Izuku Midoriya (Deku) : My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) : My Hero Academia

“A smiling hero… reliable… amazing… That’s what I want to be! That’s why I give it my all! For everyone!” -Izuku Midoriya to Shoto Todoroki in “Shoto Todoroki: Origin”

Izuku Midoriya (Izukumidoriya, Izukumidoriya) or Deku (デク, Deku), called Izuku-Might by his mother, is the main character of the manga My Hero Academia. He was born Sans-Alter and will attract the attention of All Might for his heroism and become the next heir of his Alter: One For All. To continue his studies at Yuei High School in Second A, where he plans to become a professional hero, Izuku must overcome a difficult challenge as the ninth holder of One For All: becoming the new representative of peace after All Might.

After the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front and the war against it, Izuku’s role becomes important, as he is still learning how to use the abilities of One For All. He fears that his friends’ lives will be in danger if he stays at Yuei High School, so he leaves to devise a strategy to defeat Tomura Shigaraki once and for all. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

Appearance of Izuku Midoriya


Izuku is rather small for his age, with a round cherubic face framed by a small mess of wavy green hair that sticks up at different angles around his head, casting deep shadows on him. His eyes are huge and slightly oval, with identical green irises that are usually stretched quite far, giving him the appearance of an innocent child. He has four symmetrical spots of red hair in diamond configurations, one on each cheek, but he is often described as easy going by others because he has prominent features.

Izuku ended up having a toned range of muscles, although he was afflicted with a severe lack of weight from the beginning. After his ten months of training with All Might, he gained toned muscles and as the series progresses, you can see that they become more developed and precise as he becomes more powerful.

The fingers of Izuku’s right hand became slightly deformed after his fight with Shoto Todoroki, and his hand is scarred. His left arm was more severely damaged after his fight against Muscular, leaving many additional scars all over it. Izuku wears a compression bandage on his right arm to help support the heavy damage he received in that encounter.

In college, he was in a plain black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons and white sneakers. At home, he wears a green Jinbei over a white shirt and a gray sweat suit.

At the Yueli, he wears the standard male uniform: a light gray blazer with dark turquoise trim over a white shirt and slacks, without a red tie that he doesn’t hold properly, lengthening his front considerably. Instead of the ordinary brown shoes worn by most students, he usually favors oversized red boots with thick white soles, laced to the top.

Izuku’s hero costume is a forest green suit with a belt, knee pads, gauntlets and red boots. His red boots are also part of the outfit. He wears a mask with long spikes that mimic All Might’s hairstyle, as well as a respirator with a smile that mirrors that of the protagonist. The costume was catastrophically damaged following his first fight against Katsuki Bakugo, and it needs to be repaired, which means he has to wear Yuei’s gym uniform during Arc SCA. This dark blue high neck tracksuit has a thick white layer over the chest and legs, forming the letters “U” and “A,” as well as a respirator.

Second hero garment, which has some modifications and now looks more robust and combat-ready in appearance. His kneepads have been extended to his thighs and his new glove is beige tinted striped, it is now made of metal and forms a diamond of reduced dimensions. Izuku does not wear a mask in his new costume.

Izuku wears a black bandage on his upper right arm to hide the severe wound he received during his fight with Muscular; when he wears short sleeves, it is partially revealed. Izuku’s outfit has been updated again for the Arc’s Provisional License Review, this time to fit his new “Kick Style” of fighting, adding iron soles to his red boots for greater power in his kicks. His leggings have been added and his knee pads now have yellow bolts attached (they were added in his second costume in the manga). Mei Hatsume creates support gloves to better help her use her powers in battle so she can be a little more effective. Izuku adds the gloves to his hero-suit and uses them in battle after the Common Training Arc.

His suit was damaged after the Paranormal Liberation War, and he now wears the Gran Torino cape, as a memento to his former mentor and late Nana Shimura. He wears the Mid-Gauntlet to support his arms and the old gloves of his beta suit due to damage to the suspenders and gloves.

Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya

Personality of Izuku Midoriya


Izuku is a rather shy, helpful and polite young man who often overreacts in abnormal circumstances with exaggerated expressions. Izuku is initially portrayed as less confident, more reserved, and non-expressive due to peer pressure. Katsuki constantly nagged him about his dreams of being a hero, but these traits are especially pronounced with him. However, after being accepted into Yuei High School, meeting new friends, and facing Katsuki during the Battle Arc, Midoriya became a more confident and determined person, who eventually developed leadership skills.

In addition, Izuku is an extremely diligent and determined student. His dream motivated Izuku to write down everything he knows about hero alters in his notes. Thanks to this habit, Izuku has amassed a lot of analytical notions and can quickly devise complex schemes that take into account his allies and enemies alter egos. Izuku extemporaneous his observations by ruminating constantly, which displeases or terrifies his classmates. Izuku likes to write down his observations often in a large number of notebooks that he titles “In preparation for my next career.” Izuku is a caring person who never hesitates to rescue someone in danger, even if he knows he is not strong enough to do so. Izuku is often impulsive, and he takes a riskier approach than the usual excesses he endures. Izuku usually helps people with personal and emotional problems, even if he is not the center of them. Saying that a hero must meddle in the lives of others, despite everything this can lead to being unfairly meddled, irritating some people from whom he was trying to relieve especially Katsuki. Nevertheless, many people recognize Izuku’s heroic spirit, which earned him the loyalty and gratitude of characters who were previously opposed to him such as Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, Hitoshi Shinso, Kota Izumi, Sir Nighteye, and even the heroic assassin Stain: “Stain declared Izuku a real hero”. Izuku shows her concern for Ochaco Uraraka when she leaps to calm him down after he loses control of Black Whip, which severely injures her and also protects her from Hitoshi’s capture weapon.

The Symbol of Peace is the one that affected Izuku the most in all the Heroes, seeing how Midoriya models herself after the former Number One Hero. Many of Izuku’s decisions and actions result from his desire to compare himself to All Might in order to become a similar Hero, and he has great devotion to him to the point of picking up various pieces of hero-related merchandise and emulating some of his traits. One of Izuku’s main current concerns is to be able to live up to his idol’s legacy, as he continues to look for ways to improve his mastery of the One For All, aware of the immense pressure that comes with the success of the greatest hero of all time.

Izuku has a more savage and abrasive side. This is usually seen when he is in combat. This aspect of his personality makes him act more like Katsuki, being rather loud and firm, as well as having a strong desire to win. He states that he recognizes this because he sees Katsuki as the embodiment of what any good winner should be. He also admitted his disdain for this aspect of himself, and his propensity to manage it.

His History and Biography


He loved watching movies of All Might, the strongest superhero in the world, who quickly became his role model. It turned out that, despite his ambition to become a superhero in the light of his idol, he would never have an Alter. So Izuku became one of his classmates’ watchdogs. The young child with extraordinary perseverance, however, continued to believe in his dream and wrote down all his observations in notebooks on “the future of superheroes” that he has 13 volumes today. The boy wanted to participate in Yuei High School, the school of heroes. He was from the beginning the cat of the party of Katsuki, his former best friend, but since he discovered his faculties he became aggressive, like an Alter and mean towards Izuku Midoriya. He gave him nicknames like “Deku” (something good for nothing, inefficient) to say that he should be careful.

