Himiko Toga : My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga : My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga (渡我被身子 Toga Himiko) is a member of the Alliance of Super-Villains and the Genesis Squadron. She became involved in criminal activities after being influenced by Stain, and she longs to live in a world where she is allowed to do as she pleases. After the Celebration of Renewal, the Super Villains Alliance and the Superpower Liberation Army join forces to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, with Himiko Toga as one of the 9 officers. According to Kōhei Horikoshi, Himiko Toga is currently the most difficult character to draw because of her mask and eyes. He says that it is because of her mask and eyes that he cannot always draw her the way he wants. Find our My Hero Academia Cosplays For Womens as well as our My Hero Academia Wigs on our online store along with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

The appearance of Himiko Toga


Himiko is a slim young woman who often blushes and is considered attractive, as when Giran introduces her to Tomura Shigaraki; he calls her a “pretty high school girl” Her eyes are light yellow, and her pupils look like those of a cat. Himi hm’s smile is wide, and you can see her four very distinct teeth. Her hair is ash blonde and is tied back in two messy buns on the left and right sides of her head. She has bangs that stop just above her eyes and two huge locks of hair that frame her face.

Himiko’s usual outfit is a basic seifuku with a Kansai collar. The garment is dark blue with two white lines on the collar. She also wears a red scarf around her neck. Himiko is wearing a beige cardigan over her uniform, which is too big. She also has black mid-length socks and dark brown shoes with a big tiny heel.

Her costume consists of a black mask and a blue belt with green boxes around her waist, which is identical to her usual clothes but with more accessories, such as a black mask and a blue belt with green boxes. The most important element of her outfit is a huge black scarf decorated with sharp teeth that she wraps around her neck and wears draped over one shoulder. 3 large tubes, which look like syringes, hang on each side of her scarf. These have needles at the end that can be extended or retracted. Two larger cylinders are connected to his back and these syringes feed two other vials attached to his legs. Her Alter is activated by drawing blood through these tubes.

Himiko, who lost an eye in the battle against the Superpower Liberation Army, is seen with a black eye patch over her right eye. She also dons a new cape given to her by Skeptic to replace the one she destroyed during her confrontation with Curious.

The personality of Himiko Toga


Himiko is a cheerful girl with sadistic tendencies, as she shows when she smiles after murdering someone; nevertheless, her temperament is so pleasant that she smiles even when she has just murdered someone. This behavior continues to be displayed even when she is in danger, like when Tomura Shigaraki was about to attack her, but it seems to stop when she is annoyed or irritated. Toga blushes constantly, most likely out of excitement rather than embarrassment, giving her a permanent ecstatic look. It has been shown that she can be embarrassed easily, such as when she is naked and imitates the clothes of the person she has just become.

Himiko is mentally disturbed and has a distinct view of love. Although she intended to murder them, she tried to make Ochaco and Tsuyu her friends while they were fighting, calling the latter by name, which she thought was “cute” When she spoke with Ochaco, she said that it was natural to want to be the one you love to the point of wanting to become him or her. She later expanded on this point by saying that while “normal” individuals kiss those they love, Himiko drinks the blood of those she loves believing it to be normal. Ochaco showed her a variety of different views on love as a result.

Himiko is a brave soul, as she shows confidence when using her Alter, taking on the appearance of an aspiring hero and participating in a test that brings together many high school students from heroic departments in different cities and professional heroes. When faced with various circumstances, such as when she was with Twice or tried to humiliate Mimic, she sometimes acted childishly.

Himiko stated that she finds life difficult in today’s world and wants to make life simpler for people. Stain is her role model, her goal being to kill him and “become” him. In addition to her strange behavior, Himiko has demonstrated her ability to show compassion, such as when she consoled Twice, knowing full well that he felt tremendous guilt over Magnet’s death, and repaired the missing part of Twice’s mask so that it wouldn’t break.

According to her family and classmates, Himiko was a pleasant, reasonable, and well-behaved young woman who was shocked when she learned that she had turned to murder. Her own memories, on the other hand, state that it was simply a natural effort on her part to conform to society so that “others would accept her as one of them.” Therefore, she believes that what she is doing is natural.

History and biography of Himiko Toga


She has a troubled past, and in her youth, she showed a disturbing passion for blood. She once brought her parents a killed and bloodied bird and proudly asked if it was “beautiful,” which they took as a sign of sadism. Her parents’ reaction disgusted her and they put considerable pressure on her to be “normal” from a young age. As a result, she began to repress her “abnormal” characteristics. Himiko managed to hide this side of herself so that by the time she was a student, her classmates considered her a “cheerful, well-behaved girl” and she became a normal student with many friends.

However, things changed after she finished school. She first fell in love with one of her classmates, a boy named Saito whom she then attacked with a box cutter, inserting the straw into his wound and drawing blood. Meanwhile, she wore an expression of pleasure that was extremely frightening to her classmates and teachers. Himiko was able to escape the authorities for a long time. However, she was still considered a suspect in several murders.

