Mirio’s alter is not ideal for rescue because it lacks Mirio’s own defence: if he uses his power, the person he is protecting cannot be protected in any way from a possible opponent. This was especially true when he saved Eri from the alters’ erasure ball, forcing him to take it without any other option. His potential power, had he inherited One For All, would have made him almost impossible to kill, and he could well be number 1 by far, perhaps even surpassing All Might thanks to the combination of his two alters.

Mirio’s alter was lost after his fight with Kai Chisaki, in which he was hit by a bullet containing the alter’s destructive drug, taking the bullet instead of Eri, a decision made for Eri by Shin Nemoto. According to Shota Aizawa, Mirio’s own alter will be reinstated once Eri has better control of his Rewind.

After ten years, Lord Drake’s alter begins to resurface in Chapter 292. He emerges from the earth and shouts his most famous phrase: “POWER” It is thanks to Eri’s alter that he has regained his alter, he says. She studied the lizards for many months in order to master her alter, which we see in a flashback depicted in chapter 293. Mirio apologises, as Eri believes he only sees her through her alter, but she doesn’t hold it against him and reminds him that she was only training for her alter. Lemillion is back after more than 6 months of absence.

Special Techniques

  • Finger in the Eye to the Elbow (ブラインドタッチ目潰し Buraindo Tacchi – Metsubushi): Mirio pretends to punch an opponent in the eye while his arm is intangible, giving him a solid blow to the stomach and allowing Mirio’s friends to attack.
  • Phantom Menace (ファントム・メナス Fantom Menasu): Mirio uses all of his strength and speed to dash at breakneck speed towards and away from his surroundings, hitting every target with precision in every direction.

Mirio Togata's equipment


Hero Costume: Mirio’s alter frequently requires him to strip down to his underwear, leaving him naked. Mirio’s costume is made of fibres obtained from his hair that have been treated with a special material. Mirio’s outfit reacts and matches him when he activates his alternate personality. This does not take into account his helmet.

Mirio Togata's relationships


Izuku Midoriya

Izuku offers Mirio the One for All because he trusts him and thinks he can make better use of it. Mirio thinks that Deku underestimates himself, and that he was incredible in his fight against Kai Chisaki.

All Might

But since there was a lot more to say, he ended up calling on the former. He was a bit embarrassed when the latter asked him, but they quickly developed a good relationship.

Nejire Hado

He forms a quartet with the best students who are also nice. They are great friends.

Tamaki Amajiki

Mirio has known him since primary school and he thinks a lot of him. Mirio is probably Tamaki’s closest friend, and it was he who nicknamed his hero “Sun Eater”. It is written in the fourth volume of the UA files that he and Tamaki never quarrelled.

Sir Nighteye

He considers him as his superior and respects him a lot. When he dies, he is devastated, but quickly regains his composure to commemorate him because Sir taught him the value of humour and good humour while being a hero.

Bubble Girl

He likes her and has a positive connection with her.


Mirio and Eri get along great, Mirio presented himself as a ray of hope while she was still under the influence of Kai Chisaki. Since Mirio has lost his alter (he can no longer go to school and considers himself on “holiday”), he spends his time with Eri entertaining her and making her smile. And he does this especially during the Second A concert.

Mirio Togata's trivia

  • Hergé’s most famous character, Tintin, has a face similar to Mirio’s.
    The name Mirio derives from the Japanese word “Million”. The phrase “To cross” is represented by the To of Togata.
  • He prefers ramen to everything else.
  • Kōhei Horikoshi states that his face is simple to draw.
  • His birthday is the same as Izuku Midoriya’s.
  • The ability to make himself untouchable is quite similar to the power of Obito
  • Uchiwa from Naruto and Shadowcat from X-Men, but they keep their clothes on when they go through an ordeal.

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