Dabi (Blue Flame / Crematorium) : My Hero Academia

Dabi (Blue Flame / Crematorium) : My Hero Academia

“Dance of Death Enji Todoroki: You really thought that if you concentrated on the future, the past would forget itself, didn’t you? It’s time someone gave you a life lesson! The past is never forgotten! The statement “you reap what you sow” has never been more true than now! Enji Todoroki, let’s go down to hell together and dance!”

Dabi (荼毘だび, Dabi), better known as Blue Flame (蒼炎, Sōen), was a member of the Alliance of Super-Villains and the leader of the Genesis Squadron. It turns out that Toya Todoroki, Endeavor’s eldest son who everyone thought was dead, is Dabi.

He is a member of the Superpower Liberation Army and one of its main antagonists in the Arc Summer Camp. He is one of the opponents of the Pro Hero Arc. The Paranormal Liberation Front is formed by the Super-Villain Alliance and the Superpower Liberation Army after the Celebration of Renewal, and he becomes one of the 9 officers as commander of the Vanguard: Violet Guerrilla Regiment, along with Apocrypha. During the Arc of the Paranormal Liberation War, Enji’s true identity is revealed as his father, Enji Todoroki, investigates him. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

The appearance of Dabi


Toya, when he was young, had a round face and unruly red hair that stood in tufts around his head, falling over his forehead in an uneven fringe. His hair turned white as he grew older. He was depicted with a neutral expression and oval, saucer-shaped blue eyes. He also appears to have worn a gakuran jacket. He wore only a t-shirt and shorts for longer clothing.

He was shorter and thinner than Fuyumi and Natsuo, but older than them. He has red hair in the anime, most likely to recall his other personality or his ties to Endeavor.

Dabi is a short, thin young man with pale skin and a lanky build. He is in his early twenties, according to his profile. His hair is black and spiky on the sides of his head, with strands hanging between his eyes, which are turquoise blue and considerably thinned.

His most distinctive feature is the purple patches of damaged and wrinkled skin that cover much of his body, particularly his lower face, ears, entire neck and collarbones. He also has this hue on his eyes, arms and legs. It appears to be on Dabi’s chest and back, as shown earlier in the battle against Apocrypha.

The parts of her skin in the photos appear to be pinned with numerous surgical staples or hoop piercings, as if they were sewn on. We learn in the manga that Dabi burned himself. While using his alter, Dabi was killed by his own flames on Sekoto Hill, where the flames reached 2000 degrees and left no trace of a corpse except for a piece of his lower jaw.

Dabi’s family (the Todoroki family) thought he was dead after this tragedy until his first appearance in the manga, where he was revealed to be Endeavor’s oldest son.

Dabi has three nose piercings in one ear and several silver-coloured cartilage piercings on each ear. Dabi’s wardrobe starts with dark blue trousers, which he cuts just above the ankle, and a dark blue jacket with a high, ripped collar. He also wore low black shoes without laces. Under his open coat, Dabi wore a plain light grey t-shirt that exposed his upper body and a grey belt with a double rivet around his waist. A leather satchel was tied behind him by a grey double-riveted belt.)

Dabi has a new villain costume now that he is part of Genesis Squadron, which features a black coat that is much larger than his previous jacket and consists of black sleeves with thick circular grey cuffs at their ends that end just above his elbows. On each shoulder there are white seams on the top of his coat, which is quite high and stops below his jaw.

Both his legs are shredded, the bottom reaching lower than his knees. He keeps the same shirt and belt but replaces his trousers with a wider, darker pair, and his shoes with rather huge black boots.

After the fight with Re-Destro, Dabi wears the same villain outfit, except that he has a white short-sleeved shirt open at the bottom, revealing his chest. Dabi’s trousers are identical, although they are sewn in many places above the knees, on the thighs and crotch. The jacket has identical shoulder seams.

Dabi's personality


Dabi is a quiet, unemotional and self-assured man who rarely speaks out. Despite his abrasiveness and violence, he is actually very intelligent and cautious, choosing to withdraw when Mirko arrived to help Endeavor and making sure not to reveal too much information to Hawks about High End following their debut. Overall, Dabi is a perplexed individual who distrusts everyone and prefers to accomplish things on his own. He also comes across as knowing more about certain individuals than he lets on.