Skills and competences of Himiko Toga


General Abilities : Himiko is a great fighter with excellent fighting skills and the ability to disguise herself. She was able to compete against professional heroes in close combat and show her potential to become licensed. Despite her rigorous competition, Himiko passed the first stage of the licensing exam without having to make it a priority. One of Hisiko’s most distinguishing characteristics is her ability to “disappear”. Himiko can instantly disappear from the sight of her enemies by holding her breath and focusing her mind. This power is not limited to ambushes; it can also be used in combat, disappearing if the opponent turns their attention away from Himiko for even a split second. Izuku, one of Yuei’s most powerful high school students, was overpowered and tricked by Himiko when she disguised herself as Camie Utsushimi.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t have a physical amplifier, Himiko remains a formidable fighter thanks to her incredible agility, quick reflexes and acrobatic abilities. She is also adept at intentionally creating opportunities for concealment by forcing her opponent to dodge. Her speed is also demonstrated when Himiko used Eraser Head’s capture bandages against him, rolling and stabbing him once she was close before he could overpower her, as well as when she quickly hit each of Chitose Kizuki’s followers while using Ochaco Uraraka’s Zero Gravity alter to levitate them before they had a chance to react.

Tantōjutsu: Himiko is excellent with knives, and she makes full use of her agility. She pierces her enemies with a spear or throws her blades from a distance. Before she stabbed him and rendered him unconscious, she used Twice’s help to defeat Rock Lock.
Metamorphosis (変へん身しん Henshin): Himiko’s alter can take the form of another person by eating that individual’s blood, including their voice. She must undress before changing clothes, as her usual attire would mask her disguise. If she has ingested the blood of more than one person, she can alternate between many disguises.

Himiko was said to be the best impostor ever, never having been identified as such. She was also able to impersonate Camie well enough to infiltrate Shiketsu High School for several days and participate in the Interim Hero License Exam without being discovered by Shiketsu students until she left. She can play well enough to fool Izuku into thinking she is Ochaco, although Izuku can tell when Himiko is pretending to be Ochaco because he couldn’t use her alter.

Himiko’s disguise liquefies into a gray liquid when she is unmasked or altered. The duration of her metamorphosis is determined by the amount of blood consumed.

The amount of blood ingested by Himiko’s alter affects how long she can remain transformed. Approximately one cup of blood is enough to maintain her transformation for an entire day.

Himiko can also replicate the alterations of the person she is currently transformed into while experiencing intense emotions and a desire to become that individual. She was able to replicate Ochaco’s Zero Gravity alter while feeling an overwhelming desire to be her. This power appeared after her fight with Chitose Kizuki.

Himiko Toga's equipment

  • Combat knives: Himiko usually carries a number of knives with her. They are tiny knives with black handles that stick out more than any other knife she has ever seen. She makes excellent use of them in combat, though.
  • Blood Sucking Machine: Himiko’s evil outfit includes a blood sucking device attached to her belt. The back of the belt consists of two large green tubes with wires connected to six cylinders armed with retractable needles, which she can project from a distance using the wires or plunge into her enemies. In any case, as long as the needle is connected, the machine starts to draw blood from the victim. The blood is kept in tubes connected to the machine and can be stored for later use. When the machine is aspirated, it is also connected to a mask, which allows it to drink the blood directly from the victim’s vein.

Relationships of Himiko Toga



Her relationship with her parents is terrible. From a young age, they have been concerned about their daughter’s interest in blood and have asked her to stop this disturbed behavior. For years, they have tried to hide her “abnormal” qualities, going to great lengths to do so.

Toga, on the other hand, attacked and consumed the blood of one of his classmates. Himiko’s parents apologized for what happened but did not want to know more about their daughter. They consider her a lost cause and see her as a “scary demon child.”

When Himiko returns to her old home, she finds that her parents have thrown away all the items in her old room, confirming their disrespect for her and their refusal to keep anything for her. Seeing this, Himiko shows a small melancholic smile, indicating that the rejection of her parents has an impact on her.

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura calls Himiko a slut and a monster when they first meet, due to her lewd behavior and unusual fixation on stains. Giran thinks that Himiko could be beneficial. Tomura, moody and emotional, tries to hurt Himiko with Dabi, but they are stopped by Kurogiri. After Tomura leaves the meeting, Himiko apologizes for thinking that she will die.

Despite their tumultuous first meeting, Tomura accepts Himiko and Dabi into his supervillain organization. When Kurogiri declared that the success or failure of Genesis Squadron did not matter, Tomura intervened to say that he considered the group disposable pawns. However, Tomura intervenes and informs Kurogiri that he is not a cruel person. He also says that he sees Himiko and her companions as trustworthy allies with useful talents.

