All Might And His 5 Greatest Strengths And Weaknesses

All Might And His 5 Greatest Strengths And Weaknesses

All Might was the first symbol of peace in My Hero Academia, and Izuku Midoriya aspired to follow in his footsteps afterwards. He was once Japan’s greatest protector, personally responsible for the collapse of the All For One terror regime.

Despite Toshinori’s apparent strength, his confident and smiling placement hides many debilitating flaws in terms of protecting others and personal character flaws. We can better understand whether the superhero society is as safe as it seems by identifying All Might’s greatest talents and comparing them to his worst.

All Might is a superhero and the main teacher at the Hero Academy. However, he has a split personality due to an accident in his past. He is usually kind and friendly, but can become harsh and unyielding when he is angry. Most of the time, he tries to hide his true nature so as not to scare others. All Might also has a great sense of humor and is extremely popular with the students at the academy. He is known for his incredible physical strength and unwavering courage. Despite all his qualities, All Might has some flaws that can put others in danger. Find our My Hero Academia Hoodies and My Hero Academia Sweaters on our online store with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) 👎 WEAKNESS: He was not able to teach Midoriya what he needed to know about One For All


All Might, Midoriya’s greatest mentor in teaching the tenants of One For All, however, was unable to pass on the secrets of his alter to his successor. Gran Torino had to step in and train him in the intricacies of the new abilities due to the fact that Deku was constantly hospitalized while exploiting his power (much to the displeasure of Recovery Girl).

Toshinori, despite his serious shortcomings as a teacher, was still able to pass on his shooting style to his student.

9) 💪 FORCE: All Might Can Have A Reliable And Strong Judgment Of Character


One For All was entrusted to Izuku Midoriya rather than other heroes recommended by his constituency (notably Sir Nighteye), because One For All is a fantastic judge of character, as evidenced by his decision to entrust One For All to Izuku Midoriya rather than to others (notably Sir Nighteye).

Furthermore, he understood the source of Bakugo’s insecurity and put himself in his shoes, rather than taunting or his rank to get the customer back in line. Katsuki and Deku were (for the most part) able to put differences aside and engage in more productive activity with their console.

8) 👎 WEAKNESS: All Might's Stamina Decreases Over Time


Toshinori’s ability to alter gradually declines after his perilous battle with All For One. He was able to manage it for three hours a day at the beginning of the series – but only for a few minutes at the end of the Shigaraki attack and the fight against Nomoji.

All Might, on the other hand, is unable to exceed his limit. While he can overcome his limit, this will reduce his ability to use his alter in future missions. His debilitating ill health is one of the reasons why he is so desperate to find a successor.

7) 💪 FORCE: All Might Is The Most Physically Powerful Character In The Series


At the moment, All Might is undoubtedly the most powerful character in the series, both in terms of raw power and combat achievements. Despite the fact that he was designed specifically to fight and defeat him, he was able to defeat him.

In addition, he defeated All For One himself during the battle, when he had been badly injured by one of the criminal monarch’s devious tricks. In both cases, he had already reached or exceeded his limit in the course of the fight, but he still managed to win.

6) 👎 WEAKNESS: The arsenal of All Might is extremely limited


Despite his superhuman strength, All Might is completely unarmed and has no secondary abilities that could help him win a fight. The force of his blows generates shockwaves, though this is often unintentional (unlike Midoriya’s more deliberate and focused approach).

His need for hand-to-hand combat also exposes him to particularly deadly melee alters, such as those of Tomura Shigaraki or Kai Chisaki, which can kill targets with a single hit.

5) 💪 STRENGTH: The Charisma Of Omnipotence Has Earned Him Dozens Of Reliable Allies


All Might’s greatest strength, without a doubt, is his charisma and his power to galvanize others. Snipe and the other teachers then took the lead in restoring order.

This fact relieved much of his burden, especially given the previous restrictions on his toughness. It was enough to raise heroes and chill hundreds of would-be crooks by showing them that they had never stolen anything.

4) 👎 WEAKNESS: All Might Rarely Fought Intelligently


Almighty rarely fights intelligently, simply trying to get through his targets and overwhelm them with physical force. During their fight on Kamino, where he used Gran Torino as a human shield, Almighty was able to use his weakness against him.

In other words, the only time Toshinori put brains over brawn was when he concentrated what was left of One For All into his fist to defeat All For One with a desperate final hook. However, this could be attributed to the possibility that his physical strength no longer fully explains his physical abilities.

3) 💪 FORCE: All Might Has Legendary Durability


All Might’s durability is one of its most prominent features and served it well during its perpetual war with the League of Villains. Kurogiri was unable to close a chain around his waist to decapitate him, requiring time and effort to make such a technique possible.

Indeed, he was able to withstand the blasts at close range before the explosions blinded him and recover his own devastating strength reversed against him by All For One.

2) 👎 WEAKNESS: All Might Can Recklessly Exhaust Its Power


All Might, because of his heroism whenever evil arises, has been forced to be heroic at every turn. In more than one case, his recklessness has been his downfall. Because he can’t stand malice even for a short time, when other professionals might be available to take his place, he will frequently lose time.

His preoccupation with small threats tires him, and Shigaraki took advantage of this when designing his first attack on the AU to litter Toshinori’s route to work with meaningless criminals. He was able to exhaust and limit his ability to unleash One For All in the face of the most serious threats.

1) 💪 FORCE: All Might Could Show Fantastic Teamwork Ability


All Might is fantastic when it works in tandem, providing inspiration to new generations of heroes and a sign to villains everywhere. All Might is fantastic when he works in collaboration with Gran Torino and Kamui Woods, who teamed up after discovering the League of Villains’ hideout, to keep the criminals at bay while protecting his student.

After the Coruscant War, he would work with her to confront the Mount. Lady and Best Jeanist would be support agents during the Battle of Kamino, where he would work alongside the mount. All For One would unfortunately succumb to his enemies. However, his allies were not as effective in this situation and were only meant to evacuate pedestrians. Find our My Hero Academia Jackets as well as our My Hero Academia Pajamas on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

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