Attack Of The Titans: Will Eren Become The New All For One?

Attack Of The Titans: Will Eren Become The New All For One?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for season 4 of Attack of the Titian, which is now available on Crunchyroll Funimation, Wakanim, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

His path leads him to gain power, just as Eren Yeager from My Hero Academia’s All For One falls to the dark side.

Eren Yeager is the impulsive young man who lost his mother when the titans stormed the wall surrounding Shiganshina in one terrible day. Eren has taken his fate into his own hands, or at least tried to, and in season 4 he is a key defender of Paradise and its Eldian citizens. Or is he its most evil adversary?

Many anti-heroes and bitter moments have already appeared in this dark shonen, such as the vicious but courageous Captain Levi and the conflicted Historia Reiss (who has since taken the crown). But now Eren has more power than ever, which, combined with his ruthless ambition, makes him a fascinating parallel to My Hero Academia’s super-villain, All For One. Find our My Hero Academia Covid Mask and Women My Hero Academia Shirts in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.



The day the Titans arrived was the beginning of Eren Yeager’s road to power, when he felt totally powerless as Dina Fritz’s Pure Titan devoured Carla Yeager (Eren’s mother). After that, Eren channeled his anger into his military training.

His true potential was then revealed. During the battle of Trost in season 1, and once Eren was recognized as a Titan, he began training with this incredible power and unleashed it on his enemies.

Eren tried to fight Annie and Reiner’s Titans, but Paradise eventually prevailed over his opponents, allowing Eren to discover the secrets of the Mahr Empire. But he was just getting started, and he wanted more strength.

When the three Mahr warriors broke through Maria’s wall, revenge was on everyone’s mind. Eren’s fury and desire to exterminate the Titans is understandable; however, Mikasa was right to be concerned about Eren’s impulsive sequence of events and near-suicidal tendencies.

Eren’s shonen power scale in Attack of the Titans began by following the tried and true recipe, but in season 4 he decided to up the ante, going down the path of villainy. He needs MORE: more Titan abilities, stronger allies, and as many chances as possible to hit his opponents.

Eren has now become three Titans in one: the crucial original Titan, as well as an important member of the Investigative Corps. He displays his strength at every opportunity, and is currently imprisoned in a prison cell. Eren is currently housed in a prison cell, but he is only amusing his jailers with his new ability with the Hammer Titan.

Eren is eager to attack Mahr once again with his great abilities, and the Rumble (this is when the first Titan orders the titans in the walls to release the huge titans for a nice walk and devastation), should be enough. Meanwhile, Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Jean and the others are terrified by Eren’s transformation: he has become an armada of power in a young man.



Eren is a paradoxical version of All For One in that he was once a hero but has now become a villain. Eren’s power accumulation works in the same way as All For One’s power accumulation, although the two characters are diametrically opposed.

Their mentality is also similar from season 4 onwards. All For One, like Eren, believes that power is always justifiable – that the ultimate goal justifies all means. It’s an eye for an eye world, according to both characters, and power is the only language their enemies understand.

Eren and All For One are more than willing to take a shortcut if it gets them what they want, and if their friends don’t like it, then those friends should get out of the way. They don’t think about how to make the right decision, but rather ask themselves: “How can I get what I want?

Also, it can be noted that All For One is more of a legacy than a person, and the original All For One is happy to pass the torch to Tomura Shigaraki to continue bullying the heroes. Likewise, Eren is willing to abandon the Original Titans and Hammers not for peace but for humanity to continue to fear Eldia’s power.

In the future, what comes after him will continue his radical pro-Eldian and vengeful crusade. Ideally (for him), it will be someone who is also a radical pro-Eldia and turns into Tomura Shigaraki at All For One.

Eren’s reputation spreads quickly, and he quickly loses the support of his allies (aside from Historia and Zeke) and the other Eldians. Eren has gone completely mad with power. But without him, Eren and All For One claim that nothing is possible, which is unacceptable. Both characters have grand ideas for the world, and they will get as much power as they need to make them happen, whether they like it or not. Find our Women My Hero Academia Sweatshirts and My Hero Academia Leggings in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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