Katsuki Bakugo : My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo : My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo (爆豪勝己 Bakugō Katsuki) is a sophomore at Yuei High School and the rival of Izuku Midoriya. His ambition is to dethrone All Might as the most powerful hero in the world. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

The appearance of Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki is a young man of average height, with a rather slim but muscular physique and slightly tanned skin. He has short, ash-blond hair that rises in all directions, except for his forehead, where it rests on his forehead and falls to his eyebrows. His eyes are narrow and pointed, crimson in color, and pointing upward.

Jackman’s character, on the other hand, is totally lacking in freshness. At school, he wears the usual Yuei outfit, except for a red tie, and under his blazer he wears a white button-down shirt with the first buttons undone. Although he wears a belt and dark turquoise uniform pants that are not fully pulled down, they look extremely loose.

His main suit is a tight black sleeveless tank top with an orange “X” in the middle and the top two legs of his shirt’s V-neck cut out. There are two dots on the left side of his collar, which symbolize the support company that created his outfit. A three-hole metal collar has been fashioned and used as a rectangular-ended collar, adorned with several holes on each end. The hooded figure, who appears to be a sky pirate, wears a black mask with orange goggles over each eye and a flare of light that rises from both sides of his head as he turns. The sleeves of his large pomegranate-shaped gauntlets reach down to his biceps, and his baggy pants are supported by knee pads under which he wears black knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets. His mask is black and tattered, and as he spins around, two large orange flames shoot out on either side.

He performs service at the monastery every Saturday, and during the winter months, he devotes himself to a large high-necked coat, rather than the typical tank top, since both feature the same orange “X” pattern, so that he can sweat enough to make his alter work.

While at Best Jeanist, he wore blue jeans instead of baggy pants. His hair was also straightened during this time and parted on one side.

The personality of Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki is a grumpy, haughty, fierce and cruel guy from the beginning of the series. Katsuki comes across as an anti-hero and is outwardly hostile to those who don’t know him. This problematic behavior dates back to his youth, when he was known to have tormented a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who was homeless.

Katsuki’s behavior, however, changed when he joined the organization known as Yuei. Katsuki became less aggressive after being accepted into Yuei and experiencing several personal failures, including that of Izuku. Although he is often portrayed in a bad light, his ferocity and competitive spirit were essential to the Second A as an inspirational figure.

Katsuki’s smile is strange in the middle of a fight. He is extremely dedicated to his own success and has learned to never underestimate his opponents. Katsuki is not only very athletic and skilled in martial arts, but he is also very intelligent and perceptive, able to plan strategies as well as improvise quickly. In addition, Katsuki’s grades are among the best in his class, and he could already read competently at the age of four, proof that he takes his studies seriously. Katsuki also has a hidden talent for cooking and music, although he doesn’t seem to enjoy them. Overall, Katsuki is considered a natural genius with the potential to become one of the best professional heroes in the future.

Although Katsuki is a very unstable hero in training, he has the intelligence to identify his enemies and allies. He is not particularly compassionate or trusting of those on his side or others, but he will be less hostile and even helpful to those who manage to earn his respect. Katsuki’s classmates at Yuei often reacted negatively to his character and foul language, although they eventually recognized his talents and accepted his personality. Katsuki’s character evolves during his stay in Yuei. He gradually befriends some of his classmates and willingly participates in social interactions with them, while he remains aloof and solitary with the majority.

Katsuki ignores the idea that alters should not be used in public, and whenever he feels like it, he pulls out his alter for any purpose. Katsuki can use his alter to intimidate someone, to make a point, out of exasperation, or even just to show off. Overall, Katsuki doesn’t seem to care what people think of him; he doesn’t avoid violent behavior (though he does avoid other typical delinquent actions like underage smoking). Katsuki is a straightforward man who favors the truth and never lies, which gives him a reputation for being blunt and unthinking. Katsuki is not afraid to speak his mind and detects when people are not being honest with him. This reveals that despite his social isolation, Katsuki is a good judge of character, which makes it difficult to fool him.

