Is Dabi the Brother of Shoto Todoroki?

Is Dabi the Brother of Shoto Todoroki?

All of the heroes of My Hero Academia are represented, but as these young heroes grow stronger and learn more about themselves, the series has introduced many powerful villain organizations that easily compete with the stronger heroes.

There have been a number of strong villains in My Hero Academia since the beginning, but antagonists like All For One and Overhaul, who made their debut in this season. As the heroes of the series mature and develop, the villains launch attacks that become more personal and lack guilt. It will be hard to top Overhaul’s villainy next season, but My Hero Academia’s fourth season finale hints at the opponents that should be the most important in Season 5!

The penultimate episode of the season establishes that Dabi is the one who sends the Nomu that starts the conflict against Endeavor. Find our My Hero Academia Cosplays For Womens as well as our My Hero Academia Wigs on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.


Even before that, he is part of Shigaraki’s team of villains who commandeer Chisaki and render her ineffective as a threat. So many important storylines were left hanging at the end of the fourth season of My Hero Academia. It’s been a while since Dabi has been in the spotlight.

There has never been a better time to revisit who Dabi is, as it is clear that he will have an important role in the next season of My Hero Academia.



Dabi’s first appearance was in the second season of My Hero Academia, as one of the potential recruits to the League of Villains, inspired by the hero killer “Stain” It wasn’t until episode 3 of the third season of My Hero Academia that Dabi became a major figure. When Dabi led the Genesis Squadron to attack the Villain Alliance, Yuei’s students were training in the woods. Dabi distinguished himself against Aizawa, and he helped capture Bakugo.

Dabi explains to Shigaraki during their first meeting that “Dabi” is not his real name. He is a very stoic man, but he harbors a burning fury inside. Dabi’s body is also covered with a succession of scars, which may be due to the intense heat of his alter. Both Endeavor and Shoto have shown that they are unable to reach new heights in their use of the Fire Atler, so it seems that Dabi’s body has paid the price for this power.



Dabi is a fire-related Atler, or “cremation,” in which the character uses a particularly powerful flame blast. Dabi is not the only one to use a fire alter; however, he generates blue flames, which implies considerably more power and heat. Dabi has the ability to incinerate anything he touches, but he usually uses this power to wipe out an entire area. He brushes against a tree and turns the entire forest into an inferno on his first major appearance. Dabi has also used this technique on other villains. Dabi is strong in ranged combat, but because of the strength of his heat, he must limit his encounters to avoid being hurt.



Dabi has always had a fascination with the League of Villains and has seen the potential of what the organization can accomplish. Dabi, Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress are the founding members of the Genesis Squadron, led by Twice. Dabi attempted to rebuild a stronger version of the League of Villains after the defeat of All For One, but no one was able to live up to his lofty standards. In true Twice fashion, Dabi seems happy to wreak havoc and destroy the peaceful image that superheroes have built in people’s minds.



There is a debate that Dabi is actually the older brother of the Todoroki family, Toya, which makes him not only Endeavor’s son, but also Shoto’s brother. This makes him an interesting figure to exploit, as no hero has ever been linked to a villain in this way before. It would also be an effective way to bring Endeavor and Shoto together.

The series has established that Endeavor was neglectful of his family, and it’s easy to imagine Dabi taking it particularly hard and getting carried away with the appeal of the League of Villains. The biggest revelation here is that Dabi’s alter is associated with fire, just like Endeavor and the Todoroki family members. Dabi also uses blue flames, which seems to be a trait reserved for Endeavor.


The confrontation between Dabi and Endeavor after his defeat of Nomu is a major moment that fans of the My Hero Academia manga have been waiting for in the season finale. The brief altercation only exacerbated the rivalry between Dabi and Endeavor, suggesting that they are far from finished with each other.

Dabi may still answer to Shigaraki on some level, but while Shigaraki’s goals are much broader in nature, it seems that Dabi is aiming for a personal vendetta against the world’s new number one hero. This would certainly make sense if there were some sort of blood connection between Dabi and Endeavor.

The full scope of Dabi’s plan and his place in the fifth season of the anime remains up to speculation, but he should become a compelling villain as he will finally be able to step into the spotlight as we all more or less expect! Find our My Hero Academia Wall Art as well as our My Hero Academia Posters on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

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