Fumikage Tokoyami : My Hero Academia

Fumikage Tokoyami : My Hero Academia

Fumikage Tokoyami (常闇踏陰, Tokoyami Fumikage) is a student at Yuei High School. He wants to pursue a career in heroism. With his dark alter. If he is exposed to too much bright light, his alter (Dark Shadow) will be weakened. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies on our online shop with our collections of clothes representing your favourite heroes.

The appearance of Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage (Japanese: Fumikage) is a young man with a black bird’s head, perhaps intended to resemble the beak of a raven. His beak is somewhat hooked, his eyes are red with tiny black pupils on either side of his head and he wears red necklaces around his neck. Despite the appearance of his head, his body appears to be that of a normal human being with rather pale skin. After working for Hawks as a trainee, Fumikage gained muscle mass.

His costume is a cloak made of black cloth, but which has a dark purple tint to it when it hits the light, which covers his entire body except for his shins. It was revealed during the joint training arc that he wears a black t-shirt, wristbands, loose trousers in a style identical to Katsuki Bakugo’s hero costume, and a two-buckle utility belt.

The personality of Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage is serious, reserved and focused, although he is brave and noble. While talking with other students in class, Fumikage ignores questions or instructions that seem out of place (such as Tenya asking him not to sit on the desk). When Fumikage teams up with others, he becomes more sociable, helping his teammates, building their confidence and expressing gratitude for their efforts. Fumikage is known for his courage and reliability in battle; his power and skills are rarely questioned.

Fumikage is a fan of the dark and macabre, considering himself a “creature of darkness” and uttering phrases such as “go to hell” to express his extreme feelings. On the other hand, Fumikage is not very sure of his interests as they are darker, making them more difficult for others to understand or comprehend. Despite his association with darkness, Fumikage shows no signs of malice. In fact, he is protective of his friends and mentors, and if bad things happen to them, Fumikage can become angry or indignant, which can have devastating effects due to the alter’s sensitivity to emotions.

Fumikage is also humble, having a good sense of his own abilities and knowing when to retreat or flee. He takes all advice seriously and tries to improve his alter ego and his abilities, showing great willpower to keep up with great heroes like Hawks. Fumikage has little respect for popularity and idolization, but he will not stand being underestimated or despised by others.

Fumikage was quiet at first, and although he was scared in the face of dangerous circumstances (such as when he thought the heroes should chase Katsuki after his capture), Fumikage later proved that he was bold, brave and deserving of the title of hero when he sacrificed himself to save Hawks from Dabi.

Skills and abilities of Fumikage Tokoyami


Overall Abilities: Tokoyami has always been one of the most powerful students in the school in Secondary A. With the fifth highest number of villainy points, fifth place in the Alter Assessment Test, and third place in the Yuei Sports Championship, Tokoyami’s talents earned him 9th place in the Yuei Entrance Examination, with the fifth highest number of villainy points. Tokoyami’s Alter Dark Shadow is extremely versatile; he uses it both offensively and defensively to enhance his mobility and even uses it in rescue operations.

During the Sports Festival, Tokoyami was able to sneak up on Momo Yaoyorozu, who was on the defensive, and defeat her before she had a chance to defend herself. Midoriya noted that Tokoyami is one of the most powerful individuals in single combat based on this encounter. Later, Tokoyami manages to hold Bakugo, another of the most powerful students of the second A, captive for a long period of time, although he is at a disadvantage with his alter (Dark Shadow not being at full strength) because, during the day, his alter is weaker and therefore fears light and is therefore sensitive to the glow of Bakugo’s explosion. Todoroki was not aware of this at the time; however, All Might himself recognised Tokoyami’s power and gave him advice on how to improve. Todoroki was amazed by Tokoyami’s strength after seeing the crushing Dark Shadow easily pulverize and dispatch Moonfish, an A-rank enemy that kept them on the defensive. Midoriya stated that together, the entire Bakugo escort team (which includes Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki, Fumikage, and Mezo Shoji) has the ability to challenge someone like All Might. Tokoyami’s skill was enough to pique the interest of Mister Compress, who tried to capture him after seeing him demolish Moonfish, as well as professional Heroes like Hawks, the #2 Hero (at the time #3 in the Japanese Hero Rankings), who trained Tokoyami.

