Katsuki Bakugo Vs Gran Torino: Who Wins?

Katsuki Bakugo Vs Gran Torino: Who Wins?

Katsuki Bakugo didn’t fight Gran Torino in My Hero Academia, but if they had, who would have won?

My Hero Academia takes place in a world where anyone can become a great hero, even if they started out with nothing, as long as they train hard enough with their alter. Katsuki Bakugo knows this, but it pays to be born with a special alter. He has the potential to take on professional heroes and win using his incredible explosiveness.

Bakugo may well find a capable training partner in Gran Torino, who is both ancient and tough. Gran Torino has already trained All Might and Izuku personally, so there is no doubt that he could follow Bakugo. But could he discipline this sexy young man? Maybe not. Find our My Hero Academia Blankets and My Hero Academia Bed Set in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.



Katsuki Bakugo was born with several abilities, allowing him to grow quickly as a hero. His mother Mitsuki gave him the ability to produce nitroglycerin sweat, which he uses to power his alter. He can create explosions in his hands, like his father Masaru.

His power increases as he uses it in battle, it does not decrease. As Bakugo trains, his sweat will increase more and more, allowing his explosions to reach new heights. For maximum devastation, he can use super attacks like the Howitzer Impact. He can also use a stun grenade-like effect with his alter to produce a flash of light that blinds his opponents and conceals his movements.

Katsuki can use his alter to quickly change direction, as he has a quick mind that keeps pace with his power. When Bakugo fires smaller, more controlled explosions with his hands, he can propel himself forward like a rocket. Katsuki has a sharp intellect and discerning eyes that almost rival Izuku’s. He is strong and intelligent, which makes him quite dangerous when the power is on!



Gran Torino features Jet, an Alter who releases explosions of pressurised air from his feet to propel him across the field at breakneck speed. He mostly bounces around the area like a pinball machine, dodging enemy assaults before kicking with his momentum.

Gran Torino’s kicks are not particularly powerful, but they are fast and can come from any angle, making it difficult to block most opponents. Gran Torino fights similarly to Tenya Iida of Class 1-A in some respects, but he can change his trajectory more easily and does not need a straight line to act. Gran Torino mentored All Might and Izuku in the story, helping them unleash their full potential with One For All.

Gran Torino has seen and done it all in his years as a hero, and he knows the fundamentals of almost every battle plan or Alter. Almost everything has a right and wrong way of doing it, and Gran Torino is adept at discerning the best path to take and its potential.

For example, he helped Izuku design the full liner effect, which spreads the power of One For All over Izuku’s entire body to improve mobility and minimize pressure on any one area.



In this fight, it’s all about power versus superior agility, and Gran Torino has the advantage at first. Because Bakugo is just starting to sweat a bit, he starts any conflict with limited firepower. Gran Torino will quickly assess Bakugo’s personality and anticipate his actions.

With improved agility and speed, Gran Torino will be able to circle around to avoid Bakugo’s attacks, then deliver powerful kicks to knock Bakugo out. However, he is resilient and will quickly understand what he needs to do. The key is air.

Gran Torino is a light and agile suit, powered by jets of air. But what if the air can’t be moved? Bakugo will hinder Gran Torino’s mobility by setting off explosions all over the place, and the resulting bursts will hinder Gran Torino’s movements.

When Gran Torino misses a kick, Katsuki’s hot air jets expose him, making him vulnerable. Bakugo begins to sweat more as he tries to land a blow on Gran Torino himself.

If he manages to disrupt his opponent’s actions enough, Bakugo will eventually land a blow, or even grab Gran Torino’s arm or leg. If he succeeds, and fires a stun grenade, Bakugo can then focus all of his explosive energy into a piercing blow (one of his most complex moves) and pierce Gran Torino with a concentrated, piercing assault. Gran Torino has finally found his end!

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