Deku’s New Alter: The Black Whip

Deku’s New Alter: The Black Whip

WARNING: The following content constitutes spoilers for My Hero Academia season 5, episode 10, “What Is Inherited,” which is now available on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

In “What’s Inherited” from season 5, Deku from My Hero Academia manifests a new dark whip (black whip), which is derived from one of the previous One For All users. Furthermore, this new ability is an indication of his possible inheritance of five other oddities that have been stored in the heart of One For All.

Deku, frustrated by the discovery, arrives at an unpleasant moment. Over the course of the manga, the old users seemed to think that the time had come for the ninth user to start tapping into the true potential of One For All as he began to deal with his own current techniques in the anime. Overall, let’s review some of the crucial data on Blackwhip, as well as the new power and its major impact on the overall development of One For All. Check out our My Hero Academia Tote Bags and My Hero Academia Bracelets in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

The Original Blackwhip User Is The Fifth Predecessor To One For All


Blackwhip is a Quirk inherited from the Pro-Hero Lariat, whose name was Diagoro Banjo. His muscular build and hyper-energetic attitude are two of his most distinct characteristics from his predecessors. His charismatic demeanour appears in episode 10 of season 5, when he is first seen. In conjunction with his punk/army vibe that emanates significantly.

As such, he is the first predecessor to quickly communicate with Deku. As such, he will help her understand how One For All has developed continuously from user to user.

Blackwhip Capabilities and Features


Dezendedeku is still a long way from mastering this new Quirk, but when he does, he will unlock useful abilities that will make him a valuable tool in his arsenal. Blackwhip manifests as vortexes of dark energy that can appear on the user’s body at any time.

The tendrils come in a wide range of colours and the user can choose several at a time as long as they are focused on their work. However, the tendrils exert pressure on the body, exciting the user afterwards.

Blackwhip is similar to Hanta Sero’s ribbon as it can be used to bind objects or lock onto surfaces to allow the user greater mobility.

Blackwhip’s power can be used to destroy the environment, which Deku experienced in episode 10. One For All has also improved Blackwhip’s overall strength, although Deku needs to improve his control over the Quirk as Lariat has done in the past.

Blackwhip Requires Emotional Control To Master


The lariat makes it very clear that Blackwhip’s controllability and power are derived from the user’s emotions. When Blackwhip first appears in the multinational training fight, Deku is enraged, losing control of Quirk’s intense energy factor.

Lariat tells him that anger is an excellent amplifier of Blackwhip, but Deku must focus on controlling it and restrict his other emotions. If Deku fails to do this, he runs the risk of being stripped of his power.

Deku Will Inherit Six New Alter Factors


Lariat also informs Deku that he will eventually manifest five additional new alters during his journey. The details of how each alter will manifest are not yet clear, but the story of My Hero Academia is becoming more and more complicated.

Quirk’s operation would be complicated without the support of the other five factors, but All Might and Deku were not. Second to seventh users, they will only come together. The introduction of Deku and the viewer, the major news for them, but also that of Deku moving from Quirkless to potentially inheriting six new Quirk factors amplified by One For All completely flips the script on everyone’s favorite young hero. Which means that, one day, he’ll be able to challenge All For One to a common ground, the time and place of which will be chosen based on the urgency with which the alters show up and their abilities.

In Game 5, Deku was clearly unprepared for Blackwhip’s manifestation, but he is now aware that new Quirks will be arriving soon and that his training methods will have to be modified. Deku will continue to put his classmates in danger over time, and one of his quirks will have different attributes from the others. As each new quirk has distinct characteristics that he is not used to, Deku may endanger his classmates in other cases. One For All is a catalyst for six factors, which is an important development for the whole story. It will be fascinating to see how Deku manages to use his new abilities to defeat All For One. Look out for our My Hero Academia Necklaces and My Hero Academia Keychains in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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