Katsuki has a self-esteem problem due to the continuous acclaim of his talents and strong alter, and he consequently wants to be the first and the best in everything. Many people have noticed that Katsuki likes to win above all else, which causes him to lose his already fragile temperament or, more rarely, to sulk. He is intensely competitive and will never accept anything less than first place. However, Katsuki also appreciates hard work and fair play, to the point of refusing to acknowledge his victory if he feels it was undeserved. On the other hand, he hates being pitied or scorned by others, and will despise those who do not take him seriously. He recognizes the effort of those who manage to challenge him, like Ochaco Uraraka and Eijiro Kirishima.

Katsuki is a very self-confident individual who does not like to rely on others unless he is recognized as the undisputed leader of a group. Initially, Katsuki’s collaboration was non-existent, he often disregarded the ideas and suggestions of his partners in favor of his own very direct methods. Katsuki gradually improves his team spirit as the series progresses, although he still maintains his aloof attitude. However, it is obvious that he now understands the importance of protecting them and expecting them to do the same for him. Katsuki is a demanding perfectionist who is only satisfied with total and unquestionable success as a leader.

Katsuki is known for his stubbornness, and he has a hard time acknowledging his flaws and shortcomings. When people point out his flaws or give him advice on how to improve them, he flatly denies them, whether they are important or not. This is not to say that Katsuki doesn’t pay attention to advice; rather, it is because of his ego that he never really admits it. He likes to think alone and in complete silence, becoming a bit more melancholic in those moments. Katsuki’s unbridled pride has already caused him to lose competitions such as the combat test and the provisional license exam, and his condition worsens whenever Izuku Midoriya is present. The relationship between Katsuki and Izuku is particularly delicate. For example, Katsuki has not been able to completely overcome her difficulties with Izuku, but this does not prevent them from collaborating frequently.

Katsuki is a bit more sensitive, having been brought to tears by damaged pride on a few occasions. Katsuki has also shown signs of fear and guilt, as when he felt guilty about All Might’s retirement. Despite years of misinterpretation, tension, and pride, Katsuki finds it difficult to do the same towards Izuku.

Katsuki’s ideals are different from Izuku’s in that he believes that a hero should never give up the fight, no matter how serious the danger, and that always winning is the sign of a true hero. Many heroes, civilians and even monsters were shocked by his arrogant and boastful behavior. Katsuki, on the other hand, is determined to become a hero. He flatly rejected Tomura Shigaraki’s proposal to join the Super Villains Alliance, although he was offered the power and ability to “win”.

History and biography of Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki was born with superpowers at the age of 4 (the age when the Alters appear). At first, her explosions seemed like fireworks, but they soon became much more destructive. Katsuki became prideful because of his extremely strong power and developed an insatiable pride that made him feel superior to others, especially to Izuku (Katsuki is confident and has enormous power / Izuku is quiet and lacks power, which is exceedingly rare given his family history). Katsuki, on the other hand, becomes more and more insensitive in his attitude but remains a good citizen without fear, sure of himself, and endowed with leadership (qualities which make him admire Izuku). He too is a fan of All Might and respects him. When he is kidnapped by the Genesis Squadron, Katsuki shows once again his devotion to the hero (and his stubbornness) and his admiration for the symbol of peace.

Katsuki Bakugo's skills and abilities


Overall Abilities: Katsuki ranks third in the alter assessment test and first in the Yuei entrance exam with the most combat points, and he also won first place in the Yuei sports championship. Katsuki’s fighting style is an all-out offensive, using his alter’s propulsion abilities to close the distance between him and his opponents, followed by a barrage of close-range assaults that usually begin with a powerful right hook. Katsuki’s Blast is a power developed by the Sharingan, which allows him to fly through the air and blind his enemies while unleashing long range explosions. Katsuki’s Explosion is a versatile alternative, especially in combat, as the recoil from the explosion can be used for mobility.