Arc Entrance Exam

Izuku helps out at Aldera Middle School while his teacher informs the class that everyone will graduate this school year. Katsuki replies that he is not like the other students in the class, calling them filler and implying that he alone is destined to go to Yuei. All Might will be surpassed by him alone. Katsuki is shocked and enraged when his teacher says that Izuku is also trying to go to Yuei. He roars at Izuku and uses his alter power, Explosion, to scare him, saying that someone who is not an alter cannot enter Yuei and cannot accomplish anything.

Katsuki leaves him the notebook and burns it and throws it out the window after class. Katsuki tells him that the great heroes have already made themselves famous in the university, and that he is only destined to reach this institution to serve as a springboard for Izuku. Katsuki before leaving the class recommends to Izuku not to absorb himself very strongly in Yuei’s subject. Izuku leaves the room to get his notebook and remembers the day he started to dream of being a hero, but also the day he discovered that he himself was neither an alter nor a superhero.

While walking home, a villain running away from a crime scene meets Izuku. The villain had escaped All Might earlier in the day. The villain’s intention was to take control of Izuku’s body to avoid detection. Izuku was attacked and lost his optimism, while All Might appeared and rescued him. Izuku asked for an autograph, but All Might left before he had time to ask the questions that were burning in his mind. To keep All Might in place, Izuku put a rope on his leg as he rose into the air. Izuku asked All Might if he could become a non-alter hero, as he always wanted to save people. They landed safely on a roof after a brief struggle. Where did Izuku ask if he could become a hero without alter?

All Might’s appearance suddenly changes to that of a skeleton. All Might informs the shocked young man that he was injured in a battle five years earlier and that he will have to stay in his superhero form for a short time. Izuku continues to tell All Might that professional heroes must always put their lives in danger to save people, and that they cannot openly declare whether it is possible to be a hero without sacrificing themselves. All Might says that if Izuku is concerned about saving people’s lives, he can always become a policeman and imprison the evil. He tells Izuku that it is not bad to daydream, but he advises him not to hide information and leaves after that.

Izuku is devastated by his hero’s words and starts to reconsider his goal of becoming a hero. When he approaches the scene of an assault by the villains, his thoughts are interrupted. Izuku recognizes Katsuki as the victim who had been possessed by the Goo that had attacked him earlier and feels guilty that he may have inadvertently helped the villain escape All Might’s control. Izuku, who had seen Katsuki’s teary eyes, rushes to the villain and tries to save his friend despite the fact that he has no alter. All Might, inspired by Izuku’s act, appears and defeats the villain before Izuku can get hurt.

The Pro Heroes on the stage began to roar at Izuku for his reckless act. Katsuki became so enraged that he was almost saved by Izuku, telling him that he wasn’t saved by him before storming off. All Might appears, thanking Izuku for reminding him what it means to be a hero before going on to explain that what he did was something that most great heroes did in their youth. He tells Izuku that if he gives him the opportunity to become a hero, he can.

He is told that he is worthy of inheriting his strength, and that he has the power to transfer his alter to someone, following Izuku’s impact. All Might begins to train him at the Dagobah City Park by moving large pieces of trash, such as trucks and large filing cabinets, across ponds. The boy explains that IzuKU needs his body to be strong enough to withstand the power of his alter, otherwise he risks swallowing his limbs. The day of the entrance test has arrived after 10 months of intensive training. Izuku carries the last waste from the entire beach six hours before dawn, at the last possible second. Izuku is surprised that he cleaned the whole beach and recommended it to her. He cuts a piece of hair off his head and gives it to Izuku, who is surprised that he has to eat it; he gets his first dose, a tiny bit of One For All. With the entrance exam so close, Izuku has to hurry to school without getting used to the power.

Izuku arrives at Yuei for the entrance exam, eager to become a hero. He almost falls while running forward and traveling, but Izuku is saved by an alter girl. The girl claims that she is nervous, to which he replies in the affirmative, before adding that he feels the same way. Izuku feels proud of himself, and the girl wishes him luck while Tenya Iida calls Izuku out for his endless mumbling, which he deems inappropriate. Later, during the preliminary debate of the test by Present Mic, Izuku is called out by Tenya Iida for his inappropriate behaviour.

Izuku, on the other hand, is again terrified by Tenya for acting suspiciously towards the girl he met earlier. Tenya scolds Izuku for drawing attention to himself by making comments like “Izuku looks like a loser” from the solicitors’ whispers about his behaviour.

Izuku tries to destroy a 1-point robot during the practical test, but is too scared to even move. Yuga Aoyama appears and destroys the machine. Izuku recognises that he has no more time to lose. Suddenly, a huge 0-point robot appears and starts to destroy the area. Izuku tries to flee, but he sees the same girl who helped him before about to be attacked by the machine. 0 points. Izuku gathers his courage to fight the robot and uses One For All for the first time, hitting the huge robot with a devastating punch that completely destroys it and saves the girl’s life while shocking everyone with his feat.

Izuku’s bones, on the other hand, immediately break despite never having been used before, and he begins to fall. He tries to use Detroit Smash to land safely, but before he can activate it, the girl, whose life Izuku saved, uses her alter, Gravity Zero , to allow him to descend in peace. Practical test: the test is over, much to Izuku’s sadness as he was only able to get one point before passing out due to exhaustion. While the other boys are amazed at how amazing Izuku is at taking down the giant robot while being visibly weak on purpose, and Tenya note how he generously protected the girl. Fortunately for Izuku, Recovery Girl then instantly heals her severe injuries.

A letter followed by an appeal arrives for Izuku a week later. This letter will determine whether or not he has been accepted into Yuei. Izuku opens the letter in his room, and a screen appears with All Might about to apologize for not contacting him earlier and tell him that he will be working as a teacher at Yuei, but that he scored zero points during the practical test. Izuku took this, and assumed that he had failed immediately. However, All Might tells him that thanks to his heroic exploits during the practical test, he managed to amass 60 teacher rescue points, which means that he passed and thus was admitted to the U.A., much to Izuku’s joy and happiness.

Arc Alters Assessment Test

Izuku, now a student at Yuei, talks to his mother before leaving for his first day of school. Izuku hopes not to see Katsuki or Tenya on his first day in class 1-A when he enters. When he sees Katsuki and Tenya bickering, it’s too much for him (Katsuki, telling Tenya to behave better and keep his feet off the tables, protests about their “ancestors”, the “elite high school” and the “people who built this table,” to which Katsuki replies that it’s nothing he cares about, with a mocking smile on his face – the same as when he saw Kota punch Izuku in the face). Tenya approaches Izuku apologizing for his behavior and asking him how he feels about Yuei. Izuku replies that he is nervous, which surprises Tenya. He says that Izuku has nothing to be nervous about and that if anyone should be nervous, it’s him. Why is he nervous? Later, in Class 1-A, Katsuki blows up a pencil while holding Izuku’s hand over the table. (Katsuki explains that he just wanted to “eliminate the noise” and that Izuku was just there). As Ochaco enters the classroom, Izuku arrives in a state of embarrassment. “Ah, those matte curls!” exclaims Ochaco. “Transparent boy!” (Izuku: “She looks so adorable in her uniform!”) Katsuki recalls an argument he had with Izuku over the entrance exam results, in which Izuku bravely confronted his lifelong bully after being threatened. Then, teacher Shota Aizawa enters the room and tells the students about the apprehension test they will have to take.

