How old is Tomura Shigaraki ? My Hero Academia

How old is Tomura Shigaraki ? My Hero Academia

After our article on the age of Dabi, we decided to do the same for another amazing villain: Tomura Shigaraki! Indeed, Shigaraki is the next major opponent of My Hero Academia, and we had to write an article about him. Shigaraki is also one of the most famous characters of Boku No Heroes Academia. The lack of knowledge regarding the age of the villain continues to leave fans confused. So, for those of you unfamiliar with the series, we’re going to talk about something that even the most dedicated Shigaraki Tomura fans would have trouble identifying:

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Without further ado, discover the age of Tomura Shigaraki


In fact, any fan of the series will stutter in their answer to this question. It is difficult to determine Shigaraki’s age in My Hero Academia or Shigaraki’s current age, since neither the anime nor the manga currently mention it. If you don’t know Shigaraki’s exact age, you’ve come to the right place because this article will finally solve all your essential questions!

Tomura Shigaraki's birthday


Shigaraki is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing characters in My Hero Academia, and certainly the most well-known and beloved in the entire series. Shigaraki is widely regarded as a character with a tragic past, which sets him apart from all other character types. Therefore, longtime fans should be aware of all the information regarding this hidden character, and the most vital aspect regarding any individual is his age: “How old is Shigaraki?” MHA fans will no doubt ask.

Shigaraki’s birthday is difficult to determine for typical My Hero Academia fans, as Shigaraki’s age is rarely mentioned in the anime or manga. This, along with the lack of significant data on villains in general in BNHA, makes it harder to determine Tomura Shigaraki’s age. Tomura Shigaraki was born on April 4.

More about Tomura Shigaraki's age


Tomura Shigaraki, better known as Tenko Shimura, is the leader of the Villain Alliance and the main antagonist of the series, as well as All For One’s apprentice. His goal is to make people understand the fragility of their position and the justice they blindly trust by destroying All For One

Shigaraki is a young man with pale skin and thin limbs. His hair is a faded blue-grey, and varies in length. His lips are dry, cracked and wrinkled, and his eyes are red. He has a small scar above his right eye and another on the left side of his lip. Under each of his lips is a unique mole. When he dresses up as a villain, he carries 14 separate and joined hands on various parts of his body, called “Father”.

The palms are both pale grey, with a golden box at the base of each. On the latter, there are two holes. A sort of large crimson cord that splits in two connects those on top of his head to those around his neck. The rest of his costume is made up of the black clothes he usually wears, such as black trousers that expose his ankles, a long-sleeved black t-shirt with no relief on the biceps revealing his collarbones, and red trainers without socks.

Shigaraki’s birthday is on 4 April, so he is 21 years old and about 175 cm (5ft7) tall.

Let's compare Shigaraki's age to that of his closest companions

How old is All For One?

All For One is said to be over a century old and has been able to survive on the quirkiness it has stolen.


How old is Nana Shimura?

Tenko Shimura is the great-granddaughter of Nana Shimura (the grandmaster of All Might). Her age can be estimated to be between 30 and 40 years.


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