Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) : My Hero Academia

Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) : My Hero Academia

Endeavor (轟炎司, Todoroki Enji) is the father of Shoto Todoroki and the No. 1 hero since the retirement of All Might.

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Enji Todoroki's appearance

Endeavor is a tall, heavily built man with spiky red hair, who is largely hidden by flames. His hero outfit is a blue-black jumpsuit with a flame pattern, and his boots are also on fire, demonstrating the heat resistance of his costume. On his forearms he wears white protective sleeves.

Endeavor’s outfit has been modified following his promotion to Hero #1. His armbands have been updated with more armour-like features and full arm coverage. Mesh handguards with a set of holes on the palms provide extra firepower if needed, while the basic knuckles of his hands are exposed. His outfit now has large stripes on his chest, the gaps of which are completely submerged in flames. Endeavor has also added shoulder pads and a new belt, which appear to be made of the same material as his braces. His belt is inscribed with a stylized kanji meaning “Flame” (炎).

After being attacked by Hood, the left side of Harvey’s face was severely damaged when he received an unexpected blow to the head. His eye turned out to be slightly injured after undergoing surgery and being healed by Recovery Girl’s altar; nevertheless, on the guache side of his face, he now has a huge jagged scar that runs from his hairline to his chin.

The personality of Enji Todoroki


Shoto Todoroki described his father, Endeavor, as a proud and ambitious individual, obsessed with surpassing the number one hero, All Might, but it was more complicated than that. In reality, Endeavor was well aware of the gap between himself and All Might.

Enji’s drive has been with him since he was a young boy, accompanied by many failures. Endeavor devoted himself to his studies and acts of bravery in order to become the country’s greatest hero, but All Might proved to be an insurmountable barrier to overcome, leaving Endeavor facing an endless gap between himself and the symbol of peace as he became increasingly certain that closing the distance between himself and the peaceful symbol was impossible. Enji became a lonely, emotionless individual who cared only about his unattainable goal, something that the young Inasa Yoarashi noticed just by looking into his eyes.

Enji was aware of his own limitations, and still is, but because of his tenacity, he never considered giving up on a goal or passing on his ambitions to another person if necessary. Enji Longfaster wanted to pass on his power and skills to someone who could inherit his will, so he sought out a female ice user to be his lover and give birth to a child. In this way, not only would Enji’s alter be inherited, but also his training and experiences through a “perfect” successor.

Enji proved to be a rather cruel and violent father and husband, and his actions negatively affected all members of the family he formed. Shoto, his youngest child, was considered his masterpiece; a tool that had all the elements necessary to surpass All Might’s abilities and nothing else. Shoto became his entire existence, and Enji gave him his full attention, forcing him to undergo severe training at a young age and showing little interest in his personal ambitions. The other youngsters were ignored by their families and regarded as “failures” who were not allowed to communicate with their younger sibling. When his wife went mad with grief and assaulted Shoto, Enji sent her to a mental institution only so that she would not interfere with his child’s growth.

After the Kamino incident, which led to All Might’s retirement and Endeavor’s ascension to the top hero spot, Enji’s character took a different path. Enji’s desire to achieve the title of “Strongest Hero” has always been motivated by merit and talent; he appreciates the time and effort he has put into reaching the top spot on his own. As a result, he became furious when he was allowed to reach the top on a technicality, believing that his life’s efforts had now been for nothing. To the point of not thinking that the ‘real’ Almighty was a sick and weak man, even though he had the evidence before him, Enji always revered the power and achievements of the Almighty as number one.

Sensing the criminality and unrest of a society that had lost its peacekeeping figure, Enji began to doubt his position and responsibility as the new No. 1 Hero. After a frank discussion with All Might about what it means to be Hero #1 to the rest of the world, Enji began to feel guilty about the way he had treated his family, never thinking about what was best for them rather than himself. He began to understand his family better, visiting his ex-wife regularly and trying to become a real father figure to his children, even though they still largely rejected him. It has been shown that he values his family and cares a lot about them behind his blindness and his desire to be number one. The next time you catch yourself relapsing, keep in mind that your family is not to blame. He doesn’t have bad feelings about his loved ones because of their disapproval, acknowledging all their criticism and accepting that his family may never forgive him.