Shota explains that the last one to pass the test will be expelled from Yuei, which puts enormous pressure on Izuku. Shota tests the students on their alter powers and their use of them through several exercises under his watchful eye, but due to his lack of control over the One For All, Izuku is unable to use it in most cases, forcing him to violate the academic standards set by his classmates. When the ball is thrown, Izuku, who has no choice, tries to throw it as far as possible with One For All, but Aizawa stops the processor. Izuku recognizes his glasses and powers as the Eraser Head heroes. Aizawa tells the student that with a One For All alter, Izuku will be nothing more than a burden by repeatedly putting himself in danger, and that if he doesn’t find a way to stop One For All from completely crippling his own body, Izuku’s future as a hero could be in jeopardy. Shota gives Izuku another chance to throw the ball. Izuku uses only the tip of one finger and throws the ball a long distance, keeping Shota’s words in mind. He shocks his class and is still standing, while Shota is amazed by his performance.

Stunned by this new turn of events, a furious Katsuki against Izuku rushes to question him about his strange behaviour, but Shota stops him with his ribbons before an altercation can begin. Izuku doesn’t perform well in the remaining tests because of his broken finger, and ends up getting last place. Shota, however, confesses that he lied about the expulsion to get the students to give it their all during the call a reasonable strategy. Shota leaves as All Might arrives on the scene, who tells the boy that he knows he was planning to evict Yuei’s last place and All Might finally concludes that Shota sees the same potential in Izuku as he does. Shota says that the chances of Izuku becoming a great hero are greater than zero, and that he sees nothing more than that. He says that if that chance falls below that mark, he will expel Izuku.

At the end of the day, Izuku is reunited with Ochaco and Tenya, who have formed a new trio, and they return home together. Ochaco tells Izuku that his degrading nickname Deku, which was given to him by Katsuki, sounds like the Japanese term for “you can do it”, which made him adopt the nickname with surprise. Izuku explains that his view of his name has changed.

Arc Battle Test

When the class on heroism begins, Almighty advises the students to put on their superhero costumes and go to B Field. Izuku remembers the time when he had to make his own costume. Izuku, the protagonist of My Hero Academia, has been found. It is known that it was a disguise handmade by Izuku’s mother after seeing some of her son’s notes, who seemed guilty for not believing that her son could one day become a hero and swore to her to support him from now on. Izuku entered the training field proudly wearing this costume.

Izuku teamed up with Ochaco and was tasked with stopping Katsuki and Tenya’s team from setting off a fake nuclear explosion. They were able to infiltrate the building and explore the areas to see if anyone was coming, where Katsuki was hiding. Izuku manages to save Ochaco from Katsuki’s attack, but half of his mask is burned in the process.

As Katsuki prepares to hit him again, Izuku intercepts him, traps his right arm and throws him to the ground. Izuku informs Katsuki with a surprised look that he has memorized his movements, just like the notebook Katsuji sent to steal and throw away in the past contained remarks about the heroes he had studied. Izuku, the “Deku” who became a winner declares that he is no longer the “Deku” who was a loser, but the “Deku” who offers hope and never gives up, will piss Katsuki off.

Izuku tells Ochaco to move on while he fights Katsuki, who tries to attack him again. Izuku dodges and manages to grab Katsuki’s leg with the capture bandage, but Katsuki breaks free using a blast. Knowing he is at a disadvantage, Izuku retreats to think of a strategy and contacts Ochaco to get information on his position for the plan. Katsuki searches for Izuku, shouting that Izuku is intentionally hiding his alter from her. Katsuki eventually locates Izuku and attacks him with a powerful Blast provided by his Bracelets Grenadiers. Izuku survives and scolds Katsuki for doing this, but Katsuki demands that Izuku use his alter.

Izuku and Katsuki continue their rivalry, with Katsuki maintaining control despite Izuku’s success. Izuku comes to the conclusion that Katsuki is superior to him. Izuku decides to use his other side and tells Ochaco to hang on to anything. Instead, Izuku aims his Detroit Smash at the ceiling, demolishing all the upper floors, including Ochaco’s and Tenya’s, but Izuku is forced to take the brunt of Katsuki’s explosion. Although Izuku was unable to defeat Katsuki, he was able to distract Tenya long enough for Ochaco to grab the fake nuclear bomb, allowing Izuku and Ochaco to win.

Recovery Girl is called to Izuku’s bedside after he is taken away on a stretcher. Recovery Girl comes to treat his wounds after spending most of the day bandaging them. Izuku returns to class, where he is congratulated by several of his classmates for his performance on the exam. Ochaco asks him if he is feeling well, to which he replies that he is feeling very well. Izuku asks him where Katsuki is.

Izuku, on the other hand, chases Katsuki despite many attempts by his classmates to stop him. Izuku tries to find Katsuki because he keeps skipping class. When Izuku finds him leaving school without acknowledging his presence, he tells him his secret: that someone else gave him an alter so that he would believe he hadn’t cheated him, but that he didn’t believe him and vowed to defeat him.


Izuku is confronted by journalists who ask him about All Might. Izuku finds an excuse to run away. Izuku is chosen, elected by his classmates, and reassured by Tenya. The bell begins to ring, causing panic among students of all ages. Tendo arrives and stops the crowd; Izuku resigns as a delegate and gives it to him. During Number 13 and Shota’s rescue training session, the class is assaulted by the supervillain Alliance. He evacuates with his classmates, but is teleported by Black Mist to the SCA’s flood zone.

Izuku is thrown into the water by a horrible fish that tries to eat him, but he is saved by Tsuyu Asui and thrown aboard a boat with Minoru Mineta. Izuku notices that Tsuyu has been teleported (along with him and Minoru Mineta) to an area where he can be at full power, implying that the villains are unaware of their Alter powers.

Izuku devises a plan and after warning Tsuyu and Minoru, Izuku uses Deleware Smash on the water while Minoru throws his goo. Minoru’s goo (into which the villains are drawn) spills towards the centre with all the Minori villains. Izuku escapes with Minoru and Tsuyu, claiming that he was incredible. In a ninth grade class, the apprentice heroes witness their teacher being defeated by Brainless. Izuku is surprised to hear Tomura Shigaraki, who wonders what they’re up to. Tomura tries to annihilate Tsuyu successfully before Shota uses his power to erase the villain’s Alter. Izuku, unable to defend himself against Shota, desperately tries to knock him out with All Might’s brain. Izuku is stunned by the strength and bravery of the warrior doctor. All Might appears and fights Brainless to victory in the final seconds. Izuka is impressed by the intensity of All Might’s gift. All Might is exhausted from his fight and TOMURA furiously tries to disintegrate him completely. Izuku rushes in, but his legs are broken at the knees. However, he presses on and thanks to the Black Mist Alter, Tomura too is able to disintegrate Izuku, but he has to face the other skilled trainers of Yuei who arrive. Following this event, he is taken to a school clinic.

