Denki Kaminari : My Hero Academia

Denki Kaminari : My Hero Academia

One of the students in the second A class of Yuei High School is Denki Kaminari (上鳴電気, Kaminari Denki). He wants to become a professional Hero. Find our My Hero Academia Wall Art and My Hero Academia Posters on our online shop along with our collections of clothes representing your favourite heroes.

Denki Kaminari's appearance


The protagonist is a young man with blond hair and a black lightning bolt on the left side of his head. His eyes are yellow, as well as his eyebrows. Denki is a bit thinner than the other children in his class.

During school hours, he always wears the Yuei High School uniform with the second button of his jacket undone.

Denki has a blue shirt, which he wears over an open black jacket with white lightning bolts on it. He is also wearing dark trousers with vertical white lines on each leg. On his right ear is a small radio that can be used to call for help in an emergency.

Later, his hero costume is modified; he now wears a shorter black jacket with a white lightning bolt on the collar and two more on the bottom of it, as well as two white lightning bolts surrounded by yellow. On his shoulders there are two more white lightning bolts surrounded by yellow. He still has black trousers, but they are much simpler than before. A white zigzag is visible on his trousers this time instead of the yellow stripe of the previous design. He chooses to wear a V-neck t-shirt this time instead of a classic shirt or jacket. Around his right wrist he wears a bracelet with a circular mechanism with pointers that help him control the course of his electricity. He also wears blue glasses that allow him to know where his pointers are at all times. He also wears a black collar around his neck. His radio has become smaller and is now black.

The personality of Denki Kaminari


Denki is a kind, social and outgoing man who enjoys spending time with others. When conversing with others, especially Katsuki Bakugo, he seems very laid back. Denki can be short-tempered and extremely blunt at times, but he is never mean in his remarks.

In his class, Denki likes to ‘hit on’ ladies (and even other classes) and try to pass himself off as a charmer. However, his advances are usually rejected. He is also mischievous by nature and occasionally participates in pranks. On the whole, Denki wants to look cool but does not know how to do it. He is very sensitive to trends.

Denki is a very weak student when it comes to his education, asking for help to study due to his inability to complete his homework. He does not seem to care much about classes when he is in them; he gets bored easily and becomes nervous when exams come around. Despite this, Denki has shown surprising knowledge in specific areas such as literature, music and art. His ignorance of the world makes him look like a fool in front of others, especially Kyoka.

When Denki is put in difficult circumstances, he immediately becomes anxious. He easily succumbs to panic in combat situations, causing him to inadvertently use his alter. In the presence of friends, he avoids using his power so as not to hurt them with his lightning. Denki is more confident in using his alter and his combat abilities when he knows that his companions are safe and protected. If necessary, Denki will not hesitate to defend the honour of his classmates against anyone who dares to harm them.

Denki’s body temperature drops rapidly when he is not awake, and his brain activity slows down. When Denki reaches his electrical energy limit, he loses all ability to discharge energy and goes into “idiot” mode where he loses all cognitive function for a time until he returns to his normal state. When in this state, Denki will give a thumbs up and wave his arms back and forth to indicate that he is fine.

Skills and competences of Denki Kaminari



Electricity: When Denki uses his Alter, he must electrocute everyone around him because he cannot control his electricity. He can store this energy in his body and then discharge it. If he abuses his abilities, his brain shuts down for an hour, rendering him powerless. Mei Hatsume will later make him a gadget that allows him to manage the direction of his electricity.

Special Techniques


Universal Discharge! 1,300,000 Volts: (Boruto 130-man): Denki can generate a huge amount of electricity and shock anyone within range.


Universal Discharge! 2,000,000 Volts: His brain short-circuits faster, but Denki can now generate a 2 million volt shock.

Tactical Intelligence: Denki is not the brightest student in Yuei High School, but he seems to have some tactical and strategic skills. He has devised a plan to defeat Ibara Shiozaki, one of the school’s top students, in the combined training. Denki volunteered to serve as a decoy and be the only member of his team to be caught after learning that his brambles are resistant to electricity during their previous fight in the Yuei High School Championship. He then generated enough electricity to attract the other team’s attention. Denki’s strategy allowed Shinso Hitoshi to quietly use his Alter on Ibara while Asui Tsuyu captured her and was able to overpower Rin Hiryu, defeating Jurota Shishida in the process. Overall, this allowed Denki to lead her team to victory and was incredible when the opportunity presented itself.

Denki Kaminari's equipment

  • Communication Earpiece: Denki has a radio receiver built into his right ear, which allows him to send and receive electrical signals. This earpiece allows him to communicate at different frequencies with distant people. These transmissions, however, can be disrupted by external electrical disturbances.
  • On her right arm: Denki wears a disc-shaped gadget with pointers. A dial in the disc allows Denki to select the pointer he wants to use.
  • Pointers: There are three. When Denki discharges electricity, it is guided by the designated pointer. The operating distance is 10 metres.
  • Otic Viewer: Denki’s helmet is equipped with Cyberdine Goggles, which look very much like glasses and allow him to know where the pointer is going to point.