During the provisional license examination, Tokoyami used All Might’s advice and past experiences to develop Black Ankh, a unique attack that compensated for Tokoyami’s limitations in unarmed combat. He achieved this in just five days of intensive training, and then created two more special attacks related to Black Ankh. Hawks trained him in the use of his new powers, and Tokoyami’s Black Shadow was upgraded to the point where it could be moved away from his body (although the more the Black Shadow moves, the faster its energy is drained), and he gains a skill known as the Fallen Black Angel. According to Hawks, Tokoyami overcame his shortcomings (i.e. close combat) after acquiring a muscular physique. Tokoyami’s teammates are also pleased with his skills, and note that he still has a long way to go as a hero. Tokoyami’s abilities have improved considerably, according to the joint training between the A and B classes. He was able to defeat Kinoko Komori and Shihai Kuroiro in one fell swoop thanks to his improved speed and power. However, because Tokoyami did not render Kinoko unconscious, the mushroom-producing heroine fed mushrooms into his trachea and lungs, rendering Jet Hero ineffective through suffocation.

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Fumikage is once again shown to have greatly improved her strength and ability to fight on all fronts. Despite the fact that some of the light-based opponents’ alters present a weakening danger to Dark Shadow, he is chosen alongside Denki Kaminari to participate in the attack on the Gunga Mountain Manor shrine. Fumikage used his new special technique, “Ragnarök”, to defend himself against Re-Destro, a villain capable of great mass destruction and who even caused problems for Tomura Shigaraki. It is not known if the dark shadow was simply more powerful or if Re-Destro’s prosthetics were insufficient, but Fumikage returned to the fight after escaping from Fat Gum (no one had ever escaped before) and saved Hawks from death at the hands of Dabi with his incredible speed.

  • Increased Resistance: Fumikage can take a lot of punishment, even without Dark Shadow. Fumikage quickly recovered from a punch from Dark Shadow during the Common Training Arc (which was controlled by Vantablack).
  • Developed Reflexes: Fumikage has an exceptional reaction time. Despite his superior speed and agility, Fumikage was able to block all of Slice’s assaults during their fight, and then seized an opportunity to briefly immobilise him.
  • Tactical Intelligence: Despite his lack of academic success, Fumikage demonstrated tactical intelligence. He ordered Dark Shadow to watch his team’s blind spot during the cavalry battle and snatched one of Shoto’s blindfolds when the opportunity presented itself. Knowing that Shihai would fit in without a problem, Fumikage used his black cloak to trick the opponent by exploiting the knowledge he had of Shihai’s black alter integration. Facing Dabi, Fumikage, despite being at a disadvantage due to the small space he was fighting in, and using an opening created by Apocrypha’s previous attack and Dabi’s monologue, managed to escape with Hawks’ unconscious body.
  • Musical Talents: Fumikage is a fantastic electric guitar player.


Dark Shadow: (黒 影 Dāku Shadō): Fumikage’s alter can generate a living shadow monster from his body, which he can form and contract at will. Dark Shadow’s power is limited, and a bright light can deplete it. When its energy is exhausted, Dark Shadow returns to the Fumikage’s body.

The darkness that surrounds Dark Shadow has an influence on his personality, his power, his defence and his control. In the light, Dark Shadow is less powerful and smaller, but he is still strong and resistant. In total darkness, Dark Shadow becomes considerably larger, which gives him much more strength and protection. He is even able to cut down several trees with ease. Dark Shadow is harder to deal with in the dark, which causes him to lash out.

Fumikage was trained in a dark cave to improve his Dark Shadow mastery, even as the darkness strengthened his alter. When Fumikage released Dark Shadow into total darkness and remained the same size as if it were day, this training proved effective. It was revealed in a meeting with Moonfish that beyond light and darkness, there are additional internal elements that influence Dark Shadow. According to Mezo, Fumikage’s negative emotions (such as regret and fury) drive Dark Shadow forward, making him even more undisciplined and powerful, but at the cost of Fumikage losing control. According to himself, his anger makes him lose control of his alter ego. It seems that he can eat because he stole food from the Second A when they were celebrating Christmas.

Special Techniques

Black Ankh / Cross of Life (Burakkuanku): Unique technique of the Fumikage (previously known as “Dark Shadow Rider of the Abyss” (深淵 闇 躯 Shin’en Anku). Tokoyami dons and equips his Dark Shadow as body armor or an exoskeleton. According to Tokoyami, by wearing his Black Shadow on himself, he reduces his physical defects.