Arc Yuei Sports Championship

The first hurdle is reached by a simulator robot using a board. He teams up with Fumikage Tokoyami, Mei Hatsume and Ochaco Uraraka in the rider battle, but loses his ribbon to Shoto Todoroki and his comrades. Shoto Todoroki notes the position of the children during the final exam and asks them to close their eyes. We can see that Shoto is particularly fond of Kaminari, but that doesn’t stop him from selecting Izuku to use his experience being a superhero.

Arc Stain

The predecessor of the One For All, Gran Torino, offers Deku as a code name. He receives an offer from Gran Torino, who is the former teacher of the predecessor of One For All. He goes to Gran Torino. After a humorous exchange between Izuku and Gran Torino, Izuku’s hero costume without his consent starts jumping around saying that he should put on his costume if you want to know more about the One For All. Izuku, who was prepared to attack him, couldn’t keep up with Gran Torino’s speed. In the end, he tells Izuku that his devotion to All Might binds him and that he must find a solution on his own. He notes in his diary that the Alter is part of the body and must be considered on a more basic level.

He realises that all this time he has not fully activated the One For All in any part of his body, but is activating it later and later. He should have fully activated his body from the beginning in its entire circumference at 5% instead of restricting the activation. The One For All needs special equipment which is covered by Izuku. Izuku is sleeping comfortably in the train car when a superhero crashes into the compartment where Izuku was in Hosu. But behind it all is an artificial human controlled by the Alliance of Bad People. Gran Torino leaves the train to confront the monster, leaving Midoriya behind. In an alleyway, Izuku rescues Tenya from death and fights Stain, who manages to immobilize the and Stain lets him live because he represents the true meaning of superhero.

Shoto Todoroki, who has received Izuku’s position, runs to the scene of the confrontation and saves Tenya. He even claims that he was worried about Tenya, a character driven by hatred and who understands him because of his father. Endeavor, Tenya and Shoto defeat Stain. With Stain tied up and the professional hero, they reach the avenue. They are joined by Gran Torino and other professional heroes before Endeavor arrives. Izuku is caught by a Brainless, but Stain saves him. Izuku and Shoto along with Tenya are taken to Hosu Hospital for treatment after he loses consciousness the last time. Izuku thanks Gran Torino for his internship outside the flat.

Izuku has to keep control when using the One For All by not exceeding the limit of five. Izuku wonders why no one is talking about him, to which Gran Torino replies that he has never been interested in the life of a superhero. Before leaving, Izuka tells Gran Torino his hero name, which makes him happy. Izuku returns to Yuei and participates in the Hero Wrestling, where his comrades are impressed with his moves under the One For All , full body covering but he stumbles and finishes last. All Might congratulates him and asks him to come to his office to discuss his origins and the One For All (see the article). After All Might’s explanation, Izuku declares himself ready to take on the role of the new symbol of peace. He then joins his second category companions.

Arc End of Term Examination

At the End of Term Exam, he is paired with Katsuki against All Might. However, Izuku and Katsuki are unable to discuss a plan of action and start talking. Suddenly, All Might throws a punch that pulverizes the area, and Izuku falls. Katsuki attacks All Might, but he cannot inflict any damage on him. After defeating Katsuki, All Might draws Izuku’s attention to him, who activates the One For All system and tries to flee while being chased by Katsuki.

All Might locks Izuku in with a security barrier and hits Katsuki in the stomach. All Might is ready to finish off Katsuki, who tries to move but fails. He decides to divert All Might for a long time so that Izuku can escape. As Katsuki blocks the N1, Izuku is able to successfully use the One For All Full-Body Covering and begin his escape, while All Might smashes Katsuki to the ground. Izuku rushes to help Katsuki when he is in trouble, hitting All Might in the face and dragging Katsuki with him. Izuka walks out the door with Katsuki unconscious, the two rivals passing the practical test by accident.

A few days later, while shopping in a mall, a hooded individual approaches Izuku and asks for his autograph. After recognising Izuku from the sporting event, the hooded man admires him for defeating Stain. Izuku gradually realises that the hooded man is a villain he had met before when Stain visited him after hearing about the SCA from Stain. The hooded man turns out to be Tomura Shigaraki. However, this time he doesn’t have his hand covering his face. Izuku holds Tomura’s elbow and tells him to calm down before going on to say that he just wanted to talk with him. The crowd is stopped as Tomura threatens the safety of the citizens. Izuku asks Tomura what he wants to talk about. The two men sit down and Tomura explains to Izuku that he hates many things. Stain, on the other hand, is something that Tomura really despises. Izuku informs Tomura that Stain was a part of it in the beginning, but that Stain was never a member of the Supervillain Alliance to begin with, and that the media and society just speculated that Stain was part of the organization. Stain assures that he and Tomura destroyed things in order to overthrow the world, but he still has his flaws. Stain asks Izuku if there is a distinction between him and Tomura.

Izuku answers Tomura’s question by saying that he, Stain and All Might were inspired by All Might. Izuku explains that Stain did not destroy because he wanted to change the world for the better; rather, he destroyed to try to make a difference. According to his ideals, Izuku respects Stain for living up to them and never giving up. Tomura becomes exasperated when he learns why Stain and Izuku bother him, it’s because of All Might. Tomura also understands why he hates contemporary society so much because everyone lives happily and smiling like All Might. Tomura thanks Izuku for talking with him.

Instantly, Ochaco appears and wonders who Izuku is chatting with. Tomura gets up and starts walking away, warning Izuku not to chase him. Nevertheless, Izuku asks Tomura what the ultimate goal of All For One is. “What’s up, how are you?” asks Izuku, but Tomura does not answer. He disappears into the crowd, Tomura ordering Izuku to take care of him because they will meet again soon and he will kill him. He then leaves.

Arc Summer Camp

Naomasa Tsukauchi visits Izuku Midoriya at a police station, where he praises his coolness. The second A boards a bus for the journey to the forest destination. After an hour, the bus stopped for a bathroom break. However, Second A noticed that Second B was not resting. Two women, dressed in heroic cat-like costumes, and a small boy suddenly appear; the women present their enthusiasm as the professional Wild Wild Pussycats team. Mandalay reports to the second A that they have three hours to get through their base. Pixie-Bob turns to her Alter to send the second A through the forest. They come across a beast, Izuku with Shoto, Tenya, and Katsuki, where they struggle but quickly destroy it. Izuku trains with Tora at 4pm before heading into town later in the day; he uses Power at 5%! Detroit Smash against Tora.

Runners-up A and B, on the night of the third day, prepare dinner. Shoto asks Izuku what he meant by All Might, and Izuku says it was to talk about Kota. Izuku asks Shoto what he can do to help Kota, and Shoto advises Izuku to use the action of words. Izuku is encouraged to follow Shoto’s advice and knows that it is right. Spinner and Kenji attack and eliminate Pixie-bob in the nightly bravery challenge. While Izuku is aware that Kota is alone and helpless, preparations are underway for the Wild Wild Pussycats to act. Izuku saves Kota from Muscular’s clutches. Izuku uses 100% of the power of the Detroit Smash against the cruel one, then 1,000,000% of the Delaware Detroit Smash to finish off the Muscular one for good.