Despite his quiet appearance, Dabi takes pleasure in playing the role of a villain opposed to those he sees as false heroes, which is influenced by his major inspiration, Stain. Dabi adheres to and supports Stain’s ideas about the ability of human beings to defy superhuman rules. He also seems to share Stain’s view that heroes are self-serving and undeserving of their reputation, but unlike Stain, he does not seem to want a society where better heroes exist.

Dabi takes sadistic pleasure in mocking heroic figures, students and professional heroes by maliciously enjoying the suffering he causes others, including the people he kills. Dabi occasionally engages in psychological warfare to destabilise his opponent (and, perhaps, to calm himself from the power of his alter). He knows how heroes work and takes advantage of their natural inclination to save others. He is not afraid to cause collateral damage and often goes all out, even if it puts his allies in danger.

Dabi, previously known as Toya Todoroki, was seen playing with his brother and sister in the past, implying that he had a positive relationship with them. He seemed to have a warm friendship with Natsuo. He was once much more cheerful before and during his training with Endeavor, but the hero’s growing jealousy and exasperation with All Might, as well as Toya’s inability to use his alter without getting burned, caused him to abuse his eldest son. Toya became melancholy, not to say depressed, frequently asking his brother why he had been created.

Once he became Dabi, his one and only goal in life was to destroy Endeavor, no matter what the cost. Dabi is a harsh person who can be openly rude and insulting to almost everyone he meets. He called Tomura Shigaraki an obnoxious boy immediately after meeting him, and does so constantly towards both his allies and enemies. Dabi distanced himself from the group at its strongest moments, when it was at its most cohesive. He has stated that he has no interest in Tomura or the rest of the Alliance, and that all he values in them is their potential to fulfill his own desires.

Dabi is focused on his goal and refuses to think about anything else. He is obsessed with getting revenge on Enji, the boy who hurt him and created him for selfish purposes before leaving him.

He is willing to set the world on fire as long as he can bring down his father, even if it means endangering innocent people or members of his own family. He explains himself by saying that it was his father’s influence on him that made him do this.

Furthermore, it seems that Dabi feels sympathy for the families of his victims, as he has shown himself capable of feeling regret for them. Although he had no problem killing Snatch the Sand King, whose words seem to have resonated with him, suggesting that Dabi has compassion for those who have lost their families to the villains, as well as for those he has murdered. Although Toya Todoroki is a ruthless killer, he does not lose his humanity, as shown by the fact that he seeks to save Shoto from the ravages of time in the twentieth century. Dabi is aware of his own madness and does not seem to mind committing suicide if he can achieve his goal of killing his father or hurting him further, as seen when he attempts to kill himself and take Shoto with him during the Arc of the Paranormal Liberation War.

History and biography of Dabi


Toya was trained by his father because he had an even more powerful fire alter than Enji’s Hellfire. Shoto, according to Enji, was almost perfect, and Toya was trained by his father as Shoto. However, due to his poor health, which he gets from his mother, Rei, he is considered a failure like his first brother Natsuo and his sister Fuyumi, and is also separated from his younger brother Shoto. He joined them to play ball at some point in their childhood. According to Fuyumi, Toya always played with Natsuo and the two were extremely close. When he was young, Toya often went to his little brother crying and asking why he was created.

Some time after Rei’s training, an accident occurred on Sekoto Hill in Toya, Endeavor’s training ground. A fire broke out and destroyed everything, leaving only a part of his lower jaw. Since then, little has been heard of him. Natsuo is certain that his father was involved in the tragedy; he believes that Enji murdered or caused Toya’s death, but his role in it is unclear.

Toya survived the accident, despite everyone’s expectations to the contrary. He was rescued by a strange man who was most likely All For One, then placed in a hospital where he slept for three years after Dr. Ujiko restored his damaged organs. Toya woke up and wanted to go home, but All For One contacted him through a computer screen and informed him that he was a failure, which infuriated Toya as the words reminded him of what his father had done to him. Later, he learned that his family believed he had perished in the fire, and spent much of his life plotting revenge against his father for all the harm he had caused them and their families; he eventually became Dabi.

