All Might Vs Goku : Who Wins ?

All Might Vs Goku : Who Wins ?

There are heroes on both Goku and All Might’s planets. In the world of My Hero Academia, All Might is a superhero, while in the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku has saved his planet many times. Both are widely recognized as the most powerful heroes in their own worlds in comparison.

Both All Might and Goku have overcome enormous obstacles, though they do so for different reasons. All Might fights to protect the innocent. Goku, on the other hand, fights more willingly than any other hero because he loves to fight. Despite their differences, both All Might and Goku would find a good opponent. Find our My Hero Academia Sandals as well as our My Hero Academia Caps on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

Goku: Physical Strength


Goku’s physical strength is well known since the beginning of the Dragon Ball series. His muscular power has been extensively described throughout the series. He is widely regarded as one of the strongest fictional characters in history.

Goku is a fighting maniac. When he is not fighting, he is usually seen training for his next fight. Over the years, Goku has become stronger and more powerful. His immense strength has allowed him to defeat various villains like Frieza, Boo and Cell.

All Might: One For All Quirk


One for All was not given to him as a gift. He was chosen and given his abilities by the former holder of One for All. This strangeness gave him a remarkable strength. He used his power to become the greatest hero of his world.

Each time the weirdness is spread, it seems to grow stronger. He becomes the eighth person to have this ability when the weirdness reaches maximum power. As a hero, he has never been defeated. The invincible superhero has never been defeated yet.

Goku: Healing Factor


Senzu beans are a recurring element of the Dragon Ball series. Senzu beans can help people to heal physically from their injuries. The beans give Goku an advantage over his opponents.

Beans offer several health benefits, including the ability to help reduce weight and prevent hunger pangs. This fight against hunger would be very helpful during a conflict, although hunger prevention does not last as long in Saiyans as it does in other people. Senzu beans would help Goku recover and continue fighting longer.

All Might: An Unexpected Intelligence


The irreversible damage All Might sustained in battle materially affected his health and prevented him from being the hero he once was. He was forced to retire when his injury became too severe.

His lack of stamina would be a problem in battle. All Might must attack immediately to preserve his strength. A confrontation with Goku would not be quick. His poor health would not help him much in a fight.

Goku: Special Abilities


Goku’s unusual abilities would make All Might’s counters ineffective. Goku’s ability to fly would likely give him a strategic advantage over someone who could not.

Goku has also mastered the art of becoming a Super Saiyan. For centuries, he has been the first person to achieve this mythical condition. This characteristic doesn’t just change the color of his hair. As a Super Saiyan, he has acquired increased physical power. He can gradually increase his strength with this skill.

All Might: Ability to Power Up


The changes to All Might’s body have had a tangible impact. He may be small now, but he can transform into a muscular man when transformed. This incredible ability increases his stature and strength.

His amazing power allows him to transmit his strange talents through his body. Not only does he become stronger, but he also improves his speed and agility. In a fight, the weirdness can also help him survive longer. This ability does not have the same impact as Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation.

Goku: Not Interested In Education


Goku spent his life learning to fight. He had no enthusiasm for anything else. Goku’s entire existence was devoted to increasing his power. He had little patience when it came to defeating an opponent or developing a plan.

Having encountered an intimidating presence, Goku chose to become stronger instead of trying to overcome it. He constantly sought a way to improve himself to become the greatest individual on the planet, capable of defeating any opponent with his physical power. Goku is not stupid; he prefers to rely on his intelligence in battle.

All Might: An Unexpected Intelligence


It is possible that Almighty is not the smartest person on his planet. After all, his quirkiness has nothing to do with brain power. He may not seem like the world’s best teacher, but he’s a genius when it comes to brains.

Despite his seemingly low intellect, he is actually extremely bright. According to his character statistics, he has a high level of intelligence. This insight would be quite beneficial in a fight. He could use his mind to devise an ingenious plan.

Goku: Faster Than Light


Goku is not only powerful, he is also very fast. He can use instant teleportation to move from one place to another in the blink of an eye. He can even move faster than light without the help of this skill.

His incredible speed allows him to outrun most of his enemies. Goku is both one of the strongest and fastest characters in the series. One of the reasons why he is such a difficult opponent to beat is his fast nature.

All Might: The Fastest Hero


One of the biggest heroes in My Hero Academia, All Might is one of the fastest characters known. Although his speed is not as well known as his strength, it is no less impressive. Many opponents have been outdone by her speed.

Unfortunately, All Might can’t go faster than the speed of light. Although he is fast, he is not as fast as Goku. Despite All Might’s abilities, many other characters have been able to move faster than him.

Winner: Goku


Goku, in my opinion, would win a fight against All Might. He has a better health than All Might and can heal himself with Senzu beans. Goku is faster and more powerful than him.

He is able to increase his speed and strength even more than usual with his Super Saiyan abilities. Even against a villain with special abilities, All Might would not stand a chance against Goku. Even with All Might’s ability to surpass Goku, it is clear that Goku is the superior fighter. Find our My Hero Academia Hats as well as our My Hero Academia Bucket Hat on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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