How Old is Ochaco Uraraka? My Hero Academia

How Old is Ochaco Uraraka? My Hero Academia

Uraraka, also known as Ochaco Uraraka, is a major character in My Hero Academia. She is a first-year university student and an aspiring professional heroine. Her goal is to become a professional heroine in order to earn money and provide a better standard of living for her parents… Many fans want to know Uraraka’s age and date of birth.

That’s why, for the first time in history, we are going to talk about a subject that even Uraraka’s die-hard fans don’t know:

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How old is Uraraka?


In fact, this is a question you can ask any fan of the series and they will stutter trying to answer. It is difficult to determine the age of Uraraka or Ochaco in My Hero Academia or Ochako Uraraka because the anime and manga do not currently mention it. You’ve come to the right place if you still don’t know the age of Urarak’a as this article will finally answer all your questions about the young heroes!

“How old is Uraraka?” is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the manga and anime, as can be seen on the Boku No Hero Academia fan community.

For the average Boku no Hero Academia fan, Ochaco Uraraka’s birthday is difficult to determine because there is not much information about his age in the anime or manga. Also, there is no separate arc dedicated to Ochaco Uraraka, which makes his birthday even harder to find.

Ochaco Uraraka’s birthday is December 27, 2000, and she is 16 years old. Today is Uraraka’s birthday, and she is 16 years old. She is about 5’1 for her age, which is not very tall. Apart from the girls, Uraraka is about 5’5″. However, compared to her classmates, she is relatively short.


Ochaco is a kind and pleasant individual to everyone he meets, and he will reciprocate to those who have already helped him. Ochaco’s cheerful, childlike personality makes him very excited or frightened by small things, which makes him angry. His tantrums are often comical and exaggerated.

Uraraka can sometimes be a bit stern, taking an iron-fisted approach that might surprise his classmates. This side is particularly evident in combat situations, where she is strategic. She does not like to be taken lightly. Ochaco’s parents are her main inspiration to pursue a career as a professional hero, as she wants to give them a better life.

Ochaco has shoulder-length brown hair and large hazel eyes, as well as two long braids on each side of her face and a bobbed hairstyle in the back. On each finger she has little pads that are used to activate her Quirk.


When is Uraraka's birthday?

Uraraka was born on December 27th.

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