How Old is Eijiro Kirishima? My Hero Academia

How Old is Eijiro Kirishima? My Hero Academia

Following our article on Kirishima’s height, we thought it was time to provide you with another important piece of information about the hero of Red Riot! Indeed, many fans think that Eijiro Kirishima is the new “Rock Lee”, but this tough hero is not only a motivator? That’s why we wanted to tell you about Kirishima Eijiro. Kirishima is also one of the most famous characters in the BNHA series (he’s ranked 15th), but his exact age is unknown to fans, so we’ll give you all the facts today.

So we’re going to talk about something that even the most dedicated Eijiro Kirishima fans may not know about:

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The age of Kirishima


It is difficult to determine Kirishima’s age in My Hero Academia or his real age because neither the anime nor the manga give a precise figure on this subject. If you don’t know how old Kirishima Eijirou is, you’ve come to the right place, because this essay will finally answer all your questions!

How old is Kirishima Eijirou?


Kirishima is a well-known and beloved character in My Hero Academia, and is one of the most intriguing personalities in the series. Dabi seems to be someone who had a terrible experience in his last year of school, which makes him different from all the other generic characters we see all the time. Eijirou Kirishima is not a typical character like the others; instead, he has distinct goals and reasons for doing things.

As such, die-hard fans are dying to know everything about this inspirational figure and one of the most essential aspects of a person is their age. The question “How old is Kirishima?” is therefore very popular among My Hero Academia fans.

For the average Boku No Hero Academia fan, Eijirou Kirishima’s birthday is a complicated matter because the anime or manga rarely disclose his age.

To begin with, let’s talk about Kirishima’s general appearance. Indeed, his superhero costume is composed of two large shoulder pads of crimson gear. A thin, irregularly cut purple band is attached to the left gear and secured to the right side of his belt. The belt is red and has an “R” shaped buckle in the same colour as the one representing his hero name.

Eijiro is shirtless in his hero outfit, and he has a black mask that goes just above his forehead and under his jaw.From episode 1 to the conclusion of season 4, Kirishima is 16 years old. He was born on October 16.

How old is Kirishima in season 4?


In season 4 of My Hero Academia, Kirishima Eijiro is still 16 years old.Kirishima Eijirou was born on October 16th, which makes him a Libra (he is a Gemini).

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