In the SCA incident, Katsuki was able to single-handedly subdue and immobilize Kurogiri, a highly trained villain. He defeated Fumikage Tokoyami and Shoto Todoroki in the sports championship, who were then considered the other two strongest students in Class 1-A. Many well-known professional heroes, such as Shota Aizawa and All Might, have praised Katsuki’s skills, describing his potential. The supervillain conspiracy also noticed Katsuki’s power and kidnapped him in order to get him on their side, even if it meant sacrificing members of the Genesis Squadron because his membership potential would have far outweighed the danger.

Katsuki’s quirk allows him to fight in tandem with Izuku and to dominate him when he uses 5% of One For All. Despite the harsh winter season weakening his alter, Katsuki was able to fight effectively during the joint training arc. Katsuki has become somewhat less disobedient when paired with others and has developed a certain camaraderie, as he uses his powers to defend those who outrank his allies.

Katsuki is unwilling to let Izuku get ahead of him, and he never takes anything lightly when it comes to fulfilling his ambition to surpass All Might. Katsuki is constantly increasing his power, refining his technique, and considering what he can’t do now in order to do it in the future. Katsuki’s unwavering desire to win is perhaps his greatest asset, and all of his classmates have faith in his ability to succeed.

  • Increased Strength: Katsuki has exceptional physical power, demonstrated by her ability to effortlessly fire a barrage of bullets without recoil. Izuku almost broke his arm trying to do the same thing.
  • Acute Intelligence: Kacchan is a highly calculated and intelligent individual. Despite the fact that he sometimes lacks a proactive plan, he looks at his opponent’s flaws, such as when he recognized Tokoyami’s vulnerability to light during the sporting event in the middle of a fight, and can see through the worst-case scenario. Katsuki figured out how to neutralize Kurogiri, one of the leaders of the invasion, while fighting the lesser villains of the SCA. He quickly determined which of the upcoming attackers was the most dangerous in the long run and eventually came up with a strategy to defeat him. He also knew that Kurogiri had a vulnerability and bound his body to prevent him from escaping. As he trapped them in the SCA with this method, Brainless attacked them soon after. Outside of combat, Katsuki is extremely perceptive, having discovered the truth about One For All after studying the comments and interactions of Izuku Midoriya, All Might and even All For One. Katsuki can apparently tell when people are lying to her by looking at their behavior and faces. Nevertheless, Katsuki’s burning rage can sometimes overwhelm him, causing him to overlook critical elements and make mistakes.
  • Leadership Skills: Katsuki has always been condemned for his lack of cooperation, usually due to his huge ego that prevents him from following the example of others. Katsuki is a capable leader if others decide to follow him due to his perseverance, perfectionism and intelligence. Even if Setsuna Tokage’s team had suddenly attacked him in the fourth round of the joint training, they had no chance to win. Despite the excellent cooperation of the 1-B class and Tokage’s excellent strategy, they failed to capture a single member of the 1-A class, due to Katsuki’s perseverance, adaptation and superior abilities.
  • Musical Talent: Katsuki is an excellent drummer, having taken lessons in the past.


Explosion (爆破 Bakuha): Katsuki’s Alter allows her to secrete a nitroglycerin-like sweat into her palms and trigger it with a command, allowing her to create breathtaking explosions. The more Katsuki sweats, the bigger his explosions become. If Katsu abuses this ability, his forearms will start to hurt.

Katsuki’s alter has done a fantastic job in mastering her alterations. As Best Jeanist stated, Katsuki has effectively mastered the applications of her alter. Not only can Katsuki use explosions to attack, but he can also use them to propel himself and navigate the air fast enough to fly towards his opponents without giving them time to react, as well as deflecting assaults in flight. Even while flying, the shockwave from an explosion can be used as a shield.

Katsuki’s explosions can last indefinitely, long enough to break Eijiro’s hardening and break Shoto’s “giant ice wall” for a few seconds before being overwhelmed.

Katsuki used to train in boiling water to develop his sweat glands, then did chain explosions to increase the strength of his blows.

