All Might: Who Is He?

All Might: Who Is He?

Since All Might’s debut in the world of manga and anime, fans have loved him. Although All Might’s heroic actions have given his followers a clear picture of the hero’s principles and values, little has been revealed about the eighth heir of One For All.

Perhaps it’s time for followers to get a more in-depth look at the individual who would one day become the world’s number one superhero (and the number one mentor to a generation of new heroes). Check out our My Hero Academia Tablecloth and My Hero Academia Action Figures in our online store along with our collections of clothing featuring your favorite heroes.

10) Toshinori Yagi (Eight, Tree, Genius, Law)


Naming characters in manga or anime series according to their meanings is a common practice of Kohei Horikoshi. For example, All Might has an English name which includes the kanji of the words eight, tree, genie and law.

The meaning of these symbols will be immediately recognizable to fans of the series. The number eight, which means that Toshinori is the eighth heir of One For All. The tree may be a reference to one of Captain America’s most famous lines from All Might: All Might remains firmly planted as a tree in his ideals. It is clear that with this design, All Might is portrayed as a hero of justice.

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My Hero Academia centers on Izuku and his classmates at UA High, a school for talented students. Horikoshi’s enthusiasm for manga and Western comics has translated into a truly fantastic series with My Hero Academia. Goku from Dragon Ball Z is one of the heroes who was inspired by Horikoshi while developing his strength, of course.

During the Frieza arc, Horikoshi remembered that Goku was chronically late to the show, but when he arrived, his friends knew immediately that everything would be okay. He wanted All Might to have a similar impact on the people around him. All Might made an announcement to everyone in the arena, declaring them safe because they had been saved by his resounding slogan, “I’m here!”

8) Eyes Are The Window To The Soul


Horikoshi said that for him, character design is excellent when the audience can instantly identify a character’s personality just by looking at him. Horikoshi creates all his characters with this in mind.

When talking about All Might, it is easy to understand that the character is meant to refer to some of the heroes of the Golden Age who had not yet become so dark and brooding. With All Might’s eyes, Horikoshi wanted the fans to realize that this guy was a real hero, as pure as a cloudless blue sky, both in nature and in intent.

7) Superman Wins In A Fight (Not Debatable)


Comic book and manga fans love to compare heroes and speculate on who would win if superheroes from different realms met and clashed for some cause. One of these well-known matches is the Superman vs. Goku debate. This implies that when My Hero Academia was released, fans immediately started speculating about who would win in a fight between Superman and All Might.

However, there is no need to speculate since Horikoshi himself confirmed that All Might would be overpowered by the Man of Steel. In terms of alteration, Superman’s advantage lies in his laser-firing eyes. If All Might had lasers that could be fired from his eyes…

6) His statistics


The official stats book rates heroes on criteria such as power, intelligence, stamina and speed, among others. These stats are all rated on a five-point scale, with five being excellent and one being terrible.

All Might is a demigod with superhuman levels of intelligence, strength and speed. In all areas, he scores a whopping six out of five. A performance designed to show how absolutely and extremely strong the number one hero is.

5) Supporting Heroes: To Be Or Not To Be


When introduced to the audience in My Hero Academia, All Might’s super costume makes it clear that he doesn’t have much hero support. In fact, he is simply wearing cloth and a cape. However, this was not always the case.

Over the years, he has changed many costumes, and some of them included hero support gear (gauntlets and such). However, as All Might would later explain to Izuku, this equipment was often extremely awkward and only made him feel heavier, so he eventually gave it up completely.

4) May be Half American and Studied in America


Toshnori All Might, on the other hand, looks nothing like a Japanese hero. It is assumed that Toshnori’s father was Japanese, but his mother may have been American, which could explain his blond hair and blue eyes.

Although the details of his travels and experiences have not yet been revealed, it is known that All Might studied to become a hero in America. Fans will have to wait for Horikoshi to give more details about All Might’s past to know the truth about his lineage.

3) Another Dragon Ball Z Connection


If it has already been said that Horikoshi was inspired by Dragon Ball Z to create All Might, it has another link with the famous series in terms of Japanese voices.

In the English adaptation, the voice of All Might is performed by Christopher Sabat, who has already lent his voice to other characters of Dragon Ball Z. This name may be recognized by Dragon Ball Z fans as that of Vegeta, Picollo, Shenron and Yamcha, among others.

