Age of The Characters in My Hero Academia

Age of The Characters in My Hero Academia

The majority of the characters in My Hero Academia are students, which means they are in puberty (but it depends on the group they are in). However, there are also a number of adult heroes and villains, family members, etc. that play a large – if not the most important – part of the subject.

In this series, it doesn’t really make sense to talk about the age of the characters, because the result doesn’t change the narrative much. Also, comparing a person’s skills and abilities to their age is entertaining, as it can reveal a lot about said character. Find our MY HERO ACADEMIA FIGURES and MY HERO ACADEMIA PHONE CASES on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) The Age of All Might (49) Is Much Older Than It Seems


It’s been nearly 50 years since the world’s greatest superhero, All Might, graced our era. This belies his emaciated physique, whether it’s Toshinori Yagi’s magnificent All Might form or his sickly body.

It’s vaguely possible that the One For All has an impact on life extension, as none of the previous holders seem to be very old. On the other hand, this could be due to the reason that most of them were killed by All For One before they could even age.

9) Shigaraki Tomura's age (20) Experiences So Much At Such A Young Age


The discovery that Shigaraki Tomura was Nana Shimura’s grandson was shocking to say the least, especially because of his radical opposition to his grandmother’s moral values.

The presence of Nana as the bearer of One For All makes everything even more unbelievable, but at least it explains why One For All chooses Shigarakip to inherit his own alter. Tomura should have experienced such pain so young, it happens at his age of 20 too.

8) Hawks' age (23) is one of the youngest Pro-Heroes in the Top 10


The Hawks’ 23-year-old Keigo Takami is now the second Pro-Hero in terms of rank, having moved up a step since All Might’s retirement. However, his move into his adult and early 20’s to the top 10 is already a tremendous advance for him.

Keigo didn’t have a happy childhood, which means he’s been able to shake off his pain and reach the top. However, there is more amazing than that, Hawks’ Hero Agency is founded at the age of 18.

7) Izuku Midoriya's age (16) is becoming one of the greatest heroes of his generation


Izuku enters the story at the age of 14, along with his compatriots from classes 1-A and 1-B, all of whom are about 16 years old at this point in the story.

Izu is a lovely boy, and he is not an adult. Like his idol, All Might, Izu has the appearance of a child. Izuku’s childish appearance does not weaken the first impressions that people have about him. Moreover, the fact that Izuku succeeded before he had the opportunity to vote is something to be declared as an inspiration for all the teenagers who stand up among them.

6) Jeaniste's age (36) Fiber Master Handling Is Incomparable


Tsunagu Hakamada, better known as Best Jeanist, was 35 years old when he was “killed” by All For One – and a year older when he returned to the fighting sites with more flair than ever.

Sure, he’s a bit older than other Pro-Heroes like Midnight, Present Mic, Eraser Head, etc., but Tsunagu responds to that by showing a degree of skill that only very few people possess. In fact, All For One rejects the alter of Best Jeanist because it knows how much effort was needed to control Fiber Master effectively.

5) The age of shota Aizawa Erashead (31) Has Learned To Use Erasure Almost To Perfection


Shota Aizawa is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia, in part because he has nearly sacrificed his life to protect his students on numerous occasions.

Rembrandt is probably not as powerful as young Hawks or the best Jeanist, but his skills have proven vital in many situations. When Aizawa’s Eraser is applied correctly, it is devastating; while there are a number of flaws with the Quirks, Eraser Head has learned to use it almost flawlessly.

4) The age of All For One (100+) has The Caprice Of Life Force


While the studies know relatively few characters, we will mention a few right away. For One is one of the oldest characters, if not the oldest, in the My Hero Academia world. His titular alter allows him to steal alters from the rest of the world, so naturally he used it to become a villain.

The primary reason All For One is so old is his affiliation with Kyudai Garaki, who “fixes” the old man’s Quirk by giving him a new one. (After copying first, of course.) Currently, it’s unknown how much Life Force can be used, but given Garaki’s old man’s characteristics, it doesn’t seem to be unlimited either.

3) Mirio Togata's Age (18) Is In His Last Year At The AU Academy


Mirio Togata, an 18-year-old student, is widely considered one of the most powerful young people at the University of Arizona, and he may very well be able to match many Pro-Heroes in terms of fighting ability.

Mirio’s accession to his transformation chamber requires a surprising combination of focus and finesse, yet he manages to create amazing works. Mirio is about to leave AU; however, no one really knows what awaits him. Did Japan even have pro-hero universities?

2) Endeavour Age (46) Was Hero No. 2 For Twenty-Five Years


Endeavour, which is only three years younger than All Might, has been ranked below him for at least 25 years. Enji Todoroki claims that “by the time I was 20, I was already in second place,” adding that he “always wanted to be the greatest!”

All Might returns to boarding school when Endeavour is accomplished, but he is not allowed to revel in his superior status – Enji believes that the only honorable way to win a higher Pro-Hero ranking is to be more powerful, which he can never do today. One For All is currently unattainable for Might.

1) Dabi (24 years old) died at the age of 13


Todoroki, born Dabi, is the eldest child of Endeavor who was “killed” in a fire when he was thirteen. Interestingly, he lived long enough in the Todoroki family to form a close relationship with the three youngest children, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto.

Dabi is now a grown man, 24 years old, who has joined the League of Villains, determined to bring down his father. Unfortunately, due to Dabi’s interaction with Shoto during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he no longer seems to care about his siblings. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts as well as our My Hero Academia Hoodies on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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