Temporary Alter

One For All (ワン・フォー・オール Wan Fō Ōru): The One for All was transferred to Izuku Midoriya by Katsuki Bakugo, allowing him to store a massive amount of raw power and greatly improve all of his physical skills. This resulted in huge levels of strength, speed, agility and durability. This also gave the native alter of Explosion a significant increase in strength.

Katsuki lost the One for All at the end of his fight with Nine, which transferred back into Izuku’s body. Toshinori initially suspected that Izuku got it back because Katsuki had fallen unconscious before the transfer was complete, but then proposed that he got it back because of his desire to protect others, even if it meant losing the One For All.

One For All: Integral Coat – 100% Power (ワン・フォー・オール フルカウル 100% Wan Fô Ôru Furu Kauru Hyaku Pāsento): When activated at 100%, Katsuki activates the One For All throughout his body, giving him a significant increase in speed and strength. Katsuki’s first and only use of this technique was to defend the island of Nabu. The increase in power caused the orange energy in Katsuki’s eyes and pupils to dissipate, and the whites of her eyes to become distorted. His hair also became more spiky, and his entire body glowed with a yellowish hue with orange electricity crackling around him.

Special techniques of Katsuki Bakugo

  • Turbo Explosive Speed: Katsuki uses explosions to propel himself. He uses it both on the ground and in the air to achieve a pseudo flight posture. This technique was first used on the ground during the alteration evaluation test. It was initially used in the obstacle course.
  • Flashbang: Katsuki’s first technique is to generate a ball of light in her hands that explodes in a massive flash. The flashes of light blind anyone within range, just like in real life. This method was originally used against the Fumikage Tokoyami.
  • Zero Distance Flashbang: In this variant, Katsuki fires her stun grenade at the opponent at close range, instantly stunning and immobilizing them with little long term damage. This variant was first used against Setsuna in the fourth round of joint training.
  • Howitzer Impact: One of Katsuki’s most powerful techniques, which he performs by taking flight before using explosions to propel himself in a circular motion to create a tornado. This tornado gains oxygen to fuel the explosion. Katsuki then uses an extremely powerful explosion after hitting his target. The effectiveness of this technique has been compared to a real missile by Present Mic. In the final match of the Yuei Sports Championship, Katsuki used Howitzer Impact for the first time. He also showed that he was able to set off the explosion in flight without having to make contact with his target.
  • Anti-Armor Shot: Katsuki forms a circle on his palm with his outstretched hand and holds out one of his arms. He then fires a blast through the circle, generating a concentrated beam of breath. Katsuki concentrates the trajectory of his attacks in one area rather than all around his palm, generating a concentrated blast with a tiny impact area but enough power to penetrate solid concrete.
  • Anti-Shield Machine Gun: The anti-shield firing technique, which is a rapid-fire version of its anti-shield firing method. To avoid causing serious damage to human targets, the power of the blast was limited. This variant was first used against Seiji Shishikura in the first phase of the provisional license examination.
  • Explode-A-Pult: Katsuki launches himself into the air with one arm, then spins around firing explosions from his free arm. Once he has enough momentum, Katsuki violently throws his opponent using another explosion. This technique was first used against Togaru Kamakiri in the fourth round of Common Training.
  • AP Machine-Gun (徹甲機銃(A・P・マシンガン Ē-Pī Mashingan): His Anti-Armour Machine-Gun has been improved, capable of firing larger and faster explosions. This first appeared in the Paranormal Liberation War saga against Tomura Shigaraki.

The equipment of Katsuki Bakugo

  • Grenadier Bracelets (籠手 Kote): Katsuki’s hero suit stores his nitroglycerin sweat, which he generates during combat. When it is full, he can pull the pin of the grenade to trigger a massive explosion, as seen in his fight against Izuku in the battle event. The explosive force of the grenade is enough to destroy any structure within its range.
    Improvised Grenades: Around the hero’s belt, several containers that appear to be hand grenades are visible. These can be used as ordinary grenades if Katsuki’s nitroglycerin sweat is kept in them. Denki first used them during the provisional permit examination.
    Knee pads: Katsuki’s knee pads are heavily blunted metal pieces. They are supposed to allow him to “kill with his knees”, but he has not demonstrated this yet.