Izuku takes Kota with him after defeating Muscular. Izuku discovers Shota and asks him to watch over Kota while he explores the woods. Izuku finds Mandalay, who is fighting against Spinner. Izuku uses One For All in a dream, and he breaks Spinner’s sword with a leap of his leg. IzuKU tells Mandalay that Kota is safe and gives her Shota’s message so that she can inform the others. Izuku also tells Mandalay that one of the villains’ goals is to capture Katsuki, and he asks her to inform everyone. Kenji tries to stop Izuku, but is interrupted by Spinner’s knife. Izuku is attacked by a possessed Fumikage in the clutches of Dark Shadow, but he is saved by Mezo Shoji. Izuku and Mezo are helpless against Dark Shadow’s power. Seeing how bad their situation has become, Fumikage asks Izuku if he should save Katsuki or save Fumikage with him. Izuku apologizes to Mezo because he is unable to do so and explains that he has a strategy.

When Izuku and Mezo arrive at the place where Katsuki and Shoto are chased by Dark Shadow, Mezo asks one of them to turn on the lights. The sunfish detects the presence of Mezu and Izuku and sends one of its teeth to attack them. Dark Shadown goes on a rampage using his huge claw to crush Moonfish, breaking his teeth while knocking him out. Shoto and Katsuki are surprised by the turn of events. Izuku’s strategy was to lure the rampaging Dark Shadow to their location with Mezo’s replication weapons that worked. Izuk is happy to see Katsuki, relieved that he doesn’t have to save one of his classmates and sacrifice the other. Izuku, Midoriya, Shouto, and Izuku meet Ochako and Tsuyu. Izuk u and the others meet Ochako and Tsuyu. Izuku asks them to join the escort after seeing that Ochako and Tsuyu are fine. Ochako and Tsuyu wonder why Katsuki isn’t with them. Mezo, Shoto and Izuku turn around to see that Fumikage and Katsuki are missing. Suddenly, Mr. Compress, a masked villain known as Mister Compress, appears on a tree branch and confesses that he used his “magic” to turn Katsuki into a ball. The children manage to catch the Fumikage ball, but not the one containing Katsuki. The two villains who kidnapped Katsuki manage to teleport. Izuku screams in anguish because he couldn’t save Katsuki.

Arc Raid vs. the Alliance of Super-Villains

However, the majority of the students in Secondary A refuse the programme. Tsuyu knows that everyone is concerned and he asks Shoto and Eijiro to control themselves if they don’t want their actions to be like the bad guys. A doctor enters the room to ask Second A to leave so that he can talk to Izuku in private. Eijiro then explains to Izuku that they spoke with Momo the night before and decided to rescue Katsuki that night, inviting her to join them. Izuku could only wait for Eijiro to arrive as the doctor told him that he had healed his arms, but that his ligaments were deteriorating and he would never be able to manipulate his arms again if he suffered the same injury twice. The doctor tells Izuku that he is out of the coma and gives him a letter from Kota.

Izuku arrives at the hospital just before that night, where he meets Eijiro, Shoto and Momo. Tenya, on the other hand, arrives and is furious that they intend to repeat his previous mistake by ignoring his feelings. Even though Izuku understands that breaking the rules is against the law, Tenya slaps him in the face to remind him not to ignore the feelings of others. Shoto and Eijiro assure Tenya that they will be calm, and Momo will make sure there is no fighting. Izuku tells Katsuki that he must save him. Tenya decides to go with them because they are committed and determined.

Izuku calls his mother before he goes to save Katsuki and informs her of his injuries. She asks him if he can stop going to Yuei, to which Izuku replies that since he is All Might’s successor, he must act like one. The group boards a train to Kamino, a city in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Izuku, Shoto, Eijiro, Momo and Tenya disguise themselves to facilitate their infiltration. After leaving the clothing shop, Izuku watches a recording of a Yuei conference in which the company’s staff makes a public apology. Izuku notices that Yuei members are treated like criminals and that the public is hostile towards them.

Izuku, Eijiro, Shoto, Momo and Tenya go to the place detected by Momo’s device and wait for a while before discovering that the villains have made no move. Katsuki might not be there, a possibility suggested by talking about this situation. Izuku thanks Tenya, who is determined to stop them from fighting, and begins to consider various strategies for intervention. The five then prepare to enter the suspected hideout of the supervillain alliance.

Izuku and the group go to the back of the hideout and see a window. Shoto stands on Izuku’s shoulders so that he can look inside. After Eijiro sees inside with his night vision goggles, he gives them to Izuku, who discovers that there are several Brainless inside, confirming that the hideout was actually a warehouse. Mount Lady suddenly destroys the front of the warehouse, startling Izuku.

Izuku and the group realize that Best Jeanist, Tora, Gang Orca and Mount Lady are at the warehouse, so they assume that All Might is with Katsuki while they are talking and decide to go home. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears to confront the heroes; he easily defeats them using a simple but powerful attack that destroys the warehouse and the surrounding area. Izuku was transfixed by the man’s aura and was unable to move. Izuku is paralyzed and unable to move due to fear. Katsuki was teleported near the man, which attracts Izuku’s attention. Izuku quickly decides on a plan to save Katsuki, but finds that failure is unthinkable as there is no chance to escape. Izuku makes arrangements to act, but Tenya stops them.

After recognising that All Might is the target of All For One, Midoriya tries to inform All Might of the danger while Bakugo tries to avoid being captured by the alliance of villains. Izuku knows that there is no chance of rescuing Katsuki because of the presence of All For One and because Katsuki is surrounded by his enemies. Suddenly, Izuku has a brilliant idea: he will use his plan to avoid the battle and allow them to save Katsuki as well as escape. Eijiro, on the other hand, because Katsuki will meet his expectations because of their time in Yuei.

Tenya understands that the plan is a gamble, but under the circumstances, there will be very little risk thanks to All Might’s presence. Izuku, Eijiro, and Tenya cross a nearby wall. Shoto creates a huge ice ramp for them to climb and they charge across the battlefield over it. All For One charges the trio, but All Might steps in and hits him. Katsuki sees the trio as Eijiro yells at Katsuki to take his hand. Tomura tries to grab Katsuki, but Katsuki uses his Explosion to leap towards Izuku, Tenya and Eijiro. Katsuki grabs Eijiro’s hand and they fly away. Kenji Hikiishi and Shuichi Iguchi launch Mr. Compress into the air, but Mount Lady intercepts it, allowing four boys to escape by flying away from the battle area and blending in with the crowd.

Izuku can see All Might fighting All For One on the screen, cheering him on and rejoicing in his victory. After the fight, All Might turns to the camera and delivers a message, “You are next.” The film’s viewers interpreted this as a warning to all the bad guys, prompting the citizens to congratulate All Might and return to the party. Izuku, however, knows what All Might’s message was really about: his role as a Symbol of Peace has come to an end and it’s time for him to take over. The boy begins to sob.