  • Dark Shadow’s Sharp Claws (宵闇よりし穿つ爪 Yoiyami Yorishi Ugatsu Tsume): Dark Shadow’s claw is thrown by Toyoyama, who uses it to attack at high speed.
  • Dark Secret of Jet Wings (黒き腕の暗々裏 Kuroki Kaina no An’anri) : Toyokoyami extends the arms of Dark Shadow and crushes his enemies with them.
  • Black Ankh Sabbath (“Burakku Anku” Sabato”): Toyoyami uses the momentum provided by Black Fallen Angel’s high-speed attack.
  • Black Fallen Angel (黒の堕天使 Kuro no Datenshi / Black Fallen Angel): Fumikage’s technique is based on the teachings of professional hero Hawks. Tokoyami wraps herself in Dark Shadow’s arms and lets herself be carried, while Dark Shadow flaps her wings like a bird to fly. This method works because Dark Shadow is still floating in the air and can therefore carry Tokoyami while moving.
  • Step 1: He takes off his cape.
  • Step 2: To compensate for the fact that Dark Shadow is stronger in the dark, Tokoyami wraps him in his cape and opens his palms, allowing him to move more freely.
  • Step 3: Dark Shadow lifts Tokoyami into the air and flies away with him in his arms.

Ragnarök: Fumikage has been able to master the unleashed form of Dark Shadow that we see during the summer camp. He uses it to create a manifestation of darkness against his enemies. As a result, Re-Destro’s artificial legs have been broken. This method is so powerful that it destroyed an escape tunnel from the Paranormal Liberation Front’s hideout. Fumikage was in a furious state of mind under the influence of Dark Shadow, and he could have hurt a friend.

Fumikage Tokoyami's equipment


Cloak: A cloak is included in the Fumikage’s hero outfit. The shade of his cloak is so dark that it makes Dark Shadow more powerful.

Necklace: Fumikage wears a red necklace around his neck and it is not a hero accessory…

Fumikage Tokoyami's relationships


Izuku Midoriya

Their camaraderie is based on mutual respect. During the Battle of the Cavaliers, they teamed up with Ochaco and Mei Hatsume. Fumikage admires Izuku as a leader, as he allows him to make decisions for his team. Izuku himself appreciates Fumikage’s strength and altering power, considering him one of the greatest fighters of the Second A. They then sat side by side watching the sports championship event. Izuku supported Fumikage and Tsuyu during their exam against Ectoplasm.”

During the summer camp, Izuku and Mezo Shoji saved Fumikage from his raging Dark Shadow, who was torturing him. After Mister Compress kidnapped Fumikage, Izuku went looking for him to save him. When Katsuki was captured, Fumikage tried to appease Izuku.

Ochaco Uraraka

During the battle of the horsemen, Izuku and Mei seemed to be on good terms, and they confirmed their agreement with Fumikage and Ochaco. Fumikage had confidence in Ochaco’s abilities as did his other teammates, believing that the Midoriya team would triumph.

Tsuyu Asui

Fumikage was seen several times in the classroom, although their interactions were minimal. They worked together during the combat test and the practical part of their final exams at the end of the term.

Fumikage and Tsuyu agreed on a strategy before their practical exam, demonstrating excellent communication between them. Fumikage and Tsuyu’s test against Ectoplasm demonstrated exceptional synergy and cooperation. In evasion and combat situations, their doubles complement each other well, with Tsuyu able to compensate for Fumikage’s shortcomings. Although they were overwhelmed by Ectoplasm, they were able to pass the exam.

Koji Koda

Fumikage is frequently seen talking with Koji in class, suggesting that he considers him a respectable and sympathetic individual. He is the only one to acknowledge that Dark Shadow is more sensitive to light and uncontrollable in the dark at first.

Mezo Shoji

During the summer camp, Fumikage and Mezo are assigned to a pair and remain together throughout the assaults of the attackers. He also assists in the rescue efforts of Izuku when Dark Shadow loses control of Moonfish. When Mezo is attacked by Moonfish, he is willing to sacrifice himself for him at the cost of his life. They seem to be good buddies.

The trivia of Fumikage Tokoyami

  • Because his beak requires him to put aside his chopsticks or spoon while he eats, he has to do so.
  • It includes a variety of gothic and medieval items, such as a sword, antique furniture, etc.
  • The previous season he won the A emblem block at the Yuei sports championship.
  • Fumikage loves dark places and apples.
  • In terms of grades, Fumikage is ranked 14th in the class.
  • His favourite superhero is Dark Crystal, who has influenced him greatly.
  • His personality and appearance are similar to Falco Lombardi in the Starfox video games.
  • The monster that the creature inside him becomes is similar to Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto manga, who can take control of him and turn him into an uncontrollable beast.

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