Katsuki Bakugo's relationships


Mitsuki Bakugo

Katsuki’s mother doesn’t seem to have much authority over him, as he mocks her and threatens her in the presence of his teachers, but these threats are more typical of his immature outbursts.

His mother has a similar attitude toward her son, frequently berating and insulting him. She is aware of her child’s misbehavior and disapproves of it. This is due to the fact that her son has an extraordinary alter, which allows him to be consistently excellent in everything he attempts and has received a lot of credit, hence his inordinate pride. His words make Katsuki even angrier, as they are frequently used to put him down. Katsuki’s mother supports him in his studies at Yuei University, although she knows that he will be judged on his appearance. Mitsuki is one of the few people who can communicate well with Katsuki without him losing his temper.

Katsuki’s father tries to kill him, but Katsuki manages to overpower her father and save her mother. After seeing that she beat him, Katsuki is afraid of his mother.

Masaru Bakugo

Katsuki is not different. She also tells her father to keep quiet in front of his teachers, just like she does with her mother. However, these threats are much more genuine than her previous insincere and phony outbursts.

Katsuki’s father, unlike her mother, is a calm individual who tries to connect with his son but is unable to keep his hot temper under control. He adores his child and hates his conceited attitude as much as his wife.

The professor remarked that their family is the most dysfunctional he has ever seen.

All Might

Because of his admiration for All Might, Katsuki has been an All Might fan since he was a young boy. He tries to become the greatest hero who always wins because of his devotion to All Might. Katsuki still considers All Might as his idol, even though he doesn’t show it outwardly.

Second A

Katsuki’s classmates don’t like him. His classmates consider him loud and scary, while being revolted or scared by his temper. Katsuki does nothing to acknowledge them, as seen in the sports championship. On the other hand, they seem to know about his transformation.

Izuku Midoriya

Katsuki and Izuku were childhood friends, but when Katsuki learned that Izuku had no alter while he himself manifested a powerful one, he began to see Izuku as an obstacle in his path to becoming the greatest hero. He picked on Izuku with his classmates and called him “Deku” on several occasions. In return, Izuku always called Katsuki “Kacchan”.

Katsuki burned Izuku’s notebook in his youth, continuing to bully him even after learning that he attended the same high school. However, when Izuka put himself in danger to save him from the all-powerful Inspirational Glue, he was surprised. Katsuki caught up with Izuku and scolded him for his behavior, calling him a failure without an alter ego, probably out of vanity because he knows what he owes Izuku. In Yuei, Katsuki used to look down on Izuku and was surprised to discover that he had developed a powerful alter. This vision made him believe that Izuku was “hiding this power” from him. He was about to attack him to get answers before being held back by Shota Aizawa because of his arrogance. Because he thought he was better than Izuku, Katsuki ignored Izuku’s intelligence and ingenuity, which Izuku eventually used with his alter to confront him in their staged fight. Katsuki’s ego prevented him from seeing that Izuku was mocking him. He believed that Izuku had mocked him on one occasion, when he had tried to help Katsuki after he fell into a river. Katsuki attacked and insulted Izuku, demanding that he use his alter during their fight. When Izuku used his alter against him for the first time, Katsuki was ready to demonstrate, but he discovered that Izuku had another idea in mind and beat him for the first time.

Katsuki, who had already been humiliated by Izuku, was furious that he lost to him. His defeat, as well as seeing how talented his whole class was compared to him, made him furious. After that, Izuku said that his alter is borrowed but Katsuki didn’t seem to believe him. During this encounter, Izuku vowed to beat him and did so many times. When he interacts with Izuku, he has always shown hatred towards him. Katsuki is constantly irritated by Izuku’s presence and he berates him for no reason. Katsuki’s animosity towards Izuku increased even more after he saw Izuku improve his use of the alter and use its abilities to help him. When Katsuki teamed up with Izuku, he ignored all the ideas he offered and attacked him for trying to help him, then insulted him for not needing it. Izuku, on the other hand, adamantly refused to accept help. However, after Katsuki informed All Might that he would rather lose than accept help from others, Izuku (surprisingly) punched him in the face and declared that he was not such a quitter. Despite his resistance, Katsuki eventually agreed and worked with Izuku to protect him from All Might and allow him to reach the finish line.