The bulk of the group gathers to take Katsuki to the cop to protect him. Izuku bids them a final goodbye and heads home. His mother is overjoyed to see her son safe and sound. Izuku enters the house, lying on his bed, exhausted by everything that has happened and wonders if he did the right thing by saving Katsuki. Izuku receives a message from All Might late at night. He rushes out of his house and heads to All Might’s location. However, All Might greets him with a Texas Smash and reprimands him. He informs Izuku that he is no longer able to use the One For All mechanic, then demonstrates by entering Hero form and exiting a split second later. All Might tells Izuku that he is going to retire as a hero since he can’t fight anymore, blaming his student for never doing what he is told and for being reckless in saving Katsuki. All Might, on the other hand, is delighted that he wasn’t hurt this time; after hugging him, he apologizes for not being a good teacher to him but promises to focus only on training from now on. Izuku shouts again, accusing him of crying. All Might scolds him again to make it the last time.

Inko leads the way and Toshinori goes to the Midoriya house, much to their surprise. The three Midoriya sit at the table when Toshinori asks Inko if Izuku can be sent to Yuei’s rooms. However, she objects, much to Izuku’s astonishment, and explains that she is worried about her child because her Alter is hurting him rather than protecting him, and that she is deeply concerned for his future as a Hero Pro after witnessing the terrible battle between All Might and Endeavor. Inko says that she doesn’t trust Yuei and that she is unable to entrust her son to them.

Izuku tries to persuade his mother that his injuries are a consequence of his inability to control his Alter, but Inko retorts that it’s Yuei’s job to look after his students, no matter what. Inko understands that she is being squeezed, but protecting her child’s safety comes first and she agrees to let Izuku pursue his heroic career as long as he is in a safe environment, which is why she wants him to be sent to another school. Although he understands his mother, Izuku wants to pursue his dream at Yuei because that’s where Toshinori was a hero. So he leaves the room. He comes back a few minutes later with a letter in hand; Kota sends him a letter of thanks. Izuku tells them that he saved a boy from the training camp who hated Alters and Heroes and that he had miraculously escaped from the Tentenks. Izuku understands that he has a long way to go, but for a moment Kota and his letter of thanks make him a hero. Izuku says that he will always dream of being a hero.

Toshinori is shocked that Izuku is willing to pursue his dream even if he is not in the same places as his idol, that he is impressed by Izuku’s maturity and that he does what he likes. Toshinori changes his form into a Hero and prostrates himself before them with his head bowed in amazement. He told me something new. Inko shows understanding for Izuku’s behaviour as a teacher and worries about the bloody aberrations of a Hero. The former peace symbol also understands Inko’s concerns about Yuei, and he reassures her that they are gradually changing their procedures. He promises her that even at the cost of his life, he will train and protect Izuku.

Inko is shocked by All Might’s determination and falls into his arms. Inko declares that all she wants for Izuku is happiness, suggesting to All Might that he should never put the safety of others before his own. She promises to keep living and warns All Might not to sacrifice herself for others. Izuku tells his mother that he will not worry her anymore after hearing this promise from All Might.

Toshinori, during the village festival, compliments Izuku’s mother and tells her that she reminds her master. Toshinori leaves and promises Izuku to see him in Yuei.

Arc Review of provisional licences

Nezu turned Yuei into a boarding school to protect the students after Katsuki’s rescue and All Might’s retirement. Indeed, Heights Alliance was built in less than three days. Shota Aizawa meets his students outside the building. He says that they must start preparing to get provisional hero licenses, as they had planned during the training camp.

Shota reprimands Izuku, Tenya, Momo, Eijiro and Shoto afterwards. He understands that they were at Katsuki’s rescue site and took responsibility for saving him. He understands that the rest of the Second A, except for Katsuki, Toru and Kyoka, were also aware of their intentions, but that he could not persuade them to act. He adds that he would have expelled everyone from the school except those who were not there when All Might left, if All Might’s sudden retirement had not set them up. Shota advises the gang to follow proper procedures once again to restore their trust when Katsuki breaks her promise.

In the evening, the two A’s take their bags up to their respective rooms. The boys of the Second A are going into the common area on the first floor later that evening. The girls drag them into a competition to see which room is better, much to Izuku’s disappointment. He tries to stop the girls, but they happen to break into his room and discover that it is filled with derivatives and posters of All Might.

Izuku, Shoto, Tenya, Momo and Eijiro are reunited after the competition by Ochaco at their insistence. Tsuyu apologizes for doubting their plan to save Katsuki, just as they apologize for alarming her, and they manage to repair their friendship.

The next day, school resumes for Second A. Shota Aizawa says that they will have “provisional hero licenses” as their first goal in class. To prepare for the exam, the students of Second A must develop at least two special methods that they can use in battle with the help of him and Cementos, Ectoplasm and Midnight. He also advises them to improve their hero costumes.

Izuku Midoriya is puzzled while all the members of Second A are training, and he has no idea what his special skill will be. The Ectoplasm clone growls at Izuku for taking a break; Izuku tells the Ectoplasm clone that because he has to keep in mind not to try to break his arms during training, he hasn’t considered any special moves. Izuku is encouraged by Ectoplasm’s doppelganger to focus on growing his Alter instead of developing his powers. All Might has come to Second A to follow the specialised training of the techniques she teaches as it is a job as a teacher to supervise the training of her students. All Might approaches Izuku and advises him not to imitate her, which confuses Izuku. Before Izuku can ask any more questions, All Might leaves to help Eijiro Kirishima. All Might wants Izuku to learn to think for himself.

Izuku follows Shota’s advice and goes to the Development Studio to improve his costume. When Ochaco and Tenya arrive, he is waiting outside the studio door. Before they can say hello, an explosion from inside the studio sends Izuku flying backwards, much to the astonishment of Tenya and Ochaco. When the smoke clears, Power Loader goes after the person who caused the explosion, namely Mei Hatsume, who fell on Izuku. Mei repents for the drama she caused; she asks the three of the Second A for their names and apologies. Izuku wants his costume upgraded, which gets Mei’s attention. Power Loader reminds Mei that he has agreed to let her work in the development studio, but that she must not make waves unless he banishes her. Izuku, Ochaco and Tenya are invited into the development studio by Power Loader.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya are amazed by all the equipment inside the Studio. Power Loader explains to the three heroes the improvements to their costumes; once he is familiar with their costumes, he will be able to modify them. If the changes and corrections are minor, the designer should simply tell him. If, however, they are major new improvements or corrections, it is sufficient to inform the design office; but if major improvements are envisaged, a formal written request must be made to the design office for approval. When the new suit is reviewed and approved, it can go ahead. The boss of the same company said that the design office he is linked to is one of the best, so a suit upgrade can be done in three days.

Izuku, worried about Power Loader, asks if there is a way to reduce the strain on his ligaments and he replies that tinkering with his hero suit will make it possible. Mei immediately inspects Izuku’s body and makes him wear a motorized exoskeleton, much to the boy’s humiliation. Mina, on the other hand, only needs a simple aid for her arms, while Tenya asks for a cooling device for her legs. Mei gives Tenya’s legs electric boosters which warm them up. He asks if Tenya should walk with his arms. Meanwhile, Izuku understands the lesson of All Might by hearing Mei’s prophecy. On the other hand, Izuku discovers that he was wrong and has to improve himself to get better, so he has to surpass himself and invent his own methods. Izuku asks Tenya to help when Mei helps Ochaco.

