How Did Shoto Todoroki Get His Scar ?

How Did Shoto Todoroki Get His Scar ?

Todoroki Shoto is one of the most popular characters in the “My Hero Academia” series. He is smart, powerful and has a face that appeals to people. If you are a fan of Todoroki, you have probably wondered:

How did Todoroki get his scar? We’ll find out later how he got his injury. Check out our My Hero Academia Fanny Pack and My Hero Academia Tote Bags in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

Shoto Todoroki - A brief introduction


Shoto Todoroki is one of the most powerful students in the U.A. He was an approved choice at the U.A. Academy because he is a very powerful character. Furthermore, in order to become more powerful, Todoroki trains.

Not much was known about Todoroki when he first appeared in the series. However, during their confrontation with Midoriya, we learned more about his point of view. Now let’s talk about Shoto’s scar.

Why does Todoroki have a scar?


This is a sensitive issue. So be prepared. Rei Todoroki, Todorokis’ mother, was an alienated patient. She had occasional depressions. Although this may seem like a hindrance, her mother was on the phone with someone one day discussing how Todoroki was becoming like her father ‘Endeavor’, who was also a hero.

Endeavor was a counterpart that Todoroki had started to resemble, and his mother could not understand the situation. Meanwhile, she was also heating water, and Todoroki went to call his mother by her name. This was too much for someone with mental illness. When he entered the kitchen, it turned out that his half-face had red hair that looked like his father’s. As a result, his mother called him by his name. As a result, his mother pulled him out of that hair and poured boiling water on his head.


It was terrible to see when Todoroki was only a young boy. The burning water itself is to blame for giving him that scar at such a young age. Shoto Todoroki’s scar was a sad sight to see. Because of his mother, who damaged her son’s face?

On which side is Todoroki's scar?


Many people question why Todoroki Scar Side got a burn on one side, and why he was born with this scar in the first place. Shoto Todoroki has a burn on his left side. The problem is that Todoroki’s mother despised his father Endeavor because of his imposing nature, and she was severely mentally disturbed.

When she saw the left side of Todoroki’s face, she got very upset. She began to hurt her own son to avenge him. The hatred was on a whole new level. Shoto Todoroki’s scar, on the other hand, turned him into a more mature personality because of the circumstances surrounding his mother’s imprisonment.

Therefore, he wanted to reach the top in order to impress his family. He hid his reality and the abilities passed on to him by Endeavor so that he would not be like her. That’s why Todoroki’s scar is real.


Todoroki without a scar is quite attractive. The photo you see above is something we discovered on the internet and it’s fantastic. You can even imagine how much he would have transformed if it wasn’t for that boiling accident of a second.


Also, you can watch this YouTube video to get a better idea of what Todoroki without a scar would look like. Spoilers ahead: He’s too handsome! He may not be as powerful as he looks if he doesn’t have a scar, but it’s something worth noting.

Shoto Todoroki without a scar

He blames his father for the reason of the scar despite the fact that it was caused by him. He began to generate hatred as a result of his father’s incitement to despise them both. Todoroki became a monster as a result.

Make-up of Todoroki scars

Todoroki’s scar is adored by many people. Even though it is something worth mourning, fans still see him as an ordinary hero with the potential to reach extraordinary heights. Therefore, you can watch the video above to learn how to create Todoroki’s scar. We have also collected some fantastic Todoroki cosplays that you should enjoy.


To help you condense all this information, here is a brief summary of everything we have said:

How did Shoto Todoroki get his scar?

His mother despised his father for making them work too hard. Therefore, she began to harbor animosity towards him. Todoroki’s awkward appearance reminded her husband, and she threw boiling water on his head.

How old was Shoto Todoroki when he got his scar?

Many people say that he was only five years old when he got the scar.

On which side is Todoroki’s scar?

His scar is on the left side of his face, which looks like Endeavor (his father)


Todoroki’s scar is one of the most devastating things about My Hero Academia. He was forced to become one of the best fighters in the school because of this one mark. We all love Todoroki, and we hope to see more of him in the future. Find our My Hero Academia Bracelets and My Hero Academia Necklaces on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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