Dabi's skills and competencies


Overall Skills: Crematorium is portrayed as a powerful villain, being the leader of Genesis Squadron and likely its most powerful member. He has enough energy and intelligence to take on a large number of professional heroes. The Crematorium clones, generated by Twice, proved weaker than the real ones, but were still strong enough to fend off Eraserhead and Vlad King during the assault on the forest. He was able to grab Bakugo’s escort group with one hand and hang them upside down by the neck. He was also able to hold Snatch at bay during their fight on the highway. After Endeavor and Hawks defeated High End, Crematorium showed up on the same field to face the two heroes, who were ranked first and second in the Japanese hero rankings. Crematorium was brave enough to challenge the two heroes to a fight, despite their weakened state. He could have defeated Hawks and Endeavor if Mirko had not intervened.

Acute Intelligence: Crematorium has proven to be extremely intelligent and strategic, strategizing to send clones of himself to distract the Hero Pros while Genesis Squadron traps the children in the woods. Crematorium is constantly on the lookout for anything going on around him, looking for telltale indicators of others’ intentions or flaws. After Shoto Todoroki’s stoic nature was revealed to him by Tomura, he was able to see it at a glance when he caught the marble Bakugo was trapped in. He also understood the limitations of Snatch’s Alter and how to use it to his advantage.

Great Resistance: Although his body shell could not withstand the intense heat of his Alter for long, Crematorium continued to fight Apocrypha until he was interrupted by Gigantomachia.


Cremation: Crematorium’s fire alter allows him to produce blue flames from his body at will, expelling them from any part of his body without much effort. His flames are extremely hot, and their temperature and intensity is greater than that of ordinary fire or Endeavor. They are hot enough to burn an entire group of villains in seconds. Crematorium can also burn anything it comes into direct contact with, such as hard materials like wood, rock and cement.

Crematorium’s flames are used to generate fireballs, assaults such as flamethrower shots, and bursts of fire. Crematorium can create enough flames to form massive walls of flame that surround its targets, both offensively and defensively.

Because he has the same genes as his mother (cold), Gari’s body is weak to its own fire due to its coldness. He will burn himself if he puts too much strain on himself.

Dabi's relationships


Tenko Shimura

Tomura and Shigaraki’s first meeting was marred by an argument between Crematorium and Shigaraki. Crematorium mocked him and refused to reveal his real name, insulting him in the process. He also had doubts about the League’s loyalty to Stain’s cause. As a result, Tomura attacked Crematorium, who later became good friends with him after discovering his beliefs during their first meeting. When Tomura took over the leadership of the League of Villains, Crematorium followed his orders and trusted him to take command. After All For One’s imprisonment, Crematorium became a reliable ally and partner to Tomura, continuing to want to recruit new members for the League.


The creator of Crematorium is inspired by Stain’s belief, and he wants to complete the Hero Killer’s mission. That is why he chose a nickname based on Stain.

Himiko Toga

Toga is a privileged partner of the crematorium. However, he does not seem to have much confidence in Toga’s personality, frequently referring to her as crazy. When Toga asked to join the League at their first meeting, Crematorium doubted the League’s intentions simply because she wanted to participate. He ended up calling her a moron. However, they soon became friends, both admiring Stain and also wanting to destroy the current superhero society.

Toga’s continual taunting of Crematorium, for example, when he fails to achieve his aspirations, causes him to snap and start burning people who are not considered suitable for the League. Crematorium usually responds to his provocations.

Jin Bubaigawara

Crematorium is not troubled by Jin’s antics and contradictory personality, as it is shown that he has no problem working with him. He also has confidence in Crematorium’s power and challenges his belief that he is not strong enough.

However, there can be differences between the two, as Crematorium doesn’t care what happens to other League members, which irritates Twice’s sense of camaraderie. When Giran was taken prisoner by the Superpower Liberation Army, Crematorium deemed it unnecessary to go to his rescue, causing Twice to react angrily.