Katsuki, on the other hand, is jealous of Izuku’s development and his potential to become stronger than him. He is also envious of Izuku’s popularity with his classmates. Katsuki vigorously disputed these allegations, claiming that they are false. His second confrontation with Izuka proved this to be true, as Katsuki eventually admitted that he was envious of Izuku’s rapid development.

Izuku was a member of the rescue team that went to try to save Katsuki after he was kidnapped by the Super Villains Alliance.

Katsuki is advised to reestablish the connection between Izuku and All Might because he made a subtle remark about the power Izuku gave him, which implies that he now believes Izuku’s word that he got his alter.

After passing the provisional license exam, Katsuki went to Beta Land to meet Izuku for the first time. There, Katsuki revealed his belief that All Might and All For One work together, correctly predicting that Izuku’s alter was given to him by All Might. After Izuku verified this, Katsuki attacked Izuku, proclaiming that they were going to fight because of her desire to see his potential. Although they grew up together and admired the same hero, Katsuki couldn’t understand why All Might chose Izuku over himself. Izuku then realized that they were fighting, but to him it didn’t make sense. During their meeting, Katsuki told Izuku that he believed that his kidnapping was the reason for All Might’s early retirement.

After the battle, All Might revealed Izuku’s powers to Katsuki, who became one of the few people who knew of his alter ego’s existence. So, even though he hates him, Katsuki at least recognizes Izuku’s skills as a fighter and rival. Even if he despises him, Katsuki recognizes Izuku as a fighter and opponent by pointing out a flaw in his Kick Style.

Katsuki, on the other hand, does not seem to be a reliable source of information. Despite his animosity towards Izuku, Katsuki revealed his true feelings to him twice. After acknowledging Izuku’s loss and understanding his power, he was sincere towards Yuei. He expressed his concern about the difficult situation All Might is in right now. Katsuki begins to understand how worried he is about Izuku’s rapid growth and what they could accomplish if they worked together, and the two gradually develop a friendship. Despite this, he becomes less confrontational towards him after their altercation.

Katsuki, on the other hand, is still somewhat vicious towards Izuku in the new series. They are on better terms in Heroes Rising, where Katsuki works with Izuku and is less malicious towards him. He fought happily alongside Izuku, who gave him One For All for a brief period. They defeated Nine when they worked together. At the end of the day, they interacted and smiled again, implying that they rebuild their friendship.

Eijiro Kirishima

Katsuki interacts with Eijiro more than any of his classmates, unlike Izuku. Despite their different natures, Katsuki seems to get along well with Eijiro.

At first, Eijiro didn’t like Katsuki’s fiery temperament, but he changed his mind when they worked together in the SCA Arc. Since then, Eijiro has begun to admire Katsuki, seeing his behavior as manly and something that Eijiro seems to appreciate very much. Even though he is not immune to being irritated by Katsuki’s habits, as we saw when Eijiro tried to calm him down after Neito Monoma insulted them during the cavalry battle, he still respects him.

Although Katsuki didn’t pay much attention to Eijiro at first, he seemed to recognize the compatibility of their alter egos after smiling at his plan to dismantle Izuku and accepting Eijiro’s offer to form a team during the human cavalry battle. However, at the beginning of the sports championship, Katsuki called Eijiro “Hedgehog Hair”, which made him furious. He then called Eijirn by his last name, showing that he had come to respect or recognize him.

From Katsuki’s point of view, the friendship between Eijiro and Izuku develops over the course of the series, and on the whole, Katsuki gets along well with Eijiro. As a result, Eijairo is the only individual in Class 1-A that Katsuki respects and could even call a friend. This can be seen by the fact that Eijiro went to study with Katsuki after getting better grades than him. As Izuku pointed out, Eijiro is the only one in his class who can call Katsuki for help without hurting his ego; this was verified when Katsuki didn’t hesitate to take his hand to be saved .

