Himiko Toga: Who Is She?

Himiko Toga: Who Is She?

Himiko Toga is a little girl who has never ceased to amaze her community with her unusual and unethical behaviour. A true bloodsucker, she prefers to drink the blood of her victims. As a result, she is frequently suspected of serial murder when the victim’s blood has been removed.

Himiko Toga carries with her a host of flaws, including hypocrisy and sadism. She is the kind of person who keeps her enemies close so that she can triumph over them when the time is right. She is a revolutionary with megalomaniacal ambitions.

In the manga My Hero Academia, she is a member of the super-villain clan founded by Stain, whose ideology is in direct opposition to social norms. Read on to find out more surprising facts about the protagonist of this Japanese series. Check out our My Hero Academia Mugs and My Hero Academia Badges in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

The story behind Himiko Toga's alter


It all started when Himiko picked up a dead bird and promptly expelled it of its blood. When she enthusiastically wants to tell them what she has done with the dead body, her parents find it strange. They are surprised that their daughter would react in this way to her discovery about the new well.

They say that, as their eldest child, her behaviour could harm the other children. Moreover, if people learn that Himiko, their daughter, is a blood-drinker, her reputation in the town would be compromised. So they set out to re-educate her alter and correct her behaviour.

It should be noted that her alter, who leads her actions to the left of morality, influences her character.

Therefore, his alter will see a reform programme initiated by his parents. However, this is a futile attempt, as Himiko will join the supervillain team and become one of its most criminal vanguards, rather than repent.

Himiko Toga, in middle school, is very discreet about her intellectual abilities. Her teachers and fellow students are unanimous about her excellent exam performance as a practitioner.

But when her blood addiction is revealed, everything changes. Her friends are stunned and sleepy, knowing that they are no longer safe around her. As a result, she will withdraw and rebel against society, continuing to feed on her bloodlust.

The alter of Himiko Toga, how does it really manifest itself?


In short, we are referring to the power that most of the characters in My Hero Academia used. Her alter, in Himiko’s case, was the ability to transform herself!

She could change into any character she wanted in the series. This allowed her to easily fool her opponents and beat them to a pulp.

Himiko was able to take the face of a friend of Ochaco Uraraka, for example, and even his intonation. For her alter to be believable, she has to absorb a lot of blood from the man whose voice she wants to imitate and adopt the form. This is why, when she has murdered her victim, Himiko dries all his blood.

Himiko’s alter is a concentration of several additional powers, from the moment she takes possession of the appearances, she quickly goes from one appearance to another (from Uraraka to Camie). She only needs to have a lot of blood to do this.

Without mentioning Himiko’s alter, one can’t ignore her disadvantages either, as the whole problem lies in the clothes she wears while switching from one physical envelope to another. If she is not careful when she changes form, she could end up naked. This alter is an extremely effective weapon against her enemies for cunning, a fearsome predator insatiable for blood.

It is not accurate to say that Himiko is an absolute monster, however, as she also offers some angelic hints that she understands love. Although these are quite rare during her appearances, they do exist in some episodes.

Himiko Toga's unbeatable performance in My Hero Academia


Himiko showed true mastery in battle, whether it was during the monthly exams, the summer or the attack on the supervillains. Himiko deployed and defeated her enemies with panache. This is not a happy accident! In fact, there are several factors and characteristics that make Himiko’s fights more attractive and consistent. Here are the ones that come up most often:

Himiko's speed, a killing machine


Himiko Toga is a bad girl who is very clever. She anticipates attacks, giving her opponent no time to rest. This was evident during the Precepts of Death arc, where she stabs Rock Lock in the back and drinks all her time in one go, while simultaneously trying to assume her appearance and play her role.

Cunning and stealth, the formidable weapons of Himiko Toga


You can make an alter for Himiko and perform miracles in her eyes. She was able to fool her friends for several days, despite the fact that her habits betrayed her identity a bit.

This makes her considered very manipulative, she always has a trick up her sleeve.

Himiko can’t have a peaceful life with her number of murders; she is always wanted, and her head is worth millions. That’s why she’s so elusive; she’s always hiding from the authorities after every bloody crime she commits.

She risked her life when Skeptic collapsed. In fact, she was injured and tried to escape with Twice’s help when Skeptic created a colony of clones that stopped Once and Himiko in their tracks, thankfully.

Bonus: 15 things you don't know about Himiko Toga

Himiko, when she is not a bloodthirsty predator, has a humanistic behaviour. She is pleasant even if her love is always self-serving. Fans of this manga find it hard to see the positive side of Himiko Toga. But rest assured, there is some for some characters.

15) Himiko Toga, the sentimental one


She is a charismatic villain who is very friendly and floats in happiness. In her school, there are many female and male classmates. Himiko is familiar with the expression “falling in love”: regardless of her sexual function, Himiko easily gives in to advances and lets herself be drawn in by love.

14) Himiko's overweening ambitions


Looking at the My Hero Academia series, one gets the impression that the villain Himiko enjoys the present. However, this does not correspond to all reality, as she has always had a dream of creating a new society where she would have no limits to her freedom.

Basically, she does not want to be hidden: sucking blood and running away are the consequences. She is irritated, asks for more independence for people of her gender and defends her origin.

13) What is Himiko Toga's real physical appearance?


Himiko may seem like a strong, evil woman after seeing the amount of damage and murder she is accused of. But this is not the case! Himiko is a beautiful little girl of average height and weight.

While it’s true that tough men can take the body wraps, she’s still thin and beautiful in her true essence. Jubilant, she loves adventure and is unaware of it. It becomes clear why she is quickly accepted into the super villain glee club.