Dabi is filled with hatred for Twice after seeing him murdered by Hawks, and is unable to grieve his death because he killed a friend because of his burns.


Crematorium is suspicious of Hawks, as despite the fact that they launched a High End attack to assault a Hero Pro, he does not trust him. Crematorium goes so far as to question Hawks about his honesty with the Villain Alliance, after which Hawks informs him that he will have to keep reporting to the Hero Society. Dabi wants to exploit him, and Dabi is suspicious of him.

Hawks plays the fool to allow Dabi to get the upper hand on him, allowing him to focus on the benefits rather than the dangers. Hawks is the only one who was able to get close to Toya. The first person Hawks contacted in the League of Super-Villains was Crematorium, and he made Hawks change his reckless attitude for a while. Dabi was questioned by Hawks after his meeting with Hood, to find out why he hadn’t kept their promise about the Nomu that was supposed to arrive. Hawks held up one of Crematorium’s feathers near his face to drive the point home. Dabi disgusts Hawks when he walks alone, but keeps a pleasant and calm demeanour when it comes to him.

However, in a flashback, Dabi and Keigo reconcile after the event, both stating that they were disappointed by the turn of events. Hawks was again challenged to prove his loyalty to the supervillain alliance.

Dabi has much more confidence in Hawks when presented with Best Jeanist’s “corpse”, not because Dabi believes the corpse to be genuine, but because he perceives Hawks as a sufficiently powerful murderer. Dabi then turns to Hawks’ ‘dark side’, his hidden side of the personality that is capable of killing for his interests.

Dabi subtly hints that he is still watching the hero. Dabi enters Hawks’ personal space, suggesting that his act was simply a sign of domination. Their relationship is built on a foundation of mutual exploitation.

Dabi soon pounces on him and punches him in the face when Hawks reveals that he is a double agent. Dabi uses Hawks’ real name when fighting him, which had been kept hidden since Hawks was young. After Hawks kills Twice, Dabi forces Hawks to crash and burns his wings. When the Crematorium asks him who he is, Dabi answers.

Dabi tells Hawks that he should have guessed and that Dabi was a greater danger to him than any other opponent. Crematorium then declares that he doesn’t care if Hawks lives or dies; however, before he can make his next move, Fumikage rushes in to save him.

Enji Todoroki

After Endeavor defeated High End, his son Crematorium confronted him. Crematorium greeted him and seemed to be amused by his familiarity, as he seemed to know a lot about him. After the heroes ignored the murder of another hero, Crematorium developed an aversion to the heroes. When Miruko appeared on the scene, Cremendium attempted to attack the weakened hero but backed off after seeing her. He eventually informed Endeavor that they would meet again, angrily addressing him by his real name.

Later, as a result of this revelation, Endeavor discovers that he is Dabi’s father. This brings to light an old conflict between the father and his first child, Toya having been used and abused by her father to further his own ambitions. It seems that Endeavor’s mistreatment of Toya is the main reason for Toya’s change of heart, although their relationship was good at first: Endeavor did not train Shoto Todoroki as hard as he did, and he spoke to her more frequently because Toya wanted to learn from him. Their connection deteriorated over time, as evidenced by the intensity of Endeavor’s training.

Enji, on the other hand, considered Toya’s training a failure after his mother’s delicate condition was passed on to him. Enji sought comfort from his remaining family, Natsuo and Fuyumi, as he considered Toya’s education to be a failure. Endeavor’s decision to resist his father’s will was the result of a series of events that led him to regret it. As a result, he took Endeavor to Sekoto Hill, where Toya was left for dead by the deadly flames into which he had been thrown. However, Crematorium had survived and had been watching Endeavor’s actions from afar ever since. Revenge for his father’s suffering was all the new villain wanted now:

At the start of the Paranormal Liberation War, Crematorium reveals his true identity after the heroes find his location in Gigantomachia. He takes the opportunity to reveal his father’s abuse and attempts to humiliate him in public. Endeavor is understandably shocked by the news that one of his older sons is a villain working for Tomura Shigaraki. Toya’s desire is unchanged, he just wants his father to suffer for the rest of his life as he refuses to forgive him. This does not make his father any more sympathetic, as he says he is ready to dance in hell with his son. As a result of this provocation, Crematorium wishes his father dead and despises him at the first opportunity.