Denki noticed that Katsuki had reduced the strength of his explosions to avoid hurting Eijiro and himself during the provisional license examination. Eijiro asked for help to study, which they did together at the end of the exams, but it mostly consisted of Katsuki hitting Kirishima on the head again and again.

Katsuki tries to console Eijiro, who is devastated by the fact that he and his classmates were almost expelled, by reimbursing him for the 50,000 yen for night vision goggles that Eijiro spent to prevent Katsuki from being expelled. Eijiro freely expresses his doubts; Katsuki reminds him of his statement at the Sports Festival that he is an unshakable horse and says that if Eijiro refuses to dismount, it shows his power.

Denki Kaminari

Katsuki frequently insults Kaminari, who reciprocates by openly taunting him on the bus ride to the SCA.

Kaminari was afraid of Katsuki in the arc of the end-of-term exams, but he eventually accepted his advice to learn to control his alter.

Later, he was called Kacchan by some individuals. It seems that they have a nice connection because of their compatibility with Kirishima and the fact that they seem to work well together.

When the students go to the dorms, Shota reveals that if it weren’t for All Might’s retreat, he would have expelled everyone except Bakugo, Jiro and Hagakure. To lighten the mood, Bakugo forcibly activates Kaminari’s alter.

Katsuki and Denki work together during the arc of the provisional license exam, but he is irritated by the presence of the latter. However, it is revealed that Katsuki trusts Denki enough to throw a grenade at him to defeat Seiji Shishikura.

Shoto Todoroki

Katsuki was shocked by Shoto’s potential after witnessing his power, and he began to question his own abilities.

Katsuki sees Shoto as another competitor and someone he has to defeat to reach the first place, much like Izuku. On the other hand, Shoto is one of the few classmates who is not afraid of Katsuki when he makes a remark that might make others uncomfortable.

During the Yuei sports championship, when Shoto and Izuku were talking after the human cavalry battle, Katsuki heard Shoto’s story with a seemingly shocked look on his face. Despite hearing Shoto’s miserable tale, Katsuki showed no compassion for him, though his statement that he didn’t care about Shoto’s problems or feelings could be interpreted as implying that he wanted the two to be able to fight without being held back by anything. In their fight, Katsuki urges him to show all his strength, and he hits him with assaults until he is satisfied when Shoto uses his fire. After their meeting at the sports championship, Katsuki despises Shoto for not providing a decent fight. Katsuki’s fury forces him to grab an unconscious Shoto in order to continue the fight, and then to submit completely during the championship’s closing ceremony in order not to unleash his fury on Shoto.

He vowed to destroy Shoto after promising to eliminate Izuku as well in the final exam arc. He informed Izuku that he would not have another half-hearted victory like their previous fight.

Katsuki and Shoto, on the other hand, seem to have put their animosity behind them during the Arc’s summer camp. During their training at the cabin, they were seen having a normal conversation, but Katsuki didn’t want to be paired with him and wanted Ojiro to interact with him. In other words, Katsuki and Shoto seem to be neutral towards each other; the latter does not hesitate to interact with Katsuki in a relaxed manner.

Shoto had joined some of his classmates to protect Katsuki from the supervillain alliance. Their current status is unknown since this happened. Although during the Arc Rattrapage, when he tries to bring order from chaos among the misbehaving children, Katsuki mentions that violence is necessary because that’s how his parents raised him. Shoto assured him that there was a better alternative. Katsuki recalled Shoto’s history and allowed Shoto to devise the strategy, which implies that he at least appreciates Shoto’s past.

Ochaco Uraraka

Katsuki doesn’t pay any attention to Ochaco since they are friends with Izuku. Katsuki was so absorbed by Izuku that he ignored Ochaco the first time they met (during their mock fight).