12) A Biography that reveals many mysteries with the number 7


The magic number must be 7! Indeed, Himiko Toga accumulates this number at all levels of her identity. She is 1.57m tall; she sighs every 7th of August; she is estimated to be 17 years old; in the Manga My Hero Academia, we see her for the first time in chapter 57 of volume 7! That is how close the number 7 is to her life. What mystery surrounds this coincidence?

11) What the Omake of Himiko Toga says


Some information was left out of the series, but thanks to the Omake, many surprising truths are revealed. For example, Toga is revealed to have the ability not only to change form into Ochaco, but also to copy his power. It is almost impossible to distinguish this in the series directly. It is only later (in chapter 222) that we notice it!

In volume 19, we discover that the quality of Himiko’s drawing is exceptional. The last drawing of this volume is distinct from the previous ones. Horikoshi admits, however, that it is not easy to get Toga Himiko’s drawings right. She has different eyes and hair.

10) She is powerful despite her low rank


Naruto, for example, is a good example of many anime series that use an ABCDE scale to measure the effectiveness of something or the power of a person.Shonen action series also make use of this system to measure someone’s fighting statistics. “S” is often reserved for things that are extremely strong or difficult to define.

Himiko Toga is a C-level villain, meaning she is not very dangerous. There are most likely many other C-level villains who are simple to capture and control, but this woman is not one of them! Himiko has escaped from prison several times, and is an effective spy and saboteur thanks to her alter ego. On top of that, she is a fantastic acrobat. Isn’t it time she became a B-grade or even an A-grade villain?

9) She Is A Bad Stalker


A stalker is not a laughing matter, but villains in stories can be modelled on them to be more terrifying, and comedy series sometimes have sanitised yandere type characters. Himiko Toga has some of the attributes of a stalker, including obsession with particular individuals and surveillance of everyone and everything.

Stain is the object of Himiko’s affection when we first meet her, but she soon develops exactly the same feelings for Izuku Midoriya and stalks him during the hero licensing exam. She also has unhealthy attitudes about friendship and love to conclude the theme.

8) It's a nasty Ochaco


Isn’t it wonderful to have a role model? Athletes, celebrities and charities are just some of the famous people who can serve as role models. In My Hero Academia, most of the characters look up to All Might as the ultimate role model.

A role model means to imitate, and Izuku imitates him with All Might, and Ochaco does it with Izuku too! She is unable to stop following hers. When Himiko met her, Ochaco was confused but she had no choice.

7) His Name is Kanji


A Japanese name is largely phonetic, and it can be spelled with any kanji that will combine to form those sounds. A Japanese person can even give his or her name, and then describe the kanji used to transcribe it. This is striking compared to strictly phonetic writing systems such as the Roman or Cyrillic alphabets.

Himiko’s name refers to her alter (later), but giving it away would ruin the experience! So, with the katakana writing system, her name appears on the display to hide what Himiko’s alter can do. She seems to be the only character to have received such treatment so far.

6) She Has A Scourge Mask


Fans of DC’s Batman cartoons will notice a certain aspect of Himiko’s design. It’s her masks! Himiko acts with a contraption that covers her mouth and nose, and includes flexible tubes and needles that can draw blood from the injured.

Himiko, like many heroes, uses equipment to enhance her alter, not unlike Batman’s villain Bane, who wears such an outfit to regularly administer drugs. Instead of brute strength, Himiko uses this suit to drink blood and start transforming!

5) It looks and acts like a cat


You’ve probably already seen some of the famous “cat girls” from the anime in other series, and sometimes they are magical girls or minor villains. We can recruit him not only from the Wild Wild Pussycats, but also from Himiko Toga.

Himiko, with her slitted yellow eyes and sharp teeth, looks a bit like a cat. She is lonely like a cat, often acting alone and pursuing her own goals. Himiko is not really a team player in any class.

4) She is very curious


Here’s another approach to imitating cats: she has an inquiring mind. This is one of her cruel methods of tormenting and finding someone she is interested in, learning everything there is to know about them, then killing them and imitating them. She just needs to dig deep into the souls of others to make herself satisfied.

However, Heimiko told Izuku “I want to know everything about you,” and was really caustic when Sero and the real Ochaco stepped in and expelled the fake. She’s smart, but her intelligence is being used for evil!

3) It Is Difficult To Draw Himiko Toga


Here’s an inside look at the world of manga drawing: some characters are easier (or less) to draw than others, and this even applies to My Hero Academia artist Kohei Horikoshi. When an author draws favourites, he does so frequently.

Some people, even if they look cool, are difficult to draw, such as those who have a lot of intricate details or those who look like another character and have to be slightly different. Mr. Horikoshi admitted that Himiko was one of the most difficult ones for him to draw. If you ask us if she is still doing well, the answer is O-K.

2) The Meaning Of Her Full Name


We have already indicated that the full name Himiko is full of meaning. So here is the end of the mystery. Her first name is made up of three kanji, each one designating Hi-mi-ko. The first represents “to wear, to put on” (as in clothes) and the second means “someone”; it is used to add a sexual attribute to the whole female name.

Toga, in Japanese, means “migratory.” The word Toga consists of two kanji: “migrate” and “self.” So, when you put them all together, it is obvious that the Himiko can migrate to another person’s being to cover it like a suit!

1) Censored Nudity In Anime


Thousands of anime series buy their bloodier or more sexual shows, with the violence censored or toned down, so that they can be shown worldwide on public television. Programmes such as Bleach have a lot of bloody scenes toned down, and the tight clothes could be redesigned to look more modest.

Himiko Toga has also been subjected to this treatment. She is seen in the picture wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and her skin tones suggesting she is wearing a tight suit. Himiko’s alter allows her to mimic a target’s clothing, but her own clothes remain, so hers is more effective when she activates it while naked. But that’s just ridiculous! Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.