Endeavor is a confident, trustworthy and scary hero because of his track record in solving cases. His loud and aggressive behaviour is well known to the public, with his supporters seeing it as an advantage while others are frightened by his general violent attitude. Endeavor is sensitive to being compared to All Might because he has always portrayed him in an unfavourable light.

Whether at work or outside of work, Endeavor is known for his outburst. He has a very basic view of the people he meets and is quick to irritate more eccentric personalities. However, this does not seem to impact on his abilities as a professional hero. Endeavor’s varied military and police training, as well as his extensive combat experience as Hero #2, allow him to strategically command troops in battle, immediately assess the situation he finds himself in, and quickly solve problems with few casualties. His team worries him because of his temper and temper tantrums, but Endeavor and his crew are experts in the three basic principles of heroism (elimination, rescue and evacuation). His crew, on the other hand, is intimidated by him because of his temper and temper tantrums.

History and biography of enji todoroki


Enji wanted to be the greatest hero in the world, and he spent his life preparing for it. He had trained under Yuei to become a hero. However, All Might was still the most famous hero, and Enji eventually realized that the gap was far too great, which made him dissatisfied and disrespectful towards him. Enji bought Rei’s family out of spite and jealousy, as he wanted to acquire his alter ego. Enji attempted to conceive and raise superhuman offspring via an alter-marriage with Izu, forcing her to take the birth control pill. He attempted to force her into a marriage after discovering that she was pregnant again, this time with All Might’s sperm. After having several more children, Enji eventually discovered his “masterpiece” in Shoto, the fourth child.

Enji began training Shoto to be a hero when he was five years old. However, the regime was difficult and unpleasant. Rei tried to defend Shoto, claiming that he was still a young boy, but Enji refused to listen to her and ordered her to stay out of his way. Enji also kept Shoto away from his older siblings and his sister. After his wife doused Shoto with boiling water, Enji had him committed to a mental institution. Shota was furiously condemned for what happened as a result of this knowledge.

Later, Endeavor attended a meeting with other heroes and the police to discuss the unwitting citizens injected by Trigger. The officer states that the individuals in question are more victims than villains. Endeavor maintains that any public use of a double is illegal and that he should be considered guilty until proven innocent. He added that this was the only way to protect the innocent without endangering their lives by delaying every time they encountered a new enemy.

After the heroes were called and assigned their roles, Naomasa Tsukauchi explained All Might’s solution to the problem. He said that he would inspect the situation on the ground more carefully since they are heroes and it is wrong to hurt innocent people. This is in stark contrast to Endeavor’s response, which infuriates him. A suicide bomb attacked the police station after the meeting ended. In the end, Endeavor, furious at what had happened, decided to burn the villain. However, according to reports from Eraser Head and Midnight, the evil alter’s reaction to Endeavor’s alter was combustible. The problem was solved by Eraser Head and Midnight.

Skills and competences enji todoroki


Overall Capabilities: Prior to All Might’s retirement, Endeavor was placed 2nd among Japanese heroes. After All Might’s departure, he took the top spot. He has complete control over his extremely powerful alter ego, Hell Flame. Endeavor uses his flames to subdue his targets with searing heat. Large-scale flamethrowers, precise heat rays, and fists of fire are just a few of his abilities. This ability, known as Endeavor’s Dragon’s Breath, allows him to shoot flames from his back to propel himself forward. This same power can also be used as a reverse thrust if Endeavor needs to defend himself against an attack. Low temperature flames are used on weaker opponents as a warning shot that usually defeats Endeavor’s targets or reduces the strain on his body. Enji uses these techniques to inflict permanent damage on the opponent. The hero turns up the heat every time he tries to get rid of his opponent, with high-temperature assaults designed to eliminate enemies permanently as they raise Enji’s body temperature considerably. This is a high-risk strategy that can backfire if he uses it too much.