Meanwhile, the rest of Second A continues to improve. The improvement of the other doubles continues at a rapid pace. Four days later, All Might appears and Shota tells him that the Second A is progressing well. Minoru remarks on Izuku’s new costume, to which he responds by saying that he has received a support for his arms to reduce arm tension. Katsuki tests his new special trick, the Anti-Shield Shot, on a rock, which creates a beam of explosion and which he manages to complete. A blow that produces a shockwave causes a large piece to fall towards All Might. Izuku suddenly appears and shatters the rock with a kick. Izuku then pulverizes the rest of the rock second with another kick. Izuku is impressed that Misa followed his recommendations. Izuku suddenly understands that becoming the new successor of the One For All does not mean that he has to inherit the fighting style of his predecessor, and that he can choose his own style.

Izuku decided to give up all his punches and improve his own movement after hearing Mei’s words and Tenya’s proposal. The technique Izuku uses to blow up the rocks is called One For All: Integral Covering – Kick Style. Minoru wants to know why Izuku hasn’t changed his costume completely, but Izuku prefers to keep the memories of his mother, who created him.

The team then headed to Takoba National Stadium. Izuku sees that some members of Second A are nervous there, but Shota encourages them to do their best to pass this exam and achieve their goal of becoming heroes. The teacher asks his students to line up. One student abruptly stands up to cut off another student’s meeting, prompting another student to declare that interrupting others’ meetings is rude. Inasa lowers his forehead and bows his head respectfully to the A-Second, much to the dismay of some A-Second students. The Yuei students recognize the Yuei youth. Katsuki mentions the Western (Kansai) Academy, which is on a par with Yuei High School. The people standing in front of the Second A are students from Shiketsu High School. Inasa’s excitement at the idea of competing against Yuei and wishing him luck leads Inasa to reveal his identity as Inasa Yoarashi, a formidable competitor. After school, Shota informs the A-Seconders that he calls himself Inasa Yoarashi and claims to be a powerful candidate. Indeed, Inasa got the highest score in the Yuei entrance exam at the same time as the Second A and passed. Inasa has declined his offer of admission despite getting the highest mark. Izuku is impressed by Inasa’s talents and believes that he could be as good as Shoto.

Suddenly, a friendly but humorous teacher approaches Shota, who seems unhappy with his presence. Mrs. Joke, the instructor Shota apparently knows, approaches him and Izuku informs the class that his power is to make people laugh out loud, which disarms his opponents. As Ms. Joke announced her trade, a few of her students showed up and greeted the Second A. One of her students, Yo Shindo, enthusiastically waves to the students of Secondary A. Soon they will all enter the stadium.

An employee of the Heroic Public Safety Commission, Mera Yokumiru, at Takoba National Stadium says that the first part of the test is to narrow down the number of potential candidates who could pass by playing a game where people place three targets on their body and receive six bullets to throw at the targets of other candidates. No participant will proceed to the next phase of the test unless they have already hit their targets. Participants must remove two students in order to proceed to the next stage of the test. The arena, in which the students are located, folds up to reveal another location where they can fight with various environments.

Izuku warns his fellow students about the battle that the other students definitely know their Alters, since they saw Yuei’s Sports Championship and suggests that they work together to pass the preliminary test. Katsuki and Shoto go their own way, Eijiro and Denki decide to follow Katsuki. The rest of the group follows Izuku.

As soon as the preliminary exam starts, dozens of examiners from the other schools approach, eager to exclude them. Shindo recognizes Izuku and his knowledge of the power of Chaos is used to break his body every time he takes it. Many candidates start shooting at Second A with Shindo in the lead. The students of Second A, however, thanks to their training and updated costumes, have managed to avoid being injured by bullets. Yo notices that Second A has changed and suggests to his classmates that they use his Alter Vibration on the ground to produce a huge earthquake that will hollow out the ground and trigger the scattering of the members of the second.

Izuku tries to escape the rubble caused by Yo’s attack, and he notices that the Ketsubutsu alone was able to separate the Second A. He believes that the Ketsubutsu Academy has been studying their Alters, and decides that because they are vulnerable as individuals, they must join forces to confront them. Izuku, who is disadvantaged by his loneliness, can’t help but be excited at the prospect of facing more powerful students. Izuku, on the other hand, is caught off guard when Camie Utsushimi of Shiketsu suddenly hits one of his weak points with a bullet. Camie accuses Izuku of withdrawing during a fight. However, she finds it strange that he can still smile after being disadvantaged and finds it fascinating. Izuku focuses his attention and prepares for the fight. Izuku claims that Camie took control of the boat because she knew a lot of details about him and wanted to meet a student of Yuei’s before they were eliminated. Izuku says that Camie talks too much and thinks about the possibility of someone else finding out about them.

Izuku narrowly dodges one of the stones thrown by Camie, soon followed by a bullet, but he dodges them and is surprised when he moves to attack as Camie has disappeared. She goes back behind him and tries to hit Izuku with a projectile; but, once again, he dodges it and she disappears. Camie goes behind Izuku and tackles him to the ground before revealing that her Alter is not responsible for his disappearance. It’s just a skill of his, she explains. She asks why Izuku wants to be a hero. However, he is able to free himself from her grip. The Ketsubutsu students arrive to ambush Izuku and Camie before he can counterattack. Izuku dodged their attacks, and Ochaco appeared in turn, offering his services. The Ketsubutsu students attacked her and she fell off a cliff. Izuku manages to catch Ochaco and uses a violent kick to reverse their balance. He chases after them with her in his arms before running off. The Ketsubutsu loses its track.

Izuku and Ochaco hide behind some rubble. Ochaco tries to hit another of his weak points, but Izuku pushes his shot away. He admits that he knows it came from Shiketsu because Ochaco would have used his Alter to flee earlier. Furthermore, he understands that the real Ochaco would never put himself in danger without a strategy. Camie is revealed, and she asks Izuku to tell her more about him. Camie charges Izuku despite his nakedness and scratches him on the cheek, but before Camie can strike again, Hanta and the real Ochaco arrive and force Camie to back off. Hanta would try to chase him, but Izuku advises him not to because Camie’s targets don’t appear on his naked body, so there’s no point in trying to catch them. Izuku then wonders if these people are the real versions of themselves. He says that Camie may have changed shape and everyone is embarrassed.

They hide behind some large rocks and debate their plan. Izuku tells them that thirty candidates have already taken the exam and that they must act quickly. Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta discuss the consequences of the tension between the rival students on the separation of the groups. Izuku informed Ochaco and Hanta that he would act as a decoy while they kept their distance from him and tried to capture as many of the competitors as possible. Izuku, Ochaco and Hanta prepare to execute their strategy.