2) Galaxy IC-313 (The All Might Galaxy)


This is why My Hero Academia has already had a profound effect on places and people on Earth, but it has also caused major changes in the vast darkness of space.

One fan fell in love with the series and All Might, so he not only bought a galaxy in the name of the series, but also named it “All Might.” The fan then took it a step further by presenting the certificate to Horikoshi during one of his appearances after obtaining it.

1) Bigger Than the Mountain


Outside of his muscular form, All Might isn’t much to look at. When he is in his muscular form, the hero is 7 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 562.17 pounds (or 255 kg)!

Let’s take the example of Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who plays The Mountain in Game Of Thrones. He is 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 425 inhuman pounds. This fact proves that All Might surpasses even a real mountain in height. It’s no wonder the bad guys are afraid of him.

All Might : Complete Guide


All Might is the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia, and he is also known as Oshinori Yagi. This superhero is considered the most powerful in the world by many people. He was trained at the Yuei Superhero Academy before becoming a superhero instructor. He accepted a teaching position at the same institution upon completion of his training. He then began teaching Superhero 101 as an instructor at Yuei Superhero Academy.

His real goal was to discover a successor among his students. In fact, he wanted to give up his position to the next student. One for all is the name given to this power, which gives incredible strength to its user.

He has a very pleasant and optimistic attitude despite his strength and massive size (about 2 meters).

According to some authors, few people know the real appearance of this hero. Indeed, he is far from his legendary figure. We invite you to continue reading this article if you want to know more about this undeniable legend of the manga world.

What is the original form of All might my hero academia?


All’s original form from the manga my hero academia differs considerably from the form he has when he is a superhero. Originally, he had a rather thin and angular appearance.

After receiving one for all, his physique was completely transformed. He became quite muscular and had clearly defined features. But he didn’t stop there. According to the manga, he trained day and night to further improve his muscles and body.

The real goal of this hard training was to maintain and control 100% of all assets for one. However, due to a clash between All for one and All might, this did not last long. All might’s body suffered significant damage during the fight, including the loss of his stomach, which collapsed.

Over time, All’s physique began to deteriorate. Also, because All had so many injuries, Deku may have been forced to take his alter ego. Physically, it seems that All has longer legs than usual in his original form. This is actually due to the huge loss of muscle mass that occurs when he is not transformed into a superhero.

How does All might change?


All Might’s transformation in My Hero Academia is not discussed in detail in the manga. When he says that he will reveal this information in an episode of the series, it is because he claims that exercising his muscles has transformed him into a new form. For him, it started out as a simple, regular activity that everyone does in the pool. Little did he know that performing this one action would radically change his physique and his life.

However, there is another explanation for All might’s change. According to this idea, he acquired his new muscular form thanks to One for all, his alter. Moreover, according to this theory, after his fight against his alter and the transfer of his power to Deku, All might lost all his strength.

Despite this, we see in the series that All Might was still able to transform. All he needed was a simple muscle flexion. Even if it only lasts a few seconds, he can at least continue to offer optimism to the people. Indeed, due to the remnants of One for All still running through his body, this would most certainly be true.

All might skills and competencies


All might is the one who has delighted the most fans among all the superheroes in the manga. He has achieved this through his many skills and unmatched talents.

All might's global capabilities

All Might is one of the most famous superheroes in manga. He is recognized as one of the greatest heroes in the world. All criminals are terrified and run away from him, presumably because of his role in society. It can be said that his presence on the scene has had a significant impact on crime.

Everyone has confronted everyone to protect and defend the people. He is, without a doubt, a very dangerous villain. According to legend, he ruled Japan for many years. He was also feared and revered by everyone. When his name was mentioned, everyone frequently trembled.

All might defeated the villain twice to restore peace and tranquility. It was a real pleasure for the people because he was the only one who could face All by himself. Despite his triumph, All might’s hands were severely injured by his opponent, which caused his power and maximum ability to drop.

Despite his handicap and limited power, he possesses unmatched strength and speed. He dominated Izuku and Katsuki with little effort in a fight. In addition, he was always able to defeat lone villains that other heroes could not, and in groups, he always managed to defeat them alone. All might was able to kill Brainless by pushing himself beyond the imaginable and exceeding his limits.