Endeavor is a very strong hero, as he showed in his conflict with the supervillain alliance. Endeavor is praised by the likes of All For One, an extremely powerful supervillain, for being able to face and defeat several mid to low level Nomus without suffering damage. During the Kamino incident, Endeavor showed camaraderie and courage by teaming up with Edgeshot to help All Might defeat All For One and emerge unscathed. When he faced Hood, a member of the stronger Nomus, Endeavor, with the help of Hawks, was able to damage and maneuver the stronger Nomu, crushing him in battle, despite his physical disadvantage. He eventually defeated Hood.

  • Increased Strength: Enji has incredible physical strength after years of rigorous exercise. Despite this, All Might’s power is not quite there. His strength behind an attack was powerful enough to break a nomu’s arm and send him flying several feet away.
  • Increased Resistance: Endeavor was able to resist being thrown into many structures during his conflict with Hood, who employed many Alters.
  • Increased Stamina: In combat with Hood, Endeavor has far greater stamina than other pros, as seen when he is able to stand up to Hood’s numerous assaults when he should be out of action.
  • Iron Will: Endeavor’s indomitable spirit is one of his most distinguishing characteristics, deserving of his hero’s name. He demonstrated this in two
  • separate events: when he persevered against the odds and differences in abilities to connect with All Might, and when he continued to push his limits and injuries while fighting Hood.
  • Acute Intelligence: Enji is a genius with absolute intelligence, having used it to calculate the most convicted criminal cases in history. He possesses exceptional deductive abilities, as evidenced by his ability to determine that Izuku possesses a very powerful alter that reaches All Might levels after seeing him for a short period of time. Endeavour’s experience during the Hosu Incident allowed him to identify the absorption and rejection shift of a Nomu, and he noticed that even after the creature redirected the fire hero’s low-temperature flame attack towards it, the thing retained the damage caused by Endeavor’s low-temperature flame attack. Facing a Nomu, Endeavor witnessed its regeneration abilities, and was able to quickly determine that charring its cells would be the most effective way to prevent regeneration. During his fight against Hood, Enji showed greater intelligence by analyzing the situation against High Nomu while simultaneously fighting him. During the fight against High Nomu, Endeavor correctly predicted six changes in Hood’s abilities that he had not previously known about.


Hell Flame (ヘルフレイム Herufureimu): Enji’s alter gives him the ability to generate and control vast amounts of extremely powerful fire at will.

Endeavor can easily control the shape and temperature of a fire, unaffected by other flames. His degree of control allows him to use his flames in unique ways, such as concentrating the heat and flames at his feet to achieve limited flight. He has demonstrated the ability to turn his flames into long-range melee weapons, for example by attacking a Nomu with a fire spear.

The more he uses his strength, the more likely he is to overload his body and suffer from depleted stamina and diminished physical abilities.

Special techniques

  • Flashfire Fist (赫灼熱拳 Kaku Shakunekken) : He uses the Endeavor technique, which he claims is his own invention. He raises the temperature of his fire to its highest level and maximises his strength by using it in this way. The hero can use these abilities to produce devastating flame attacks or greatly increase his speed.
  • Brilliant Scorching Fist: Jet Burn (赫灼熱拳ジェットバーン Kaku Shakunekken Jettobān) : Endeavor can use this technique to shoot at any target he wishes. This attack is quite powerful, as it damaged Hood and sent him flying out of the building. According to Endeavor, this power is not meant to be used too frequently as it generates a lot of heat in his body.
  • Brilliant Scorching Fist: Hell Spider (赫灼熱拳ヘルスパイダー Kaku Shakunekken Heru Supaidā) : Endeavor can use this technique to send out long, thin bursts from his fingertips, which he can use to slice his target. Using this technique, he is able to cut the top half of a skyscraper into several pieces. This method is again limited in its use.
  • Vanishing Fist (バニシングフィスト Banishingu Fisuto): While setting his arm on fire, Endeavor approaches his opponent and delivers a powerful hook punch. This move was originally used against Tomura Shigaraki during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.
  • Prominence Burn (プロミネンスバーン Purominensu Bān) : Endeavor can use this attack to generate a huge concentrated beam of fire from his entire body that can melt his target.

Enji Todoroki's relationships


Rei Todoroki

Rei is Enji’s wife. An alternative marriage was arranged for his family to marry her. He chose her because of the way her ice alter offsets the negative effects of her infernal flame alter, according to her story. The fact that he remembers her favourite flowers when he only mentioned them once when they first met suggests that he really cared about her at the time.