Rei Todoroki

According to Natsuo and Fuyumi, Toya, unlike her father, was close to her mother Rei when she was young. Natsuo also said that Toya’s “death” had a huge impact on Rei, who was already suffering from her husband’s abuse. Although he did not know it at the time, Dabi was still thinking about Toya years later.

As their family memories show, Rei loved and cared for her eldest son, worrying greatly for him when she learned of his weak body constitution and his ability to resist ice and fire like his father. When she saw that his body began to acquire burns almost daily because of his stubbornness to train in spite of everything, she became even more worried. Later, discovering that Toya was stubborn, Rei became concerned when her husband presented his idea for her to “give up”. She discovered that their son was already aware of her husband’s desire to have more children and that he was afraid of the mental anguish he would suffer if she carried them.

Toya and Rei did not have a particularly close relationship. He knew why his parents had married, and that Rei had been sold by her family. As a result, Toya regarded his mother with contempt and did not rely on her for anything, believing her to be useless. On the way home, Toya barks orders at Rei and threatens him with death if he does not comply. Toya tells him that in order to get what he wants in life, he has to forget about his father, which angers Rei because it means he is being blamed for something when it is all Enji’s fault.

Rei is absolutely terrified when Dabi exposes his true identity as the long-lost son she thought she lost many years ago during the Paranormal Liberation Front conflict. In Dabi’s mind, his mother is simply a person to be destroyed to make Endeavor suffer.

Shoto Todoroki

Toya always watched him playing with Fuyumi and Natsuo, wanting to join them because they were having fun, but his father refused to allow any contact between them because they had to train and become stronger. When Shoto was born, Toya began to feel a violent hatred towards him because he felt that Shoto was replacing their father’s dream. Enji was furious that his father had chosen such an uneducated person as Toya over him, so he begged to be sent away in life. When Enji pleaded for another job, Toya demanded that his father look at him and violently assaulted Shoto while the young man was still a newborn.

Toya later regretted trying to kill Shoto, realising that he had done nothing wrong and that he was simply a defenceless infant at the time. Toya saw Shoto as a sort of rival to surpass All Might and win his father’s love, as seen in their conversation with his father.

Dabi and Shoto currently have an ambivalent bond, although Shoto seems to remember him through his memories. It is also unclear whether Shoto blames Enji for Toya’s accident, as the rest of his siblings are against him in this regard. When the Genesis Squadron invades the Beast Forest, Izuku and Katsuki clash. Dabi mocks Katsuki for not being able to save him, calling him by his full name during their conflict, as Izuku looks on helplessly. This suggests that he has feelings of both contempt and compassion for his brother.

Shoto was also shocked when he saw Dabi in public during his attempted assault on Endeavor and the Hawks. He only knew him as a villain, but not as his brother. On Gigantomachia, Dabi gleefully revealed his true identity to Endeavor and Shoto by quickly joining their position without hesitation, during the Paranormal Liberation Front conflict.

He also admits that he originally intended to assassinate Shoto once his heroics were complete, seeing him as Endeavor’s little puppet. This information shocks and terrifies Shoto who sees his older brother as a notorious villain. Dabi does not seem to consider him as a human being as he refers to him as a puppet or a work of art. This implies that he now only sees Shoto as an extension of Endeavor and a target for his hatred.

When the two men fight, Dabi has no problem fighting Shoto by coldly stating that he no longer feels anything for anyone and thinking that he could kill Shoto in front of Endeavor to make him suffer. However, it is also shown that Dabi only thought of this to make his father desperate, as when Endeavor was unconscious, he stopped fighting Shoto only because Endeavor wasn’t looking.

Although it seems that Endeavor is the only thing Dabi cares about, it can be inferred that Dabi hates Shoto more than he did the day he was born, because of his ice alter, which allows him to control his flames while retaining only his mother’s low tolerance for fire. It is possible that Dabi shows strong jealousy towards his younger brother, which is why he wanted to murder him first.