Overhaul asks Himiko and Twice to join him in his plan, to which Tomura replies, “They are my cornerstones.” Himiko says that the Alliance makes her feel wonderful, and that she wants to live her life as she sees fit. She threatens Tomura with a knife while asking why she has to do things she doesn’t want to do. Tomura removes her mask, revealing a composed and determined expression. They decide to help Overhaul for him and the rest of the Alliance, declaring that they believe in them. This declaration leads Himiko and Twice to create the chaos that Overhaul had hoped to avoid.


Stain’s idealism is evident in Himiko and the Crematorium. Stain, on the other hand, believes that life is difficult and seeks to make it easier. His concept of making things easier is to be able to do what he likes (murder). Crematorium, on the other hand, wants to see through Stain’s ambition to reveal the flaws of society.

Although it is said that they both get along. It is worth mentioning that they frequently engage in verbal jousting. Himiko mocks Crematorium when his plans or actions do not go as planned. When Twice says that Crematorium incinerates all potential recruits, Himiko remarks that Crematorium must be terrible at determining people’s character. She says that Crematorium won’t come back to fight Gigantomachia since its flames have no effect. On the other hand, she has been called names by Crematorium, including “crazy” and “degenerate”

Jin Bubaigawara

Himiko and Twice get along well. When Himiko and Twice worked together with the Yakuza, she showed a great understanding of Twice’s emotions. After her fight with Sir Nightteye, Himiko repairs his mask and reminds him that if they don’t work together, they will never have the opportunity to avenge Magne.

They conclude that they must “do things their own way” and therefore sabotage the Yakuza’s plans by annoying and distracting Mimic, resulting in his capture. Ryuko’s team is also drawn into the conflict against Overhaul as a result.

Twice feels a bond with her since she showed him compassion as a Yakuza. After she fixes his mask, he considers her his soul mate. Later, Twice asks permission to kiss her. Himiko does not return his affection. However, she allows him to put the stolen fake jewels at the CRC.

Izuku Midoriya

After seeing Izuku badly injured while being carried by Mezo Shoji during the Genesis Squadron attack, Himiko develops feelings for him. Izuku’s appearance is close to her “tattered guy stinking of blood” type. After the assault on the summer camp, the Alliance disbands. Himiko pretends to be Camie Utsushimi in order to participate in the examination of the provisional licenses of the heroes. In the first round, Himiko confronts Izuku about why he wants to be a hero. She wonders if it is pride, honor, or someone else that drives him. When other children appear, Himiko disappears and Ochaco Uraraka reappears. She shouts for Izuku but falls, he then rushes to her rescue. Izuku fights Himiko in the rubble of an old ruin. He tells her that he knows she is not the real Ochaco, because Ochaco would never act on a whim or forget to use his alter. He admits that he saved her because he didn’t want her to get hurt, even if she wasn’t Ochaco. Himiko says, “I understand… so that was your motivation.”

During her internship at the Eight Precepts of Death, Himiko is relieved that Izuku remembers her. She says that she is happy to see him and couldn’t be happier. Later, after leaving with Twice, she admits that she still wants Izuku as much as before (looking pained). After Overhaul’s arrest, she says of Mister Compress that he is obsessed with Izuku, stating that her eyes were riveted on him until she transmitted data to Compress.

Himiko explains that she loves Stain, Izuku and Ochaco, and wants to become everyone she loves.

Ochaco Uraraka

When Rinen finds out that Ochaco and Tsuyu Asui are in love with each other, she notices that they are both adorable and attractive. After being rejected by Ochaco, Himiko says that she smells the same perfume as her. Himiko goes on to say that it is natural for people to want to be like someone they admire, especially since it is natural for them to fall in love. Later, Twice wonders why she is so upset. Himiko confesses that she has a friend and that she has fallen in love with him. She then goes back to her declaration of love for Ochaco, but adds that she would want to be her if she had the chance.

After her second confrontation with Izuku, Himiko, disguised as Camie, informs Ochaco that he really trusts her at the end of the provisional license examination.

Himiko Toga's trivia

  • In the second episode of the second season of My Hero Academia, “Sora ni Utaeba”, we see Toga’s silhouette, which foreshadows her future appearance.
  • Here are Himiko’s rankings in the popularity polls:
    Toga was considered one of the 100 most famous people in Japan, according to polls from 2008 and 2012. According to a poll conducted in
  • March 2018, he is still ranked 19th among all characters.
  • Toga, according to Horikoshi, is the most difficult woman he has ever drawn, especially her eyes and hair.
  • Himiko is the first character in the series to be identified in katakana rather than kanji. This was done for one purpose: to avoid revealing clues about her Alter.
  • His entire name contains the kanji for “migrate” (渡), “self” (我), “wear, put on” (被), “someone”(身?), and “child”, which is also a female name suffix (子).
  • When Himiko’s Alter was revealed 46 chapters later in the manga, it can be assumed that she made her intentions known when she appeared before
  • Tomura Shigaraki and declared her desire to become Stain.
  • She is a member of the Super-Villains Alliance and currently the youngest.
    Himiko is the only female member of the Super-Villain Alliance now that Magnet is dead.
  • Himiko likes grenades (the fruit) and blood.

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