He is a monster that was created specifically to assassinate him. All Might’s power has no limits, as he has defeated opponents who were classified as Class 1-A elites in many fights. Despite this, All Might has always had a keen sense of intuition and quick reactions. He was able to catch Mei Hatsume’s child as he emerged from behind, demonstrating his unerring instincts. And when this happened, he was in his normal form.

All might, an indomitable spirit


All Might has only one desire in life: to save everyone, even if he is in his original form or as a superhero. He is always smiling and cannot be overlooked. When he comes to the rescue of a civilian, he frequently notices that the cavalry has arrived. This phrase was originally thought of as his slogan over time.

All Might, however, remembers the vow he made to always be the emblem of peace during his fight against the artificial human. Then, through his willpower, he was able to rise and exceed his abilities beyond his limits. He was finally able to defeat Brainless after an intense battle.

In his final confrontation with All for one, he proved that All might had an unbreakable spirit by delivering a knockout punch to All for one’s jaw. He thought that by psychologically breaking All for one, he would defeat him, so he began by mocking and talking about his former mentor. It was Nana, his former mentor.

He then talked about Tomura Shigaraki before talking about Nana. He also informed All Might that the latter was Nana’s grandson, to which the former was overwhelmed with emotions. It was a combination of fury and despair. The rage was triggered by a taunt and the despair was born from the mentor-disciple relationship between Tomura and All Might. After a few seconds, All Might pulled himself together. Then he began to recall the teachings of his predecessors, as well as his own.

All For One thought about those that concerned his bravery in the face of adversity. To All For One’s surprise, the weary hero rose to his feet. He drew on whatever strength he had left and continued to fight. And this time, with much more strength. Despite his guerrilla tactics, All For One recognized that All For One had a heart of steel when he delivered the killing blow.

All might, super trained muscles


The use and mastery of supernatural abilities usually requires specialized talents. These abilities frequently vary from power to power. Strong muscles are the case with One for All. Indeed, dealing with One for All is quite difficult. It requires a lot of muscle power to do so. If the user doesn’t have enough power in his body, he might get injured or even perish.

All might, according to Gran Torino, was the ideal candidate for the One for all. According to him, All might had a very powerful physique unlike other users. His powerful body and numerous training sessions allowed him to quickly perfect the One for all. And that was faster than most users.

How All Might Die ?


Many fans are probably asking themselves this question. Many are worried not only about her future, but also about Midoriya’s. And this is because of the prophecy of Sir Nighteye, a former sidekick of All might. In the series, Midoriya was able to change the future that Nightteye predicted for him. Since then, there has been only one question on the minds of everyone who watches My Hero Academy: will he be able to do the same for his mentor?

In the fourth season of the series, there were already strong undercurrents that foretold All Might’s death. His injury and a prophecy are two examples. Although he survives his encounter with All for one, he emerges physically exhausted and spiritually diminished. Many My Hero Academia fans are interested in why Nightteye predicted his death in the fourth season.

Although he is still alive, his future is not very promising. In fact, no one expects him to have a bright future anymore. Now that the fighting has exhausted him and he has given up some of his powers to Midoriya, he is no longer indestructible. Indeed, at present, he is quite defenseless. During this period of vulnerability, many people can threaten him. We will see what Nightteye’s prophecy has to say about everything that happens during All’s death.


The gift of clairvoyance was used by Sir Nighteye in the series my hero academia to study the future of All Might. He then discovered a devastating prophecy about the superhero. It was said in the prophecy that All Might would perish by an unspeakable death. In the same passage, a confrontation with a villain is mentioned. Sir Nighteye was afraid that the prophecy would come true, so he did not want All Might to continue working for fear that this would happen.

However, the hero did not agree. Despite the fate that was predicted for him, he continued to help people. And this, without ever being discouraged or anxious. Faced with All Might’s obstinacy and their disagreements, Sir Nightteye ended his collaboration with him. Since then, he has chosen to avoid working with the peace sign.

Midoriya, who had already altered his fate, continued to try to do something in this scenario. Especially since none of Sir Nighteye’s predictions had come true before his death. Things usually took a different turn each time.

It was then decided that if the heroes worked together, they could change Deku’s fate.

This conclusion was confirmed by the narrator himself, Sir Nighteye. He even stated that those who believe in a bright future can avoid prophecies. He also realized that the fate of the Almighty seen in the prophecy was not guaranteed. In other words, the death of Almighty is not set in stone. Find our My Hero Academia Funko Pops as well as our My Hero Academia Iphone Cases on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.