The relationship between Ochaco and Izuku became stronger when they had to fight each other in the first round of the sports championship. Katsuki was afraid to fight against Ochaco, despite the fact that he didn’t think much of her and didn’t know her name. He taunted her about her appearance at the beginning of their duel, which she found offensive. Throughout their fight, Katsuki, in her own twisted way, gave Ochaco the opportunity to run away because he would have no mercy on her as a woman. Katsuki praised Ochaco for her creativity and skill in attacking her when she planned a surprise assault. Katsuki was shocked by her ingenuity and powerful attack, which pushed him to the brink of exhaustion at that moment. Katsuki was aware of his intentions and said he should expect it since he remembered their friendship with Izuku.

Katsuki ended his fight by using his last name, implying that he respects Ochaco’s perseverance (as he doesn’t usually use people’s names except for those who impress him or those with whom he has a rivalry). At full speed, Katsuki does his best to pretend that Ochaco is not breakable while defending himself against it. He thinks that Izuku Midoriya planned the girl’s strategy since they are buddies after their fight. When confronted in the locker room, Izuku says he doesn’t remember what happened during their fight.

Tenya Iida

Katsuki and Tenya do not get along well due to their strong personalities and disparate personal ethics. Katsuki has contempt for Tenya’s privileged background, and refuses to take instructions from him, while Tenya regularly disapproves of Katsuki’s reckless behavior, asking if his goal is to become a hero. This was especially evident when they were forced to work together for the battle test.

Despite their bad reputation, Tenya joined with some of her classmates to help Katsuki escape the supervillain alliance. It is unknown what kind of relationship they have now after this ordeal. They don’t seem to be on very bad terms most of the time, although Katsuki was furious about being reprimanded for fighting Izuku.

The trivia of Katsuki Bakugo

  • The surname “Bakugo” is composed of two kanji: “爆” and “豪”.

The kanji 爆 (baku) means “bomb, explode, divide” in Japanese. The term for “explosion”, the word bakudan, and the word bakushou are all used with this character. The other reading of the kanji 爆 is hazeru (爆ぜる), which means “to break” or “to burst.”

The character gô, which means “power, might, splendor, majesty,” is the most common of the three words. The kanji 豪 (gô) is frequently associated with the word gooka in Japanese. This phrase means “excessively elaborate, magnificent.”

  • It is a kind of wordplay. Its last name, meaning “gigantic, explosive power,” has been known for generations.
  • Fun fact: the kanji 豪 (gou) at the end of the name Bakugou can be used to represent the country Australia!
    Bakugo’s first name is composed of two kanji: 勝 and 己.

The Chinese character for victory (KATSU, among others) means “victory, win, excel” The kanji 幻 (KI) stands for “self” It’s a simple name: he wants to win by himself. In Japan, this is a popular boy’s name written with the same characters as Masaki or Katsumi (only female). You can also get the writing of the will to win by just changing the spelling of his first name a little.

  • Kacchan is a term that Izuku gave to Katsuki. It is a popular kanji name for people with the pronunciation “katsu” The suffix ちゃん (chan) (one of the many, many honorific suffixes in Japanese) is usually used for small children or ladies. It has a connotation of benevolence. The Japanese character for “annoying” is a diminutive of the word for “child,” implying that it is immature, as illustrated by this nickname. Because katsuchan is difficult to pronounce, the Japanese changed it to kacchan (in Japanese, the つ becomes a small tsu, which changes the pronunciation of katsuchan to kacchan)
  • He likes spicy food and mountain climbing.
  • Volume 1 of My Hero Academia states that Bakugo is supposed to be a natural genius, but the author decided to make him a difficult and brutal personality.
  • In the entrance exam, Katsuki is ranked first and third, respectively, in the alteration apprehension test.
  • In terms of grades, Katsuki ranks third in the second A.
  • He is also the oldest student in the second A, as he was born on April 20.
  • In terms of their fragile bond, the rivalry between Izuku and Katsuki is comparable to that between Vegeta and Son Goku in Dragon Ball, as well as that of Sasuke Uchiwa versus Naruto Uzumaki in Naruto.

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