However, as Enji’s passion to defeat Toshinori Yagi drove him to train the children he considered stronger while ignoring those who were not, the bond between them began to deteriorate. To begin with, he trained Toya, whom he rejected because he had his mother’s sick body. When Enji started training Shoto as a toddler, his wife tried to stop him but refused to listen and asked him to stay out of her way, so much so that he slapped her when she disturbed Shoto’s instruction.

Enji’s aggressive treatment of her and their children led Rei to an emotional breakdown, and she hurt Shoto as a result. Enji had her committed to a mental hospital after she hurt Shoto because of her continued abuse. After what happened to Toya, the worst began.

Although it seems that Enji did not like his wife, he frequently went to the hospital to see her, although he never saw her face. He left her a flower, which she said she loved. Enji is trying to repair the damage done to his family in any way possible, even if it means that they will never forgive him, as he has come to realise the harm he has done to them because of his conduct.

Finally, he suggests that in order for Rei and their children to be happy, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto will have to move with their mother to a new house built in a more accessible location and limit her contact with them.

Toya Todoroki

Toya was originally intended to be his successor, as his fire alter allowed him to obtain more powerful flames than Endeavor. Therefore, Endeavor tried to educate and train Toya in one of his secret skills. Unfortunately, Toya inherited her mother’s small constitution, which prevented her from improving it. It is said that Endeavor’s training caused Toya’s death at some point.

It seems however that Enji showed no remorse for Toya’s death. However, it was recently revealed that he acknowledged his own responsibility for Toya’s fate. Enji has never forgiven himself for the loss of his eldest child. At home, Enji usually prays at Toya’s Butsudan Buddhist shrine and wishes he were there instead.

After defeating Hood at the Crematorium, Enji discovered him and was surprised by his resemblance to his eldest son who had become evil since he had not recognised him. Enji correctly identified him as the Snare Killer and was enraged by his callous indifference towards the hero. Endeavor would be attacked by the antagonist, but would walk away after other heroes appeared, though they informed Endeavor that they would see him again by calling him by his real name. Toya has suffered a lot because of his father during his youth. Enji is tormented by regret and guilt for letting his son down as a father, and will do anything to prevent him from writing any more bad stories.

Fuyumi Todoroki

Endeavor, along with her siblings Toya and Natsuo, have treated her with disdain and refused to use her as a successor. Despite this, Fuyumi is the only child who is more forgiving of her father’s faults and willing to forgive him for his previous conduct, especially as he was trying to make amends for his sins and be a better person. Despite the devastation of her family due to Endeavor’s assault, Fuyumi is fully aware of how his activities have disturbed her and shows some apprehension towards him, but she is the one who is most supportive of Enji’s attempts to deal with his family problems.

Fuyumi strives to restore the relationship between her father and her siblings, allowing them to live as a normal family. Although Fuyumi’s efforts have failed so far, Enji thanks her daughter for all her support, feeling that she has no idea how much she has saved him.

She thanks Fuyumi again as she leaves with the children, who responds with a smile. Endeavor later revealed that he was building a new house for his children and their mother while they stayed in their house.

Natsuo Todoroki

Enji has neglected his second son Natsuo for years because he was not given a strong alter to surpass All Might. He considers him a failure and has little interest in his education, which is why he even says that he barely remembers his father at one point.

After regretting the way he treated his family, Enji is more than willing to do whatever it takes to repair the damage he caused them, knowing that his son despises him and that his hatred for him is justified. After saving Shiho, Enji tells Natsuo that he will change his ways. However, Natsuo is unable to accept this sudden change in attitude and has no problem expressing his thoughts about Enji, including his utter anger that he and Fuyumi were neglected, the abuse he put his mother and Shoto through, and being the main cause of Toya’s death.