Izuku uses his kicks and runs past the group of examiners chasing him. Hanta catches up with him and asks him if he can carry them both in the air. When they reach a safe height above the ground, Ochaco releases pieces of detachable tape that stick to their pursuers and pin them to the ground. Izuku, Hanta and Ochaco put their balls on six competitors before moving on to the second round.

They go to the winners’ waiting room and run into Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki, who also passed the exam. While their classmates play congratulations for their success. Izuku is embarrassed to talk to Katsuki because it’s the first time since the Kamino incident that they’ve been together, but Katsuki hands him his alter and says that he couldn’t wait for more “borrowed power”. He is confusing for Izuku. They meet Shoto, Momo, Tsuyu, Kyoka, and Mezo when they arrive in the waiting room. Momo is delighted that everyone has passed the test. Shoto Todoroki talks to Izuku and announces that there are still 9 of us who were missing the test. Fortunately, all of Yuei’s students passed the test in the end.

The second celebrates the success of all its students in the first phase. Yokumiru directs their attention to a screen and they all watch as the arena turns into a disaster area. He announces that after this stage, there will be a new and final phase of the exam. Mera points out that the Help Us Company professionals who have learned to act as citizens in need of rescue must be saved.

While waiting for the second stage to begin, Izuku and Tenya notice that the second test is based on the Kamino case. Tenya says that many people died while their group was focused on the wildling Katsuki and Izuku warns that the Ietsa will have to do their best to save them. Meanwhile, Hanta tells Denki and Minoru that Izuku fought Camie while she was naked. The two are jealous of Izuku and start sulking. Izuku tries to explain his Alter to them but a hand gesture from Camie only makes her position worse. She waves goodbye to Izuku, who nervously passes on but is still at odds with his classmates after Camie leaves.

The second phase begins when Izuku notices a boy crying and shouting that his grandfather has been run over. However, the kid, who turns out to be one of the Help Us employees who will be taking notes on him, roars at Izuku and tells him that he has lost points for not consoling the victim as soon as possible. The boy explains to him that they have to help organise the situation so that help is prepared and arrives safely. The term “it’s bad” will never erase the misfortune of the injured. Izuku realizes that this is why All Might is constantly smiling, and intending to hold the real purpose of the test, Izuku tries again by smiling and using soft words with him, which works. Izuku informs Ochaco and Tenya that he will take the child to the first aid station, but will then pick them up.

Ten minutes later, the majority of the students seem to be doing well. Yokumiru points out that the test will have a higher degree of difficulty. Suddenly, Gang Orca and his merry crew interrupt the rescue operations and burst into the arena with a huge explosion. The students taking the test must juggle saving people and eliminating Lord X’s presence.

Izuku is directed to the scene by Yo Shindo, who rushes to Izuku and asks him to help evacuate the emergency room. Despite his efforts, Gang Orca’s Alter unexpectedly attacks him with an ultrasonic wave attack. Shoto and Inasa then appear, attacking Gang and his cohorts at the same time, but their Alters are at odds, producing a quarrel. They attack again, but Inasa’s gust of wind sends Shoto’s flames towards Yo and Izuku arrives in time to save him. Izuku is furious at Shoto’s idiocy.

Shoto and Inasa, distraught over Gang Orca’s lack of teamwork and distraction, get in the way with his Alter. The acolytes storm in to destroy the evacuation of the place. Izuku interposes his strength between the villains and the evacuees. With another jolt, I suddenly recover and push the bad guys back. Shoto and Inasa are forced to reconcile, both acknowledging that they made mistakes. Inasa combines his wind with Shoto’s fire to trap Gang Orca in a fiery vortex.

The acolytes are worried about their captain’s health and try to intervene, but Izuku attacks them. Mashirao reappears on the battlefield and tells Izuku that all the injured have been evacuated and that reinforcements will arrive soon. More students soon appear to confront the acolytes. Izuku approaches Gang Orca and hits him with a powerful foot. Gang Orca has the power to stop him, but his fly cracks. Yokumiru Mera announces that the last person in the HU-C is saved and that the exam is over before they can continue fighting.

The examination of the probationary license for heroes is now over. Yokumiru shows the results to all the students, including the list of those who passed. Second A looks at the screen to check their names, but Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki are excluded because they didn’t pass on their own. Outside, Izuku holds his license in his hands and cries tears of joy, which intrigues Ochaco. Izuku replies that the Hero’s Provisional License is proof that he is evolving and that he is happy that the help he received along the way was not in vain. Izuku plans to immediately give his Provisional Hero’s License to his mother and All Might.

Izuku locates Shiketsu’s students and talks to Nagamasa Mora, the representative of Shiketsu’s students, about their disappearing and hiding skills. Nagamasa explains that their students don’t participate in this kind of training, which baffles Izuku since the girl he met before had such a skill. Katsuki understands that Izuku is talking about Camie and explains that she immediately went back home after the exam because she didn’t feel like being well. However, the youngster from Shiketsu notices that for the past three days, Camie seems to be restless and something has changed in her.

Izuku sends a message to All Might with a picture of his license after passing his provisional hero license exam. He is very satisfied, but he is called by Katsuki, who first asks him about his Alter, which makes him nervous. Izuku comes with Izuku to Ground Beta where the two teenagers have already fought the first time. Katsuki remembers when Izuku was a good-for-nothing without an Alter and suddenly manifested an Alter and miraculously was able to be accepted into Yuei and even get his provisional hero’s license despite his failure. Izuku tells him that the reason he got his provisional hero license is because he trained for a whole year; Katsuki silently commands him to shut up and be quiet.

Izuku understands that Katsuki has put the pieces of the puzzle together when he declares it. His fears are confirmed when Katsuki announces that he received his Alter from All Might, as he witnessed All For One’s ability to steal Alters and grant them to others, and understood that the former number one and the villain knew each other. Katsuki postulates that All Might can pass on his Alter, as since the moment he arrived in Yuei and met Izuku, he has become weaker. Seeing that Izuku doesn’t deny anything, Katsuki is convinced that Izuku received the Alter from All Might.

Izuku asks Katsuki how knowing the truth about his Altera will help him. Katsuki knows that he and Izuku have always admired All Might and that seeing the person he thought was a useless return recognized by the person who inspires, that’s why he wants the challenge, he would like to measure his talents and vent his anger after the Kamino incident, assuming that All Might’s retirement was unjustified.

Izuku doesn’t want to fight Katsuki, but he hits him first and demands that he defend himself. Izuku accepts anyway because he liked to see if he could beat Katsuki with his new fighting style. Katsuki wins over Izuku, who then activates his One For All at 8%, which allows for a fair fight. Katsuki won the duel, despite IzuKU’s growth and means, he still lost to him. Katsuki blames him for his defeat, who asks him how he could lose when he has the most powerful power in the world. Katsuki, however, predicts that Izuku will be weakened and die. Katsuki agrees to keep his silence and to even the score with Izuku by participating in a super-alter ego.

Shota then punishes the boys for resisting on school grounds, and Katsuki is punished longer for starting the conflict. Shota, during their house arrest, states that the common areas of the dormitory must be cleaned day and night and that they must write an apology. Shota orders them to return to the infirmary if they do not recover. Shota then asks them to go to bed.