Denki Kaminari's relationships


Katsuki Bakugo

At first, Denki didn’t like Katsuki, considering him a bully and authoritarian. Denki likes to show his superiority over Katsuki, like when they were on the bus going to the SCA.

Denki was afraid of Katsuki during the end of semester exam arc, but he admitted that his Alter was in charge.

As the story progresses, Denki becomes more confident and comfortable when he is with Katsuki, considering him a friend despite his violent tendencies, and realising that his desire to become a hero is stronger than most students’. He even allows himself to call him Kacchan, an informal and endearing term he gave to Izuku Midoriya.

When Katsuki is rescued and Eijiro from the Alter Seiji Shishikura, Denki identifies him as a buddy in his evaluation of provisional permits.

Eijiro Kirishima

They started to be friends after sitting behind each other in class, and they frequently tease each other. They were then assigned to take the provisional driving test together. Eijiro is more boisterous than Denki, who is more mischievous.

Minoru Mineta

Because of their shared perverse interest in women, Denki and Minoru spend a lot of time together. During the Yuei competition, they played pranks on the girls in class A for their own amusement. They tricked Izuku into helping them persuade Shota Aizawa to use the school pool to see the girls in bikinis, but were disappointed when they discovered that the ladies were dressed in school swimming costumes. Despite her concern for the girls, Denki understands that they need space and advises Minoru when he reveals his plan to spy on the women by attempting to climb the fence between the two hot springs. When Denki learns that a tiny hole gives access to the girls’ changing room, Minoru takes it as a blessing, he is shocked.

They also talked about various topics, such as learning new skills. When Minoru got a better grade than Denki in exams, he was envious.

Kyoka Jiro

Although they seem to be close friends, they are frequently seen together. The two students were paired together during the assault on the SCA and the battle arc; they show that they work well as a unit. During the supervillain alliance’s attack on the SCA, Kyoka was extremely helpful in building her confidence in using the Electric Alter. It was all a misunderstanding. When Denki saw that his electricity couldn’t be used with Momo and Kyoka, he thought it was due to their presence. But when Kyoka forced him to use it by throwing it at a villain, he realised that he had been worrying about nothing.

Despite their apparent compatibility, they argue frequently. Denki uses abusive language towards Kyoka, which has a negative influence on his morale. When Denki’s brain short-circuits due to her illness, Kyoka finds it amusing. Despite this, Denki considers Kyoka a friend.

Later, Denki discovers Kyoka’s musical talents and praises her, encouraging her to express herself openly. Kyoka, on the other hand, rejects her compliments.

Mina Ashido

Mina and Kaminari are frequently seen together, and are considered close. They have a relationship because their grades were the worst in Class A in terms of academic performance. During the question session against the principal Nezu, they were also placed together.

Hanta Sero

It is also interesting to note that Denki and Hanta seem to be close friends, frequently hanging out and talking to each other, which implies a certain degree of trust. They have a sociable and pleasant personality. They are among the most outgoing males in the class. They like to joke with each other and seem to be comfortable when they are together.

Mashirao Ojiro

In the classroom, Mashirao sits opposite Denki and they are frequently seen conversing in the background. Denki has a habit of playing with his tail, which seems to be a fixation for him. The two students seem to develop a friendship over the course of the series. Denki occasionally shares personal matters with Mashirao.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Denki and Momo have had several challenges in common, including the SCA assault where they went up against monsters with Kyoka. They were also part of the Todoroki team in the Yuei tournament. Later, seeing her classmates in distress, including Denki, she offered to help them prepare for their studies. Denki and the others went to the library for a study session, where their friendship developed further. After passing the exam, Denki thanked Momo for her help.

Shinso Hitoshi

During joint training, Kaminari meets Hitoshi Shinso for the first time. Despite Shinso’s frigid attitude, in which he informs Denki that he is not there to make friends, Denki tries to establish a friendship with him. When Katsuki calls him a nuisance during training because of his lack of experience, Denki defends him.

For the first round, they worked together. When Denki’s performance preserved the overall score of the A class and allowed them to beat the B class, Denki congratulated him. Although Shinso thinks he was too slow to trap Jurota, even apologising to his teammates, Denki compliments him and predicts that he will one day become a great hero.

Denki Kaminari's trivia

  • Denki’s appearance in the early concept art of the manga was considerably different from his current form. He had longer and thicker hair, which made him look like a sinister villain. As a discreet user of the Electric Alter, he was known as Denki Kaminari, but not yet Denki Kaminari.
  • Here is a list of known facts about Denki in Yuei:
    Student #7 in class A.
  • Kaminari’s last name is made up of three characters: “top” (上), “sound” (鳴) and kaminari (かみなり), the Japanese term for “lightning, thunder.” His first name, which is spelled and read as “electricity.”
  • Denki likes burgers and fashionable things, just like Denki.
  • He adds that drawing Denki is fun, but he can’t always give her the same hairstyle.
  • The dark, lightning bolt shaped hair that Denki produces is a natural colour.
    Denki hates salty rice liquor.

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