Izuku V.S. Katsuki : Who Wins?

Izuku V.S. Katsuki : Who Wins?

One of the most important dynamics of My Hero Academia is gradually changing. As Midoriya and Bakugo mature, their rivalry becomes more tense as they become more experienced and more aware of what it means to be a hero.

Bakugo, from the beginning of the series, has played the role of the ideal shonen opponent for Midoriya, continually challenging him to grow and become a better version of himself. Nevertheless, when Bakugo stumbles upon a private conversation between Midoriya and All Might in episode 7 of season 5, it exposes a different side to the previous episodes. Find our My Hero Academia Wall Art as well as our My Hero Academia Posters on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

Bakugo, although he considers his power of persuasion excessive, tends to rely on him. In fact, there is nothing easier than to stir up the rivalry between Midoriya and the rest of the group to simply push it forward. -> Bakugo can be persuasive to other people but he relies on himself for his persuasiveness and money due to the current circumstances. Also, as one of the few people in the world with this power, he is quite confident and tends to take things into his own hands.


Midoriya and Bakugo are determined to be the best heroes, which created the previous confrontation between them. Only one man can become the next number one hero as their common belief All Might. Bakugo, however, is aware that the pursuit of his goal has been made more exciting compared to yesterday. Midoriya has inherited One For All from All Might and he knows that a hazardous competition has been created between the other competitors.

At first, Bakugo’s anger and possible jealousy had no doubt serious grounds, as he suspected Midoriya of hiding his alter from him. However, following his capture by the League of Villains, he put the pieces together and everything was left hanging. Midoriya eclipsed Bakugo as UA’s most famous student, and successor to All Might. Bakugo blames himself for All Might’s retirement. In the end – after a sincere and emotional fight – Bakugo understands that Midoriya respects All Might as much as he does. Now, he tells Midoriya again and again not to waste it because he would be unable to squander Bakugo if he had the choice.


Also, when we see Bakugo fall into Midoriya’s conversation with All Might, he only explains that they are less visible at their meetings because people are starting to notice them. Even though he speaks in a harsh and rude tone, he means what he needs to say. It’s a small show of support from one rival to another. Despite this, Bakugo has not admitted defeat – he will continue to work as hard as he can to become the greatest hero possible, even though Midoriya has inherited such great power.

The shape of his relationship with Midoriya has evolved as a result of Bakugo’s apprenticeship. While they still remain competitors, Bakugo is more reluctant to see Midoriya as a barrier on his path to success. Instead, he realizes that the Kid’s path is arduous, and so the two will each have to go in a different direction to reach the mountain. Although they have lost their vindictive and instigating nature, they no longer have the same hostile and inciting attitude. They have cleared all the choppy stuff away to put all their cards on the table.


Bakugo and Midoriya will continue to battle and push each other, but now it is in order to improve themselves as heroes. The focus is no longer on themselves, but on what they can give the citizens around them in terms of hope and protection.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes isn’t exactly canon, but it does show how the animosity between Midoriya and Bakugo has matured. In the film, Bakugo immediately experiences the power of One For All. Even without this scene, Bakugo is now in a position where he no longer sees Midoriya as a danger to his success.

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