His son has invited Shoto and his friends to dinner, and Kyohei still feels the need to try to reconnect with them. Despite Fuyumi’s efforts to fix the situation, her father and Natsuo are still on bad terms during the meal. Natsuo decides to leave early so that he doesn’t end up in the same room as his father. Natsuo is captured by Ending, a criminal who wants Endeavor to kill him, shortly after leaving the meal. Because he is upset by Natsuo’s face, Endeavor paralyzes himself to protect his child. Shoto, Izuku and Katsuki fortunately manage to defeat Endeavor and save Natsuo.

Endeavor embraces Natsuo, grateful that his son’s life is safe. As Natsuo breaks free from Endeavor’s grip, Endeavor tells him that he regrets what he did to his family because of his negligence and the harm he did. Natsuo replies that he doesn’t care and informs him that, unlike Shoto, Fuyumi and himself, he is unable to forgive him.

Natsuo is devastated by Yasuo’s death, blaming himself for not being able to prevent it and calling him his friend. He screams as he sees Endeavor condemn his friend to death. Later, Enji confesses that he will leave home with Fuyumi and their mother, recognizing that the best thing he can do for his family is to remove himself from the equation.

Shoto Todoroki

Enji is Shoto’s father, and their relationship is extremely conflictual. Shoto grew up being harassed by his father, both physically and mentally. As he told Midoriya at the AU Sports Festival. Enji saw Shoto as a way to surpass All Might, as Shoto possesses a perfect blend of both his parents’ alterations that the other Endeavor children do not. Enji put Shoto through very hard training, which caused him considerable pain, both physically and emotionally. He began to have a strong dislike for his father, partly because of this and also because of the abuse of his mother. He stubbornly refused to use his flame power in combat until his confrontation with Izuku Midoriya, when Izuku reminded him of the ambition of his youth and the encouragement of his mother.

Enji was visibly happy and excited when Shoto used his firepower in battle. But his son made him understand that there had been no change, and that they were still at odds. Nevertheless, Shoto accepted his father’s offer to work on the farm. As a sign of respect for his father’s achievements as a hero.

Enji was happy to announce that his son had passed the provisional license exam, calling Shoto his son rather than his tool as he had done before. Enji tried to pat his son paternally on the head, but Shoto reacted violently. Enji did not back down from the rejection and simply informed his son that he would try to be a better hero and a better man for Shoto to be proud of. Shoto’s response was to shrug and say that he would wait and see.

After their duel against Brainless: High End, Shoto met with Enji again, during which he pointed out Enji’s large scar, hinting that he had one now too. Shoto noted that he was keeping an eye on his father’s changes and waiting to see what kind of person he would become after Natsuo confronted Enji.

Enji tries to improve his relationship with Shoto by trying to contact him on his phone, but he is distracted by the way he previously treated him and by the fact that he wants to support his son in the path he has chosen.

Fuyumi arranges a family dinner to which she has invited Izuku and Katsuki. The meal, however, does not go well because of the family conflict. Despite this, Izuku tells Shoto that he feels ready to forgive Endeavor because he thinks that if Shoto really hated him, it would be better not to forgive him, but Izuku adds that Shoto is a really nice guy who is waiting for the right moment.

All Might

Endeavor has been in League One since he was a young boy, when Toshinori revealed his true identity to him. They haven’t spoken since. It seems that Endeavor has a deep animosity towards Toshinori (only on Endeavor’s side; Toshinori tries to be nice to him). This rivalry with Toshinori is intense enough that Endeavor resolves to have a child who could outdo All Might.

Despite this, Endeavor was enraged when he discovered that his rival’s true form was fragile and tiny. His hatred for All Might increased after All Might retired as a hero and Endeavor became number one, something he had always wanted but refused because he felt he did not deserve it.

He also expressed his gratitude to Almighty for bringing his son back. Later, he sincerely asked him how he could be such a symbol of peace.

Endeavor admits that he tried to be a better hero than All Might, but Shoto encourages him to accept himself and stop comparing himself to others.


Enji was furious when the young heroes behaved in a haughty manner, and he was even more irritated when they made remarks about him. Nevertheless, he remained calm and agreed with many of them. Later, Enji confronted Hawks about his sarcastic behavior, to which Hawks apologized, explaining that while Endeavor seemed qualified to lead after All Might retired, he had tried to assist him at the podium because he thought Endeavor was capable of leading everyone after All Might retired. Although Enji was almost dissatisfied, Hawks asked to join forces since he was needed for the Hood investigation.