Fuyumi Todoroki

When Toya’s little brother, All Might, was born, she was happy to have another member of the family. When they were younger, Toya told Fuyumi of her ambition to be recognised by their father. Fuyumi became very concerned when she saw her older brother’s burn scars and asked her not to push her limits, but Toya angrily rejected her pleas and simply said that a girl would never understand her aspirations and goals, determined to surpass All Might.

Despite being a “failed creation” like him and Natsuo, Toya did not have a particularly friendly relationship with Fuyumi. Although he played with her and Natsuo, Toya preferred to communicate his personal problems and worries to Natsuo rather than interact with her. When Natsuo suggested that Toya talk to his mother about his concerns instead of him from time to time, he refused this idea, feeling that because of their constant attempts to discourage him from training for his alter and striving to become a hero that surpasses All Might, Fuyumi and his mother were no good. Today, Fuyumi mourns his “death” and prays at his altar. Unlike Natsuo, she does not seem to hold their father responsible for his “disappearance”. However, when Dabi stood up in public and tried to attack Endeavor and Hawks, Fuyumi seemed very surprised by this news, even though she did not know his true identity at the time. Like the rest of her family, Fuyumi would be greatly shocked and saddened by Dabi’s release and the knowledge that he had turned into a murderer who had murdered over thirty innocent people before becoming a notorious criminal.

Natsuo Todoroki

When Toya’s brother Natsuo was born, he did not have a positive impression of him at first, as he understood what their father was trying to do by having extra children. Despite this, Toya and Natsuo soon grew close, to the point where they were practically inseparable as children. Toya also confided in Natsuo about her emotions and inner problems and relied on him for emotional support.

This implies that Toya felt a bond with Natsuo because they were both seen as their father’s “failed creations”. To Toya, Natsuo was the only one who understood him and the only one he could talk to, but when Natsuo suggested that he should talk to Fuyumi about his problems rather than him from time to time, Toya was deeply hurt by Natsuo’s involvement, pushing him away to the point of crying.

Natsuo’s supposed death, which occurred shortly after his mother left, had a great impact on Natsuo, causing him to feel a great deal of animosity towards his fear. Dabi is now considered Toya’s father by Natsuo. When Dabi woke up as Toya Endeavor’s child, Natsuo was shocked while ignoring his true identity.

Dabi comments on Natsuo when he gives his speech to Endeavor, implying that he remembers him favorably even though he hasn’t seen him in a long time. Shoto blames him for sending a villain who almost killed Natsuo, whom he loved and relied on, Dabi replies that he is sorry he didn’t die because Endeavor would have suffered more if he had died, only caring about causing Endeavor as much pain as possible, even if it meant sacrificing his family and himself. Natsuo is shocked to learn that his older brother Dabi, who he thought had been dead for ten years, has resurfaced. When Dabi’s true identity is revealed in the media, Natsuo checks the program on his phone and is horrified to discover that his dead former brother has become a notorious murderer who has slaughtered many innocent people.

The trivia of Dabi

  • In the first 3 minutes of Amarazashi’s “Sora ni Utaeba”, Crematorium’s silhouette is seen, foreshadowing his involvement in the anime.
  • His Japanese name, Dabi (荼毘), means “Cremation.”
  • He’s a lefty.
  • In Chapter 160, Spinner reminds Crematorium that he drives erratically during the truck chase while Overhaul is (page 4).
  • Here are the Crematorium’s rankings in the popularity polls:
    Crematorium ranked 28th in the second and fourth popularity polls.
  • It finished in 34th place in the third poll.
  • The crematorium is allergic to fish.
  • Dabi fights in an unusual, ballerina-like manner, and his revelation is referred to as the “Dance of Death” in the book of his identity revelation.
  • He has been unable to cry since his tear glands were burned off. However, it is known that Dabi can shed tears of blood.
  • Arnaud Laurent, his French double, is the voice of Natsu Dragnir in Fairy Tail and like him, Dabi uses fire as a power.
  • In the anime, flashbacks of Shoto’s childhood show him with his father’s hair colour, whereas in the manga, he has white hair like his mother.

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