How Old is Izuku Midoriya (Deku) ? My Hero Academia

How Old is Izuku Midoriya (Deku) ? My Hero Academia

Deku (Deku, Izuku Midoriya), also known as the protagonist of My Hero Academia, is the main character of the series. Despite his young age in the first season, Deku has shown that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Many fans do not know how old Deku is or when his birthday is. In fact, many die-hard fans don’t even know Deku’s birth date!

So, we’re going to talk about Izuku Midoriya’s age now. We’ll take a different approach to make it more interesting. We’re going to look at Deku, his role in the series, his initial age and his current age in this essay. You can find our My Hero Academia Bodybuilding Clothing and My Hero Academia Sport Pants in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

How old is the character Izuku Midoriya?


In a world where super abilities are common, Deku was born without any quirks. Deku’s birth date is July 15, 2000, which makes him 16 years old. So, at the moment, Deku is 16 years old. He is small for his age because of Midoriya’s height of about 5’7″ (which makes him rather small compared to his classmates).

Despite Deku’s lack of quirks, he attracts the attention of the biggest hero in the class, “All Might”. This is the ultimate development of Deku’s character, who signs up as a direct student of All Might. Izuku has become stronger than ever after months of hard work.


Midoriya received the ‘One For All’ quirk through his intensive training with All Might and is currently the 9th bearer of this power. After this introduction, let’s take a look at Deku’s personality.

Midoriya’s personality: Midoriya is portrayed as a very reserved and quiet individual at the beginning of the series. Due to the lack of a quirk, our hero is deceived by fear several times during the series. Izuku is initially presented as an insecure, shy, overwhelmed and fearful individual, constantly dissatisfied with himself.

Let’s talk about Deku’s youth at the beginning of the series.


How old is Midoriya?

The series began in 2014, according to the anime timeline. Izuku is 14 years old at the beginning of the series, since he was born in 2000. So we can answer the famous question “How old is Deku in episode 1?” Deku is 14 years old in episode 1.

The series and our expected conclusion do not match. When we did research, the dates of the anime episodes differed from the actual events. Therefore, let’s simplify things by discussing how Deku grew up over time and how he progressed in school. It is necessary to enter the AU Academy at the age of 15.

Deku decided to enroll in the UA Academy after training with All Might. Despite much speculation by fans, we don’t know what the letters UA stand for. When he was only 15 years old, Deku enrolled in the Hero Academy. He was filled with passion and decided to pursue a future as a hero alongside his classmates. It’s time to become a hero!

But how old is Deku now?


After attending U.A. High School for two years, Midoriya was recruited as a hero by All Might and given the responsibility of being his successor. He went on to fight many villains, conquer many games and help many people after these events at the age of 16. As a result of all these activities, Midoriya is now 16 years old. We are talking about the age after the forest training bow and the first semester mid-term exams.

How old is Deku’s mother? – The age of Inko Midoriya

Inko Midoriya is Deku’s mother. She was 31 when she started, which makes her quite young. She has always been there for Deku, even in the most difficult times. In today’s reality, Inko is 42 years old. With her son alone at home, Inko lives alone. Therefore, let’s talk about Deku’s father and his age.

How old is Deku’s father? – Hisashi Midoriya’s age

His father is a complete mystery to us. All we know is that he is on a mission in another country. Crazy speculations were also made by fans! According to Deku’s mother, Hisashi Midoriya can be said to be in his 40s. He has been described as having a bed head and wearing cool clothes.

On Reddit, there are a plethora of wild theories about My Hero Academia characters. This brings us to our main topic. We’ll include everything you need to know about Deku’s age in this section.

When was Deku born?

On 15 July 2000 Deku was born.

How old is Deku now?

Deku is 16 years old as of now. Izuki Midoriya is sixteen after the jungle training arc. His life, however, may not be as pleasant as his age suggests.

How old was Deku at the beginning of the series?

Deku was 14 years old when the series started. Many students made fun of Deku because of his lack of superpowers. He became apprehensive as a result of these remarks.

How old is Midoriya in season 4?

Season 4 of My Hero Academia is the final season. Deku is now 16 years old, according to most fans.


Many people have their own ideas about Izuku Midoriya’s age, but we have gathered the facts and statistics to provide you with the most accurate age. Also, as Deku continues to grow and master his powers, we look forward to seeing him become even better. Look out for our Women My Hero Academia Shirts and Women My Hero Academia Sweatshirts in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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