Hawks then helped him defeat Hood and congratulated Endeavor on his victory.

Izuku Midoriya

Endeavor first met Izuku at the Yuei Sports Championship before fighting Shoto. He pointed out that his power was comparable to All Might’s and that it was Shoto’s duty to surpass him, so Izuku should not fight him weakly. Considering what Shoto had said about his history, Izuku tells Endeavor that he is no longer All Might and that Shoto is not him either, which irritates the hero.

When Izuku and Katsuki are placed together as trainees for the hero classes at Shoto’s suggestion, they come face to face. Izuku remarks that the atmosphere he felt back then was different from the one he feels now. Endeavor remembers what Izuku told him about Shoto not being Endeavor at the championship. Endeavor wonders who Izuka will look like in the years to come.

Endeavor initially refused to teach Izuku and Katsuki, but after reading Hawks’ cryptic message, he changes his mind. He explains to Izuku how the two of them are in charge of the difficult alterations, leaving him puzzled.

Izuku and his two other trainees are thanked by Endeavor for saving Natsuo’s life.

Katsuki Bakugo

Karasuma Endeavor met Bakugo when Shoto and Midoriya were invited to be trained by his father. This is something he did not want since he wanted Shoto to come alone, and he did not hesitate to let them know. Therefore, Katsuki has no problem telling Endeavor that he’s an idiot, although he says he’ll put up with it if it means he gets to see how the superior hero operates. Katsuki’s attitude annoys Endeavor, who asks Shoto if they are really friends.

Endeavor, despite his resistance, decides to train Katsuki and Izuku in addition to his son. He recognizes that Katsuki has potential during training, but he doesn’t accept that he’s apologizing for being slow, so he gives him some useful advice.

Endeavor is grateful to Katsuki, Izuku and Shoto for saving his son Natsuo from the End.

Hiroshi Tameda

Enji meets Hiroshi Tameda while walking with the Hawks in Kyushu after the announcement of the Japanese hero ranking, where they notice him and his friends asking for his autograph. Enji reaches out to shake Hiroshi’s hand, but is surprised when the hero responds to a fan who tells him that Endeavor is cool when he’s not trying to do fanservice, leaving him wondering about his approach style.

Enji went to see his kids after Endeavor’s fight with Hood. He watches the news after Natsuo’s outburst about his sudden and unplanned departure from the room, finding out what Hiroshi told the press about continuing to support Endeavor in his fight. Enji then realises how important Hiroshi’s support was to him, and what motivates him to ensure a future for the next generation.

All For One

When Endeavor was the number two hero, All For One knew him and thought he deserved his place in the rankings after seeing that Brainless, who had been outclassed by him in his fight against All Might in Kamino, had been overpowered.

During their fight, All For One blamed Endeavor for allowing Izuku Midoriya to fight Tomura Shigaraki and for having his older son Toya and his younger son Shoto fight each other. He feels that by using Shoto, he is continuing to abuse Toya.

Enji Todoroki's trivia

  • The family name, which consists of a single Chinese character: 轟, means “roar” The word for “roar”, in Japanese, is todoroku. Because his father was the #2 superhero before becoming the retired #1 of All Might, the Todoroki family is well known.

For each member of the Todoroki family, in addition to a first name and a style, the author has chosen an alter. Enji is the name of Shoto’s father. His first name is made up of two kanji: 炎 and 主.

The word “炎” (en) can also be read as “flame”. This character also contains the root of the word fire, which is 火.

The Japanese word for “administrative director” is ji-sanshi. This character means “director, rule, reign” It is commonly used in compound names to refer to a person of high rank.

  • Endeavor is the name of his hero, which means “Effort”.
  • Enji enjoys traditional Japanese pastries.
  • Enji can instantly extinguish the flames that cover his face, but he likes to keep them on so that people know how powerful he is.
  • He has the highest arrest rate of any hero, rivaling only All Might.
  • Endeavor seems to be a representation of what Katsuki Bakugo could become in the future: a hero full of pride and ambition who aspires to be at the top. Both he and Bakugo have shown violent and arrogant behaviour.

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